Heroes: June Feh Channel for Book VI Midpoint

It’s been a while, but a new Feh Channel has been released ahead of the halfway point of Book VI.

Before Feh delivers the news, we’re treated to a new story trailer, “Destiny Closes In”, which you can also watch separately here.

Teased at the end of the current chapter, we finally have a glimpse of Lady Embla, plus Lord Askr and even Veronica in a new getup.

Book VI Midpoint Celebrations

To celebrate this new development, there will be a special log-in bonus and quests.

Altogether, you can earn 120 of each Dragonflower, 60 Divine Dew, 60 Refining Stones, 3 Orbs, 50 Heroic Grails, 45 Sacred Coins, 1,000 Hero Feathers, 12,000 Universal Shards, 36,000 Universal Crystals, 120 Divine Codes (3), 6 Stamina Potions and 12 Dueling Swords.

Three Hopes Celebrations

This month, Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes will be releasing on the 24th. Cue another excuse to hand out goodies!

First up, there will be 13 banners featuring 3 characters each from the Academy arc. These will be added daily, each lasting 4 days.

  • Day 1: Yuri, Byleth (M) and Christmas Sothis
  • Day 2: Hubert, Edelgard and Linhardt
  • Day 3: Summer Mercedes, Dedue and Dimitri
  • Day 4: Christmas Hilda, Lysithea and Claude
  • Day 5: Seteth, Catherine and Halloween Rhea
  • Day 6: Hapi, Constance and Balthus
  • Day 7: Byleth (F), Sothis and Gatekeeper
  • Day 8: Ferdinand, Christmas Bernadetta and Summer Dorothea
  • Day 9: Ingrid, Summer Ashe and Summer Sylvain
  • Day 10: Hilda, Marianne and Desert Raphael
  • Day 11: Flayn, Shamir and Christmas Manuela
  • Day 12: Bernadetta, Summer Caspar and Petra
  • Day 13: Summer Ingrid, Annette and Mercedes

Each banner is eligible for a free 5-star focus Hero for 40 summons.

Secondly, a Three Houses themed version of A Hero Rises is now on-going. Head over here to cast your votes for any* Hero from the Academy arc; the winner will be gifted to all players.

* Duo and Harmonised Heroes and Heroes obtained via Heroic Grails are not eligible.

Letizia & More

As for the Book VI Midpoint summoning event, it will feature Heroes from Blazing Blade accompanied by Letizia of the Curse Directive.

Sain, Kent, Ascended Florina and Letizia will appear in the summoning event itself. Meanwhile, Guy (his name pronounced like his Japanese spelling) can be obtained from quests (2 copies) and Limstella via Grand Hero Battles.

Version Update

Most of the information for Version 6.6.0 was already shared, but here’s a few more stuff to take in.

Firstly, thanks to Loki, Aether Raids will be receiving a new splash of paint, in the form of CHAOS. Somebody definitely had fun there…

Every now and then, the Aether Raids season will change to Chaos season, as indicated by the chaotic icon and Loki’s presence. Legendary and Mythic effects are disabled during this season, but there will be other effects to increase Lift.

Also, each season, besides the regular Bonus Heroes, there’s an additional sub-set of Bonus Heroes introduced during a specific version interval. For example, in the first Chaos season, all the Heroes added in Version 1.X will be Bonus Heroes.

Lastly, there will be new terrain types for Aether Raids, as well as the Aether Resort. These are based on Hel, Nidavellir and other familiar locales.

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