FE Warriors Three Hopes: Ashen Wolves Profiles via Twitter & Demo Data-mine

It’s been a few days since the final trailer and demo for FE Warriors: Three Hopes was released. Like usual, the Japanese Twitter account has continued sharing profiles for the newly revealed characters–this time, the Ashen Wolves.

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By the way, ever since the demo came out, we’ve been combing the contents for anything interesting. Although the devs scrubbed a lot of data, they also left a surprisingly amount in…

If you’re curious, you can check out our data-mining progress here.


VA: Junya Enoki
Born to a poor family in western Faerghus.
Adopted by a Kingdom noble and enrolled in the Officer’s Academy, but transferred to the underground town “Abyss” due to certain reasons.
No matter what happens, he’s determined to fight for those who accept him.


One of Yuri’s preferred classes.
Besides performing swift and tricky attacks with a sword, can wield magic.
Yuri can also set up Wind orbs that gather nearby foes. The orbs explode after a certain amount of time, sending those foes flying sky high!


VA: Subaru Kimura
Ex-leader of the Albrecht clan, who are minor Alliance nobles, and Holst’s best friend.
Impulsive and rowdy, but also manly and dependable. Self-proclaimed “King of Grappling”.
Due to certain reasons, he went into hiding in Abyss to shake off pursuers.


One of Balthus’s preferred classes.
Can seemlessly connect various attacks.
When Balthus’s hit count exceeds a certain amount, his arms will glow golden, enhancing his attacks. Enemies sent flying in this state will drop gold, which can be earned post-battle!


VA: Sarah Emi Bridcutt
Former heir to the viscounty of Nuvelle, whose title was stripped during the Dagda-Brigid war.
To restore her family, she’s researching magic to reach the pinnacles of sorcery.
Proud and domineering, but a self-deprecating side has been observed.


One of Constance’s preferred classes.
Can wield a wide variety of elemental magic.
Constance can also create magic orbs when attacking foes. These orbs orbit around her and can be launched ahead whenever you want to hit a wide area!
The elements of the orbs also changes according to the time of day and other battlefield factors.
For example, at night or indoors, they will be Light element; when it’s sunny and outdoors, they will be Dark element!


VA: Sachika Misawa
A woman of unknown origin.
An avid nature lover.
Treats everything with disinterest and apathy, like it’s nothing to do with her. Her unwillingness to get involved with the people around her may be related to her abnormal sigh…


One of Hapi’s preferred classes.
Warlocks can shoot a barrage of magic projectiles whose element depends on the previous attack.
Also, when Hapi finishes an attack, she creates a Dark field that damages foes that enter. This field can be detonated at any time!

Bonus screenshots

These screenshots were shared between the Golden Deer and Ashen Wolves trailers.

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