Heroes: Details for Version 6.7.0, Arriving 5th July

We’ve just entered another new month, which means a new version update for Fire Emblem Heroes isn’t too far behind.

Version 6.7.0 will be available to download from 5th July 2022. As usual, you can read the patch notes via the official site or here.

Weapon Refinery

Six more Heroes will receive new weapon skills and/or upgrades.

New weapon skills and upgrades

  • Heartbeat Lance – Kjelle

New weapon upgrades

  • Dragonbind – Legendary Roy
  • Shadow Sword – Fallen Mareeta
  • Taguel Fang – Yarne
  • Sabertooth Fang – Mordecai
  • Gjallarbrú – Bride Fjorm

Combat Manuals

Events that begin after Version 6.7.0 will award Divine Codes (Ephemera 7), which can be exchanged for:

  • 5-star: Summer Lilina and Summer Dorothea
  • 4-star: Roy, Soleil, Silas, Roshea and Desert Deen

Legendary Heroes

Ahead of his upcoming remix, Legendary Roy will be getting some upgraded skills (plus a weapon refine as noted).

B: Spurn 3
C: Human Virtune II – At start of turn, if unit is within 2 spaces of any allies other than beast or dragon allies, grants Atk/Spd+6 to unit and those allies for 1 turn. Grants bonus to unit’s Atk/Spd/Def/Res during combat = highest bonus on allies other than beast or dragon allies within 2 spaces. Calculates each stat bonus independently. Reduces damage from foe’s first attack during combat by X% (X = total value of bonuses on the 3 allies other than beast or dragon allies with the highest bonus totals within 2 spaces; max. 40).
This skill can only be equipped by its original unit.

Heroes Journey

New Memento Events will be added.

Arena Assault+

The Blessing filter will be enabled by default during the Edit Teams screen.

This screen appears when you tap the Battle button for the first match and also when selecting opponents in subsequent matches.

Of course, you can disable this if you want.

Summoner Duels

The Favor Level cap will be raised to 2,100 from 12th July (UTC).

Aether Raids

Multiple structures can be upgraded to Level 10:

  • Infantry School (O and D)
  • Armor School (O and D)
  • Cavalry School (O and D)
  • Flier School (O and D)

Two more songs will be added to the Concert Hall in the Aether Resort.

  • “The White Heron” (Path of Radiance)
  • “An Ordinary Day” (Echoes: Shadows of Valentia)

Issues that occured in Version 6.6.0 will be resolved.

When taking part in a mock battle during the time between the end of a season and the beginning of the next, the Bonus Allies from the previous season would count as Bonus Allies for the next.

Also, sometimes your opponent’s defensive team would not be updated in Friend Mock Battles.

Mjolnir’s Strike

The Summoner Aflame can be upgraded to Level 6.

Heroic Grails

The follow freebie Heroes can be summoned using Heroic Grails:

  • Fallen Muarim (GHB)
  • Bride Larum (TT)


An issue causing damage values to be calculated incorrectly will be resolved.

Currently, when several effects that reduce damage by a certain percentage overlap, the ratio of damage reduced can get extremely high and the damage values become inaccurate.

Some of Bride Larum’s voices will be swapped

At the moment, when Bride Larum uses her dance skill, it plays one of her voice clips when tapping her profile screen. However, the chosen voice is a bit too long, so it’ll be swapped with her Special trigger voice instead.

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