Heroes: New Tempest Trials Series to Continue from Book III

A year ago, Fire Emblem Heroes surprised us with “Ice & Flame”, a 6-part Tempest Trials+ series that brought back Fjorm and other characters from Book II.

Since then, fans have speculated if the same could happen for other Books. Well, now, it’s been confirmed that Book III will also be getting its own Tempest Trials+ series, starting with the one on 7th July 2022 (UTC).

Via the in-game notification: “The Tempest Trials+ event that starts at […] is part of a series about Eir and those whose lives she has touched. […]”

To hype up the occasion, the FE Heroes team have created a cutesy “chibi playhouse” video that whimsically recaps the events of Book III, in case you’ve forgotten what went down.

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