Heroes: Feh Channel August 2022

A new Feh Channel is now available, to celebrate 5 and a half years of FE Heroes.

Here’s a breakdown of everything covered in the video.

Feh’s Summer Celebration

During the event period, there will be two Log-In Bonuses that award 110 of each type of Dragonflower, 555 Divine Codes (Part 3), 550 Heroic Grails and 55 Sacred Coins.

There will also be Celebratory and Aether Raids Quests that yield 2 Orbs, 120 Divine Codes (Ephemera 7), 1 Forma Soul, 555 Hero Feathers, 55 Divine Due, 5 Stamina Pots, 5 Dueling Swords, 500 Aether Stones and 500 SP Aether stones.

14 Skill Focus banners from 2021 will be coming back as daily revivals.

  1. Byleth (F), Shannan and Rinkah
  2. Julian, Sue and Gatrie
  3. Adrift Corrin (M), Fallen Mareeta and Fallen Lyon
  4. Ophelia, Midoria and Lugh
  5. Miranda, Annette and Larum
  6. Mamori, Owain and Melady
  7. Kris (M), Lilith and Sara
  8. Eyvel, Phina and Apotheosis Anna
  9. Fallen Julia, Melady and Duessel
  10. Kris (F), Asbel and Byleth (F)
  11. Jill, Erinys and Farina
  12. Fiora, Kiria and Guinivere
  13. Valentian Palla, Ronan and Lugh
  14. Pent, Erinys and Azelle

7 Grand Hero Battles will be returning for 2 days each.

  1. Yen’fay
  2. Riev
  3. Gonzalez
  4. Salem
  5. Hilda
  6. Fallen Mordecai
  7. Limstella

Each day, for 10 days, there will be Celebratory Reward Maps, each available for 4 days. Beat them all on both difficulties for 20 Orbs.

Last but not least, the Celebratory Hero Fest features Muspell, Nifl, Ascended Fjorm and Ascended Laegjarn. When you log in, you’ll also receive 10 First Summon Tickets for the banner.

Thief Festival

In place of the previous years’ Pirate Festival, the spotlight will be turning to Thieves.

The featured Heroes include:

Cath: Caper Captain

Type: Blue Tome Cavalry
Voice: Antonia Flynn
Artist: Pukyunosuke

Leila: Keen Lookout

Type: Red Tome Flier
Voice: Rebeka Thomas
Artist: Akka

Sothe: Rushing Dawn

Type: Green Dagger Flier
Voice: Nicolas Roye
Artist: Kita Senri

Rickard: Carefree Culprit

Type: Red Sword Flier
Voice: Edward Aaron Mendoza
Artist: kawasumi

Nina (and Kagero): Shadowy Figures

Type: Colorless Dagger Cavalry
Voice: Liv Strander + Sarah Blandy
Artist: Kippu

Cath, Leila, Sothe and Harmonic Nina will appear in the Risk & Reward banner from 9th August (PST).

Rickard is the reward from the Life & Death 2 Tempest Trial+ event, which begins at the same time. It seems he has a Canto inheritable sword.

Version Update

The next version update is scheduled for 8th August (PST).

Here’s some, but probably not all, of the details.

5 new Arena Maps will be added. These have a snow or evening theme.

Legendary Alm and Naga will be receiving new skills.

Alm: Saint-King

Special: Lunar Flash II – Treats Foe’s Def/Res as if reduced by 20% during combat. Boosts damage by 20% of unit’s Spd. Neutralizes “reduces damage by X%” effects from non-Special skills.

C: Time’s Pulse 3

Naga: Dragon Divinity

B: Dive-Bomb 3

C: Divine Fang+ – At start of turn, grants “effective against dragons” to adjacent allies for 1 turn. At start of turn, if unit is within 2 spaces of an ally, grants Atk/Spd+6 and the following status to unit and allies within 2 spaces of unit for 1 turn: “If unit initiates combat, unit makes a guaranteed follow-up attack.”

Related, the following Legendary/Mythic Heroes will be added to the rotation for Legendary & Mythic Hero Remix banners:

Legendary Eliwood, Sothis, Legendary Julia, Thrasir, Legendary Leif and Altina.

From 9th August (PST), the following 25 Heroes will stop appearing as 5-star Heroes in new banners and will mainly appear in Weekly Revivals instead:

Phina, Nagi, Sirius, Valentian Catria, Forsyth, Silque, Duo Ephraim, Ewan, Gerik, Igrene, Perceval, Larum, Eyvel, Osian, Mareeta, Larcei, Shannan, Ced, Kiria, Tsubasa, Mamori, Ellie, Fiora, Nils and Leila

Although they won’t appear as 5-star Heroes, they will join the 4-star Special pool.

Binding Worlds

First available from 12th August (PST), Binding Worlds is a new game mode that follows a similar progression to Hall of Forms, but each map, you can swap Heroes with those belonging to other Summoners.

To swap Heroes, you must move a Hero to a magic circle on the map. You can then choose from a list of other Summoners’ Heroes. These Heroes will be slightly higher level too (with a maximum Level of 99). After swapping, the new Hero can act straight away.

Rewards are also similar to Hall of Forms, including limited-time Divine Codes and dragonflowers.

That’s all for now. I think I need a summer break myself…

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