Heroes: September Feh Channel & New Heroes with Rearmed Líf

Ahead of the next New Heroes trailer, the Fire Emblem Heroes team have dropped a surprise Feh Channel on us.

First up is a cinematic trailer showcasing Líf’s struggles. You can also view it separately, here.

Rearmed Heroes

Afterwards, we’re introduced to a new version of him, Líf: Arcane Blade. Nope, this isn’t Ascended Líf, but a new type of Hero known as Rearmed Heroes.

Rearmed Heroes have unique “Arcane Weapons” that can be inherited by other Heroes. In addition, when using Rearmed Heroes as a source ally for inheriting skills, the Rearmed Hero will not disappear. However, they cannot be used as a source ally for inheritance a second time.

After being used as a source ally for inheritance, the Rearmed Hero will retain all of their previous skills too. They’ll also function exactly like other Heroes, so you can still merge them etc.

Feh offers a small warning though: a Rearmed Hero’s ability to pass down their skills does not stack if you merge multiple of them. Eg. if you have two of the same Rearmed Heroes and don’t use them for skill inheritance, then merge them, the merged Rearmed Hero can only pass down their skills once, not twice.

Furthermore, Arcane Weapons can be refined. It costs 200 Refining Stones for each refine.

To celebrate the first Rearmed Hero, there will be some in-game celebrations, including:

  • Log-In Bonus, totalling 66 of each Dragonflower and 66 Heroic Grails.
  • Quests that yield 66 Sacred Coins, 999 Divine Dew, 6 Stamina Potions and 16,665 Universal Crystals.

New Heroes

Next up, if you were worried that FE Heroes would skip the recently released FE Warriors: Three Hopes, you can breathe a sigh of relief. The next batch of New Heroes include Monica, Holst, Ascended Hilda, female Shez and male Shez.

The banner units will be Monica, Ascended Hilda, male Shez and Rearmed Líf. As an extra bonus, you can claim a Hero from performing 40 summons twice (so two unique Heroes from 80 summons).

Meanwhile, two copies of female Shez can be acquired from quests and Holst will join your ranks via Grand Hero Battles.

(Also, apparently the plural of Shez is Shezes.)

Version Update

Finally, we have a sneak preview of the next version update arriving on 4th October.

Hall of Forms will begin getting revivals, starting with the Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE one, featuring Kiria, Tsubasa, Mamori and Ellie. Similar to New Hero Revivals, Hall of Forms Revivals will be chosen by user surveys.

Although they’re revivals, they will benefit from new skills that didn’t appear during the original run. In addition, revivals will come with focus banners, including a free Hero with 40 summons.

In the next Binding Worlds event, players can view the Heroes that helped them. This can be done by selecting the “Hero Records” button near the bottom-right corner. However keep in mind the records will be reset when a new event starts.

Lastly, there will be some updates to Summoner Duels, Favor Battles.

Every week, between Friday and Sunday (Pacific Time), your Favor Level will increase by an addition 10 for each battle you earn points in. The maximum amount of Favor gained per battle is 30.

Also, a new “Level 40, No Support” custom rule will be added. This rule can only be set during the Favor Level bonus period between Friday and Sunday.

New Heroes Trailer & Details

Note: You can check out the Japanese version of this trailer here.

Shez: Rising Mercenary

Type: Red Sword Infantry
Voice: Damian Haas
Artist: Akira Egawa

Weapon: Crimson Blades – Grants Spd+5. Inflicts Def/Res-5. Unit attacks twice. At start of combat, the following effects will occur based on unit’s HP: if >= 20%, grants Special cooldown charge +1 to unit per attack (only highest value applied; does not stack), and also, if >= 40%, reduces damage from foe’s first attack during combat by 40%.
Special: Moonbow
B: Spd/Def Bulwark 3 – Foes with Range = 1 cannot move through spaces adjacent to unit, and foes with Range = 2 cannot move through spaces within 2 spaces of unit. (Does not affect foes with Pass skills.) Inflicts Spd/Def-4 on foe during combat. Restores 7 HP to unit after combat.
C: Atk/Spd Oath 4

Monica: Favored Vassal

Type: Blue Tome Infantry
Voice: Colleen O’Shaughnessey
Artist: Yo Kanzawa

Weapon: Wind Genesis – Accelerates Special trigger (cooldown count-1). At start of turn, if unit’s HP >= 25%, grants Atk/Spd+6 and [Desperation] to unit for 1 turn. At start of combat, if unit’s HP >= 25%, grants Atk/Spd+6 to unit during combat and inflicts penalty on foe’s Spd/Res during combat = 11 – foe’s max Special cooldown count value x 2. (Minimum penalty of 3. If foe does not have a Special skill, penalty = 3.)
Special: Glimmer
A: Atk/Spd Ideal 4
B: Spd/Res Tempo 3 – Inflicts Spd/Res-3 on foe and neutralizes effects that grant “Special cooldown charge +X” to foe or inflict “Special cooldown charge -X” on unit during combat.

Hilda: Helping Hand

Type: Green Axe Infantry
Voice: Celeste Henderson
Artist: Essual
Bonus: Free Ascended Trait

Weapon: Fuming Freikugel – Accelerates Special trigger (cooldown count-1). At start of turn for allies within 2 spaces of unit, if ally has Def > unit’s Def or if unit has not entered combat during the current phase, grants Atk/Spd/Def/Res+3 and “reduces damage from foe’s first attack by 20%” to those allies during combat. At start of unit’s combat, if unit is not within 2 spaces of any allies with Def > unit’s Def or if unit is not adjacent to any ally, grants Atk/Spd+6 to unit during combat, recudes damage from foe’s first attack by 40% during combat, and deals damage = X% of unit’s Spd when Special triggers (X = unit’s max Special cooldown count value x 10, +20; excludes area-of-effect Specials).
Special: Luna
A: Atk/Spd Solo 4
B: Velocity 3 – If unit’s Spd > foe’s Spd, reduces damage from attacks during combat and from area-of-effect Specials (excluding Rokkr area-of-effect Specials) by percentage = difference between stats x 4 (max 40%). Neutralizes effects that inflict “Special cooldown charge -X” on unit.
C: Joint Drive Spd

Líf: Arcane Blade

Type: Red Sword Cavalry
Voice: Edward Bosco
Artist: Kozaki Yusuke
Bonus: Pass down skills without disappearing (once)

Weapon: Arcane Éljúðnir – Accelerates Special trigger (cooldown count-1). At start of combat, if unit’s HP >= 25%, inflicts Atk/Def-6 on foe during combat, unit makes a guaranteed follow-up attack, foe cannot make a follow-up attack, and inflicts Special cooldown charge -1 on foe per attack. (Only highest value applied. Does not stack.)
Special: Open the Future
A: Atk/Def Clash 4 – If unit or foe initiates combat after moving to a different space, grants bonus to unit’s Atk/Def during combat = X + 6. (X = number of spaces from start position to end position of whoever initiated combat; max 4.) If X >= 2, neutralizes unit’s penalties to Atk/Def during combat.
B: Deadly Balance
C: Atk/Def Menace

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