Fire Emblem Engage: World-building Tidbits via Twitter

Following yesterday’s new Fire Emblem Engage trailer, “The Divine Dragon Awakens!”, the official Japanese Twitter account has resumed posting.

First, some info about Alear’s mother.

“Lumiere” the Divine Dragon King is Alear’s mother. She watched over Alear who was sleeping at the Land of Lythos for a thousand years. When Alear was attacked by unknown assailants, she protected them and entrusted them with gathering the rings to bring peace to the world.

OK, at this point, I don’t think it’s worth hiding the spoiler…

In the trailer, it wasn’t explicitly stated that she was Alear’s mother, but we can now be 100% she is (unless there’s a plot twist later on).

Her name surprised me. Because it matches with one of the leaked screenshots from June.

In a (presumably) support conversation between Vander and the plain-looking guy from the Four Hounds (see later), Vander mentions that Lumiere would have accepted him if they were alive.

“If Lord/Lady Lumiere were still alive, I’m certain they would accept your excellency.”

Originally I thought Lumiere might be Alear’s father, because y’know, the protagonist’s father doesn’t usually live long in Fire Emblem. However, I suppose this is also true for the protagonists’ mothers…

Also, we’ll return to that conversation again soon.

Almost forgot… I imagine some of you may raise an eyebrow when I called Lumiere the “Divine Dragon King” even though she’s a woman. This is because in some societies, women can be king. Besides that, the title “Divine Dragon King” has existed before, in Marth’s games–and the bearer of that title was Naga, a woman.

Next, some details on the 4 enemy generals.

The “Four Hounds” work in the shadows, plotting to resurrect the Fell Dragon Sombron. They join forces with Elusia, the Fell Dragon worshipping nation, to lay low Alear and their allies.

As I suspected in my trailer analysis, these four are the four enemy generals you’ll be facing, akin to the Four Fangs in Blazing Blade, the Four Riders in Path of Radiance etc. OK, it wasn’t hard to guess, but…

In addition, it seems these four are independent from Elusia. So perhaps my other guess that they’re trying to overthrow Elusia may also be accurate.

Back to the leak, we know that the guy on the far right will eventually join you. Also, from Vander’s wording, we can determine two things.

One, he had a hand in Alear’s mother’s death. Whether directly or indirectly. We do see Elusian soldiers attacking Lythos during Vander’s showcase, although they’re listed as “unknown forces”. Perhaps the Four Hounds orchestrated the attack?

Two, he has a fairly high standing for Vander to refer to him as “Your Excellency”. This kind of description is typically reserved for royalty, nobility or religious figures. Which admittedly is pretty broad and doesn’t really narrow down who he is.

Back then, I wondered if he could be from the rocky nation, Brodia, since his outfit has red and blue colours. Could it be that he’s a Brodian prince who joined the dark side? Are the other members of the Four Hounds also from places like Firene and Solm? Just an idea.

Thirdly, some info about Firene.

Firene is a philanthropic kingdom founded in the south-west corner of Elyos, ruled by Queen Eve, an advocate of peace and co-existence. It has signed a non-aggression treaty with the neighbouring countries of Brodia and Solm.

Pretty straightforward stuff, although we do get a name for the country’s monarch: Eve. The country itself also looks pretty as a picture.

Finally, we have Alfred’s artwork.

Alfred, the first prince of Firene, seeks assistance from the Divine Dragon Alear; together they embark for the Kingdom of Firene.

By the way, “first prince” can also be interpreted as crown prince, similar to Brodia’s Prince Diamanté. I suspect he is the crown prince (since he’s on the boxart). But there’s a small chance that Firene is a matriarchal kingdom, in which case Céline, the first princess, would be the crown princess instead.

Anyway, it’s also cool that we’re getting more official artwork. Hopefully some of the side characters get artwork too–we’ve been sorely missing that for a while now.

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