Fire Emblem Engage: Emblem Marth & Emblem Ring Videos

At first I thought today would be a quiet day, when there was no Fire Emblem Engage Twitter post during the usual time…

First, Nintendo Japan has uploaded a trailer showcasing the Emblem Rings.

It explains the benefits of equipping Emblems, the Engage mechanic and shows off various of the Emblems, such as Corrin and Byleth for the first time.

Meanwhile the official Japanese Twitter account shared a video showcasing Emblem Marth’s abilities.

Both videos feature multiple new characters, as well as names for previously unnamed characters, among many other details.

On top of that, the official Japanese website has updated, with Story, World and Character sections. The characters section includes Alear, the Dragon Guardians, royalty from the 4 nations, Lumera, Veyle, the officially revealed Emblems and the Four Hounds.

There’s a LOT to cover between the three fronts, so a full analysis might take a while, especially as I’m busy with work. However, if you’re curious, I’ve gone over most of the notable discoveries at Serenes Forest’s Twitter. (Anything to do with mechanics has not been covered.)

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