Fire Emblem Engage: Emblem Marth Analysis

Note: This is a backdated article that was part of a larger analysis.

On 22nd November, Nintendo shared multiple Fire Emblem Engage updates.

Among them was a separate video highlighting Emblem Marth’s abilities.

Above is the video translated by justtio via Reddit.

Emblem Marth specialises in consecutive attacks and swift movement.

Perceptive is one of Marth’s Sync skills (enabled by simply equipping Marth); we saw it way back during the debut trailer. It makes it harder for enemies to hit you when you initiate combat.

The character here is Lapis, the pink haired girl accompanying Alcryst. The featured map is a bridge at Brodia, seen in Alcryst’s showcase etc.

Next, Vander Engages with Marth to showcase the Engage weapons. Here, Vander is a Level 7 Axe Fighter; he was introduced as a Paladin. So it seems there’s some class-changing system at work. The map is the same one as before.

The Engage weapon Rapier deals effective damage to cavalry and armour foes, similar to previous games.

You may notice that Vander can attack multiple times. In his first fight, Vander can deal 15, 15 and 30 damage. Then in a different fight, he can deal 11, 22 and 22 damage. This is likely related to the Divine Speed skill, which is explained next.

Divine Speed is an Engage skill (enabled when Engaged), also seen during the debut trailer.

Here, Framme is showing it off. She’s a Level 10 Monk with Marth’s Rapier, Iron Body Art, Protective Body Art, Marth’s Mercurius, Mend, Restore and Vulnerary. I can’t remember if we’ve seen staves before, but they have limited uses, as you’d expect.

The map is the snow one seen in Diamant’s showcase. It also briefly appeared in the debut trailer, when Alfred was using Override.

Divine Speed grants an additional attack, dealing 50% of the usual damage. This stacks with other attacks. Also, if used by a Dragon-type class, the additional attack heals the user by the damage dealt.

So if you can trigger a follow-up attack, you can get a 3rd attack. This explains why Vander could perform 3 attacks earlier.

The number values are “reversed” here though. It says 7, 14, 14 but Framme deals 14 damage first, then another 14 after the foe’s attack and finally the 7.

Lodestar Rush is another Engage skill. Here, Rosado is showing it off. She appears to be one of Hortensia’s retainers. Here’s a closer look at her, when disengaged.

Lodestar Rush deals 7 hits with 30% of the usual damage.

If the user is a Dragon type, like Alear in the Dragon Divine class, Lodestar Rush deals 2 additional hits, for a total of 9.

Curiously, the map layout looks the same as Chapter 8 from Path of Radiance. Image via Fedule‘s Let’s Play archive. In the Part 1 analysis, there were three other maps lifted from previous games. So this makes it four, so far.

The allies on the map include Framme, Clanne, Louis and Seadall. The latter is a new Dancer unit.

Next, a few quick battle scenes. First one shows Vander narrowly avoiding death thanks to Perceptive. Second one is Framme beating the living daylights out of a Corrupted. If you count all the seperate attacks, that’s 6 already. (Body Arts grant consecutive attacks, similar to Gauntlets in Three Houses.)

Finally, here’s Alear using Lodestar Rush themselves, triggering the full 9 hits. He looks pleased with himself!

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