Fire Emblem Engage: Emblem Sigurd Analysis

Yesterday, the official Fire Emblem JP Twitter shared an overview video for Emblem Sigurd, similar to the Emblem Marth one.

Above is the video re-hosted on YouTube, as is.

I’m a bit busy to subtitle the video myself, but I’ll go over what they explained.

Emblem Sigurd specialises in boosting Movement.

Canter is a Sync skill (can be used by equipping Sigurd) that lets the user use up leftover movement after performing an attack.

Here, Chloé is using it. This appears to be the same night-time map where she was fighting in the debut trailer and also in Celine’s showcase.

Currently, she’s a Level 7 Lance Pegasus with a Javelin. The allies on the map are ones you’d expect: Vander, Céline, Louis, Framme and Clanne.

Ridersbane is an Engage weapon (usable while Engaged) that grants effective damage versus Cavalry foes. Here, Diamant is Engaging with Sigurd to use it.

Diamant is a Level 3 Lord with a Silver Sword. Oddly, his stats seem to fit a promoted unit, but we know his starting class is Lord. Here’s Diamant as a Level 12 Lord with lower stats.

This isn’t the first time a non-promoted class has oddly high stats. I’m inclined to believe you can return to the same class, like in Awakening/Fates.

Anyway, Diamant’s full inventory is: Silver Sword, Sigurd’s Ridersbane, Sigurd’s Brave Lance, Steel Sword, Iron Blade, Armorslayer and Elixir.

I think the map is Firene on fire, glimpsed in the Engaging with Emblems trailer.

The battle scene makes it clear that it’s indeed Firene, because of the windmills. What’s curious though is that there’s a port area. Is Firene under attack and Alear and company are trying to flee the country? Their foes are Elusians and if it’s indeed the same map, Zephia, leader of the Four Hounds is present.

Gallop is an Engage skill that grants Movement +5 and an additional Movement +2 if the user is Cavalry.

Here, Goldmary is showing it off, with her whopping 11 Movement. She’s a Level 8 Hero with a Steel Blade. Her Bond with Sigurd is 20 and it appears that Sigurd’s Tyrfing is available. Like previous screens, Goldmary can wield lances as a Hero (she has a Javelin here).

We know Goldmarie has 5 Movement as a Hero; she gains 5 from Gallop and likely 1 from Sigurd himself.

I’ve marked the allies on the map: At this point, Timerra and Ivy are playable. Also, this map appeared in the Emblem Rings video (seemingly based on Thracia’s Chapter 22).

Goldmarie attacks a Fabrication. She normally looks like this, when not Engaged. At the start of the battle, Momentum+ triggers.

Next, we have Alfred showing off Gallop as a Cavalry unit, gaining the full 7 Movement. He has 14 Movement here!

His class is Avenir, perhaps his unique promoted class? Like Goldmary, his Bond is 20. His standard inventory includes swords and lances. If we subtract 7 movement from Gallop and another 1 from Sigurd, Avenir should have 6 Movement. Makes sense, as his Noble class has 5.

Before I move on, some fans noticed something very peculiar with the Goldmary and Alfred showcases.

In both cases, for different reasons, the scene is split in two. Before and after, though, the Emblem equipped to Timerra suddenly changes. In the first half, it’s clearly Eirika. However, in the second half, it seemingly changes to a mystery character. From their appearance and, thinking logically, this might be Ephraim.

I thoroughly examined both showcases and all the other characters and their Emblems are generally consistent throughout both halves of each. Above are screenshots from the first and second half of Goldmary’s showcase.

The units on the map, with their Emblems:

  • Alear (nobody)
  • Clanne (Byleth)
  • Louis (Lyn)
  • Chloé (Roy)
  • Céline (nobody)
  • Ivy (Lucina)
  • Etie (Ike)
  • Diamant (nobody in Goldmary’s showcase, Corrin in Alfred’s showcase)
  • Goldmary (Sigurd in her showcase, nobody in Alfred’s showcase)
  • Alfred (Corrin in Goldmary’s showcase, Sigurd in his showcase)
  • Timerra (Eirika in first half, Ephraim(?) in second half)

As far as we know, you can only change Emblems via Battle Preparations, so I don’t think it’s Timerra changing Emblem Rings partway through. Additionally, since the other characters and Emblems are unchanged in both halves, I don’t think the two halves are separate attempts of the same map.

Therefore, I’m curious if there’s some kind of tag-team mechanic going on. It would make sense for Eirika, since Ephraim and her are literal twins.

For reference, here are the on-map icons for every Emblem that we know so far. If you compare the mystery Emblem with the other Emblems, they’re definitely not any of the ones we already know.

Override is an Engage skill that damages a line of enemies and moves the user to the opposite end of the line.

The user is Merrin Engaged with Sigurd; I recycle the screenshot from the Topics article. In case you missed it, Merrin is a Wolf Knight (Engaged with Lyn there). So far, we haven’t seen her(?) not Engaged.

The bit afterwards is most intriguing though.

Near the bottom-left corner is a unit that looks suspiciously like Emblem Micaiah, but as a unit on the map! This unit has a faint blue aura, suggesting it’s an Emblem.

In addition, the map design resembles the infamous Chapter 3-13 of Radiant Dawn (check out Fire Emblem WoD for a comparison). If you haven’t been following, many familiar maps have been spotted in recent footage, making fans wonder what these “throwback” maps are all about.

One theory is that these maps could be where you obtain or maybe power up the Emblems? Like you have to beat Micaiah to obtain/strengthen her.

Next, we see Louis showing off Gallop, as a Level 14 General. He has a Steel Greatlance equipped. Oddly his Movement is 12, not too far off Alfred’s 14 as a Cavalry. With Gallop and Sigurd, Louis should only gain 6 Movement though. We also know Louis has 4 Movement as a General. 4 + 6 = 10, not 12 though.

This map also featured in the Emblem Rings video. It’s seemingly based on Chapter 20x (Sacae) from the Binding Blade. Perhaps Lyn’s throwback map?

Louis’s foe is a Corrupted with a Silver Lance. In the Emblem Rings video, I think the enemies were Fabrications though (because of their white armour). There have already been hints that you can replay maps (eg. the ruins map: earlygame versus lategame?), so this is probably just another hint.

Finally, Ivy is showing off using Gallop to heal a faraway ally. She’s a Level 16 Dragonlord (Lindwurm in the Japanese version). This was a Tier 3 class in Radiant Dawn. Her equipped weapon is Thoron.

The map is burning Firene once more. The mini-map matches the one from the Emblem Ring video. On the map, nearly everyone is Engaged, so it’s hard to tell who’s who.

The axe user along the central row has Eirika equipped though. Also, Ivy is moving to someone with Leif equipped. Besides that, I think there are multiple enemy Wolf Knights–two wielding Daggers and maybe a third with a Lance near the top-right corner (left screenshot).

Ivy’s target turns out to be Rosado. In the background of the battle scene, there are the ships again, like in Diamant’s showcase near the start. Rosado has a Spear, from her own inventory (not Leif’s).

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