Fire Emblem Engage: Emblem Celica Analysis

The Japanese official Fire Emblem Twitter is showing no signs of stopping! Today’s Fire Emblem Engage content is mostly about Emblem Celica.

Before that though, here’s a little warm up:

This cutscene shows the moment Alear first runs into the Corrupted. You’ve probably seen bits of it during the debut trailer, etc. This scene may lead up to this map, where Alear and Vander are separated from Clanne and Framme.

Next, some info about the Mystical class type:

Mystical classes can ignore Avoid bonuses from terrain (such as Avoid +30 from Thicket) when casting magic.

Oddly, the example on the right side of the right screenshot depicts Lumera as a unit on the map. I see trees in the background. Does she appear as a reinforcement in the Prologue map, perhaps? Also, is she holding a sword or a staff?

Now, onto the main course:

This video goes over some of Emblem Celica’s abilities. Again, I’ve re-uploaded the video as is, without subtitles. But I’ll go over everything that’s mentioned.

Emblem Celica excels at magical attacks and fighting corrupted-type foes. Since her focus is on magical attacks, she’s an Emblem who’s well suited for units with a Mystical type.

Holy Stance (Corrupted Revenge in the Japanese version) is a Sync skill (enabled by equipping Celica) that deals a portion of a corrupted foe’s damage back to the opponent. Holy Stance++ seems to return 50% of the damage.

Amber is the one showcasing Holy Stance. He appeared in the “Engaging with Emblems” trailer as a Paladin. Right now, he’s probably in the same class. He’s wielding a Silver Lance, while his corrupted foe has a Silver Greatlance.

I’m guessing the map is somewhere at Lythos, towards the end of the game? It looks like Amber and his foe may have max HP (50?) and his foe has a really strong weapon you’d expect around the endgame.

A similar kind of background can be seen in a screenshot showcasing the Break mechanic (above).

It’s not quite the same, but I feel like the aesthetic is similar. White stone architecture and lush greenery, with white flowers dotted around. During Amber’s battle scene, there’s a dragon statue near the right too (not in our screenshot).

This screenshot appears to be much earlier on, judging from the HP values. Perhaps around the time Alear is leaving Lythos towards Firene?

Here’s Hortensia Engaging with Celica to showcase an Emblem weapon.

Like in Shadows of Valentia, Seraphim deals more damage to monster enemies–in this case, corrupted foes.

Hortensia is a Level 20 (max) Wing Tamer with Elthunder equipped at first. Like regular Thunder (and later Thoron), it has 1~3 range but cannot trigger a follow-up attack.

Wing Tamer is Hortensia and Ivy’s base class and should be a non-promoted class, like Alfred and Céline’s Noble or Diamant and Alcryst’s Lord.

The map is the same port map where Amber was using Corrin’s Dragon Vein. Above is a screenshot from the Chinese trailer, where Amber’s a Lance Knight.

Some fans have pointed out that the map resembles Chapter 10 of FE Fates Conquest, at Port Dia. If you missed it, we’ve seen multiple maps seemingly based on old maps–“throwback maps” if you will. In this case, I’d need to see more of the map to decide, but it does feel kind of similar.

Here’s a look at Hortensia casting Seraphim in battle. The European style buildings are easier to see here.

Also, I have a hunch that the support conversation(?) from the leaked screenshots may occur in this port town. The graveled floor and cold mountains in the background look the same. Judging from the snow at the bottom of some buildings, this is likely an Elusian port.

Echo is an Engage skill that lets you divide a magical attack into two separate combats. Damage dealt is halved. However if there are two foes on the verge of defeat, you can defeat both with one character!

Citrinne is the user here. She’s a Level 14 Sage with Thoron and Bond Level 20. When using Echo, you cannot move. Of note, Thoron has 1~3 range and her foe is a Lance and Staff cavalry wielding a Flame Lance.

This lava map was previously shown in the Topic article that Nintendo posted. Here’s a screenshot from the Korean version of the article, where the camera is positioned a bit lower. At the bottom of this screenshot, along the centre, is Mauvier (guy on far right) as a playable Lance and Staff cavalry.

Similar to the previous map, some fans have noticed parallels with the Ailell map from Three Houses. I agree that they share the same aesthetics, but I’d need to see more of the map to properly judge. Since Fire Emblem isn’t shy with lava maps!

Here’s the second half of Echo. Citrinne’s second foe is wielding a Silver Poleax. Earlier, I wondered if all the heavy weapons from Radiant Dawn were here. We’ve seen Blades and Greatlances and now we have Poleaxes! Actually, we’re still missing Longbows and I guess Daggers (not Knives).

Another thing: Citrinne loses 1 HP during each magic cast. You may remember a similar thing with Céline in the debut trailer. I believe this is due to the Resonance+ skill, which is shown to trigger in combat. This seems to trigger when attacking with spells.

Update: Resonance applies to all tomes.

The next part showcases Warp Ragnarok, an Engage skill that lets you teleport to any foe within 10 squares and cast Ragnarok. You’ve likely seen it used by Céline in the debut trailer and “Engaging with Emblems” video.

This time, Pandoro (guy on right) is using it. He’s a Level 8 High Priest with Bond Level 14, equipped with a Protective Body Art.

In the screenshot, I’ve noted down the allies on the map: Alear, Yunaka (unarmed again…), Rosado, Clanne, Pandoro, Louis and Goldmary are pretty obvious. I think Merrin is near the top-right. They’re the only Wolf Knight we know.

On the stairs near the top… Is that Anna? The hair style looks similar. Plus they both use axes.

Towards the far left is a 10th playable character who’s almost completely cut off. Looks a bit like Citrinne’s cape though. Hopefully it’s not important!

What is important though is the map itself. It seems to resemble the top half of the Black Temple from The Sacred Stones. The layout looks identical, except the inner-facing stairs have been replaced with a wall.

Additionally, when Pandoro is moving towards his enemy, the cursor briefly hovers over Goldmary, who has Emblem Roy equipped.

You can see Roy’s weapon and skill icons at Bond Level 10. Despite being a big Binding Blade fan (it was my first game and I beat it 12 times!), I do not recognise these weapons personally. Also, as we’ve learned, Heroes can wield swords and lances–her equipped weapon is a Silver Sword and she has a Spear plus another lance in her inventory.

Pandoro’s foe is a Fabrication. Ooh, their hair colour is kind of otherworldly. They’re a Level 7 Hero wielding a Silver Sword.

Presumably, due to the Resonance skill, Pandoro loses 1 HP when casting Ragnarok.

Time for a change in scenery. It’s still Pandoro, but a Level 7 High Priest now. He’s swapped to Elthunder+1 and his Bond Level is 1.

The allies on the map are difficult to make out, because some are Engaged and others are cut off near the top.

Of note, we get another look at the mystery caster with reddish orange hair, who I think is the unnamed girl with Byleth.

If you saw our Topic article analysis, you may recognise this screenshot, when it was lower quality. I can’t make out much else, but I can tell that Mauvier is the lance and staff cavalry along the top (compare with here).

While Pandoro is zooming along the map, the cursor briefly hovers over Rosado, who’s equipped with Emblem Leif. She’s a Level 20 (max) Wyvern Knight with a Silver Poleax+2, plus other lances and axes in her inventory.

You can see Leif’s Bond Level 10 equipment and skill icons. Interestingly, he allows Rosado to wield an axe and lance. When he’s a Lord or Prince, he’s sword locked. But it could be a reference to his Master Knight promotion in Genealogy of the Holy War. What will his last weapon be? Light Brand?

Pandoro proceeds to blast his foe, a bow using Ruffian, into high orbit. This time, he doesn’t lose health, because his Bond Level (1) isn’t high enough to unlock Celica’s Resonance skill.

Afterwards, the mini-map becomes visible. In case you were in doubt, this is the same desert map seen in Byleth’s segment during the “Engaging with Emblems” overview.

The next bit outlines Warp Ragnarok’s complete effect. Classes with the “Flier” battle type gain 5 additional warp movement. So this applies for Ivy and Hortensia’s Wing Tamer and Dragonlord classes.

Like at the port map, Hortensia is a Level 20 Wing Tamer. The units on the map appear to be exactly the same as the Pandoro part. Yes, I’m pretty confident the lance and staff cavalry with Emblem Ike is Mauvier. (Also in case you missed it, it seems there’s an icon for support/offensive staves.)

Finally, the lovely Céline takes out an oddly powerful Ruffian foe. They have 60 HP, versus her pitiful 25… She has Elthunder+1 while her foe has a Silver Sword.

I’m guessing she’s at the ruins map we saw way back, because the battle background matches the one from her showcase. The stone arches and clouds are the same.

Back then, the ruins were occupied by low Level Ruffians, but they’re really strong now. As it happens, we’ve recently seen the same ruins map again, but with a Level 20 Louis instead. So clearly, you can repeat maps (although I’d be surprised if the opposite were true).

Not entirely new, but some eagle-eyed fans have noticed something peculiar with forged weapons.

Here’s the screenshot of Rosado with Emblem Leif again. Similar to past games, forged weapons have +X after their name.

Normally that’s all there is to it, but some characters have an odd symbol after the number, like Hortensia from the Topics article or Pandoro from today. You may recognise these symbols as the ones on the characters’ outfits when they Engage with a particular Emblem.

In Hortensia and Pandoro’s case, their symbols seem to match Emblem Marth and Sigurd’s. Are these forged weapons boosted if you equip the matching Emblem? Or are the Emblems used to confer a boost when crafting the forged weapon? I don’t think it’s the former, since Hortensia and Pandoro are equipped with Corrin and Celica here.

That’s all for now. I’m enjoying all the FE Engage content, but whew… there’s a lot!

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