Fire Emblem Engage: Solm & Timerra Tidbits via Twitter

We have another Fire Emblem Engage post via the official Fire Emblem Twitter, this time showcasing the Kingdom of Solm and its crown princess, Timerra.

Info for Solm:

Solm is an independent nation founded in south-east Elyos, ruled by Queen Sfoglia who values freedom.

Sfoglia is likely named after Sfogliatella, a type of pastry. All the Solmese folks we’ve seen are named after foods or dessert: Timerra (play on Tiramisu), Fogato (affogato), Pandoro, Bonet and Seadall (Seadas in the Japanese version).

Artwork and a profile card for Timerra:

Timerra (VA: Ami Koshimizu) is the crown princess of the Kingdom of Solm, and Fogato’s older sister. She has an innocent and cheerful personality, perhaps because she was brought up in freedom-loving Solm.

Although she was educated to be the next Queen, Timerra grew up extremely freely and easily gets along with anyone.

Her profile was already available via the official site, covered here, but her artwork is new. (Well, it does appear in the special edition artwork, but covered up by the other characters.)

For those wondering, Timerra’s Japanese name is Misutira, which makes the tiramisu reference even more obvious.

The next parts, I already covered in the official site analysis, but I’ll repeat it anyway.

A battle scene featuring Timerra:

Here’s Timerra in a Solm map. Possibly the royal castle? Near the top left, I think there’s an entrance to one of the fancy-looking rooms seen earlier.

Timerra is a Level 19 Sentinel (Backup type). Vigilante in the Japanese version. She has a Silver Lance (B rank), Iron Lance, Killer Lance, Spear and Vulnerary. The foes are Elusians. It’s hard to tell from the low quality, but Timerra is separated from the rest of the gang, who are south, across the wall.

Finally, a cutscene featuring Timerra:

Similar to the Ivy showcase a few days ago, a portion of this cutscene appeared in the recent story trailer.

Apparently Timerra loves campfires and singing, often making up her own little songs!

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