Fire Emblem Engage: Emblem Byleth Analysis

To round off the week, the official Fire Emblem Twitter shared an overview video detailing Emblem Byleth’s abilities.

Time for another mini Fire Emblem Engage analysis!

Before that though, let’s warm up with some info on Emblem Energy and chests.

There are spots on the map where “Emblem Energy” has gathered. If a character synced with an Emblem ends their action where there’s Emblem Energy, their Engage count will be fully replenished. If you want to Engage a character, be sure to place them on an Emblem Energy.

Chests contain items inside them, which can be obtained by using the “Chest” command when adjacent to them. If the chest’s contents have been stolen by an enemy, you can get them back by defeating that enemy before they make their escape.

Also, a profile for the man himself:

Emblem Byleth (Yūsuke Kobayashi), known as the Emblem of the Academy, is a former mercenary, now instructor at the Officer’s Academy.

Plus a video featuring him and Alcryst, which you can find translated over here.

Finally, the overview video itself!

Above is the video re-uploaded on YouTube as is.

Here’s an overview on how to use Byleth, the Emblem of the Academy. He can increase the abilities of allies, to guide them towards victory. Rather than acting alone, he’s an Emblem who’s most effective when surrounded by allies.

Divine Pulse is a Sync skill (available by equipping Byleth) that allows attacks that would have otherwise missed their target to hit, with a fixed chance of triggering.

Basically, if an attack fails to hit, it seems the game rolls a chance for Divine Pulse to trigger. If it triggers, the failed attack will hit instead. A neat throwback to Byleth’s time-rewinding ability in Three Houses.

This map is the one with the tents, seemingly based on Binding Blade’s Chapter 20x (Sacae). Alfred with a Silver Lance is fighting a Ruffian with a Silver Sword. He seems to have a promoted appearance (compare with his Noble look). His promoted class may be Avenir.

On the map, to his right are Etie (bow) and an unknown female character (axe). I believe they’re the unnamed girl Engaging with Byleth in the “Engaging with Emblems” trailer.

However, a unit with a similar appearance has been spotted wielding magic in the Emblem Celica overview. That said, some kind of class-change system is likely as we’ll soon see.

Towards the left are General Louis and a cut-off character that’s riding a Griffin, I think? The creature has an eagle’s beak. So Griffin Knight (like Chloé)? The character riding the Griffin seems to sport red hair, unless it’s part of their clothes.

During the battle, we see the Ruffian is a Wolf Knight. Merrin is a playable Wolf Knight (Engaged with Lyn here), able to wield daggers and swords.

Etie Engages with Byleth for the next segment.

Byleth’s Emblem weapons are the Heroes’ Relics, special weapons that adapt to the class type. For example, Backup classes can wield Blutgang.

Etie is a Level 19 Swordmaster with a Steel Blade. Her inventory includes Blutgang (a magic sword that’s effective versus dragon and horse), Caladbolg+3 (probably unrelated to Edward’s weapon in Radiant Dawn?), Silver Sword and Seadall’s Rice box (bento).

The Steel Blade is also quite interesting. It cannot follow up, but when you initiate, you attack last and always trigger Smash. We saw Smash near the end of the “Engaging with Emblems” trailer. It seems to push back foes one square on the map.

The map seems to be new. I’ll have to remember the checkerboard floor.

During the battle, Etie fights a Corrupted axe cavalry who has a Tomahawk. The aesthetics of the interior make me think of Elusia, especially the stained glass.

Flier classes can wield Lúin.

Here, Rosado is fighting a Firenese soldier with a Silver Axe. This seems to be quite late into the game, because of their high HP values. Hmm, I wonder why Firene is fighting back?

The backdrop reminds me of the Firenese(?) castle seen in Clanne’s showcase etc.

Covert classes can wield Failnaught. We saw this with Alcryst, in the “Engaging with Emblems” trailer.

Yunaka is facing a Corrupted Griffin Knight wielding a Tomahawk. The map appears to be the dark interior with the stained glass windows.

Mystical classes gain Thyrsus, which grants range +2 when attacking with magic and occasionally reduces damage by a half. Just like the good old days…

Clanne is a Level 19 Mage with Elsurge (a 1 range tome that never misses), Elthunder, Elfire+1, Thyrsus and an Elixir. Elthunder and Elfire have Sigurd and Marth’s insignia on them. Originally, I thought they were forged effects, but Elthunder isn’t forged.

The map seems to be the second Firene map, with rows of hedges towards the north-east, seen in Alfred’s showcase etc. I think the player is repeating this map, because originally there are NPCs near the building. Plus Clanne is much higher Level here (near 20 versus under 10).

Nothing special about the allies on the map, but Alear’s Emblem icon is empty, despite having an Engage gauge. I thought it could be a loading issue, but it stays like this for a strangely longer time.

Cleverly, despite Elsurge being 1 range, Clanne can use it at 3 range thanks to Thyrsus.

Actually, this kind of makes Thunder tomes a bit redundant. Those are 1~3 range, but don’t allow follow ups. Granted, there’s only one Byleth, so you have to choose between Thyrsus and the other relics (even though Thyrsus is probably going to be the most useful one).

Byleth’s Engage skill Instruct grants a command that increases the stats of allies around the user for 1 turn. The stat boosted depends on the class type of the Engaged unit.

Seadall is a Level 24 Dancer with a Burst Body Art equipped. His Qi Adept class lets him wield Byleth’s Rafail Gem.

This scene appeared in the Topics article. However, at the start, the UI isn’t covering the map so we can see a teensy bit more.

Who’s the dark-clothed dagger user on the left? Looking at the skin colour, I think it’s Jakoba from the leaked screenshots.

We also get a better look at the unknown swordie bottom-right from Seadall. This same character appeared in the collage of Engaged units. I don’t think I mentioned it at the time, but they’re likely Kagetsu from the same leaked screens. In the collage, they share the same fringe. Meanwhile, the unit on the map has the same bunched ponytail, plus Kagetsu’s dark hair colour.

When choosing commands, we see what Chain Guard does. It prevents ajdacent allies from taking damage! Actually, this seems kind of strong… That said, it seems you have to give up your movement and the one using Chain Guard can probably still get hit. Hmm, what if it works like a Savior skill in FE Heroes where the Chain Guard user takes the hit?

Here are the stat boosts:

  • Dragon: All stats +3
  • Flier: Res +5
  • Mystical: Mag +4
  • Backup: Str +4
  • Qi Adept: Lck +10
  • Cavalry: Dex +10

Covert should be Spd +5, as shown by Alcryst earlier.

For reference, the maps are:

  • Dragon: Lava map, which some guessed might be Ailell, but map layout doesn’t match.
  • Flier: Snowfield in Diamant’s spotlight etc.
  • Mystical: The Solmese map seen in Timerra’s spotlight etc. with a fancy room near the north.
  • Backup: Fog of War at night, seen in Céline’s spotlight etc.
  • Qi Adept: Desert map with the tall cacti. Seen moments ago with Seadall.
  • Cavalry: The plains map with the tents.

Goddess Dance is an Engage skill that allows up to 4 adjacent allies to move again, after ending their turn, as well as boosting their stats. By combining this with high mobility units, such as Fliers, it’s great for turning situations around in far-off areas.

Here, Goldmary is showing off her dancing skills.

We saw the aftermath of this scene in the Topics article. The room is the fancy one I mentioned above, which is connected to the exterior. It wasn’t shown earlier, but Yunaka and two enemies are poisoned. It looks like Yunaka may have two stacks of poison too.

Since we know who’s using Goddess Dance here, we can assume Goldmary can trigger C supports with Yunaka and (I think?) Alear.

Near the end, you can see a portion of the mini-map, which matches the one in Timerra’s showcase.

Whoosh, Ivy here is a Level 3 Dragonlord/Lindwurm wielding Elthunder+1. She uses Goddess Dance to refresh the reddish orange hair girl (now a tome user again), Lapis (I think, as a sword cavalry), Merrin (Wolf Knight with dagger) and Rosado (wyvern).

Above is a comparison of the reddish orange hair girl in three different maps.

Other units include Alcryst (bow), Citrinne (tome) and Céline (sword).

This map gives me Genealogy vibes, since there appear to be two castles on the map. Hang on, the map tiles on the mini-map look so awkward, I’d be surprised if it’s not a throwback map…

I think it’s an adapation of the north-west corner of Chapter 10: Light and Dark. Specifically, the screenshots are near the castle south of the sea crossing.

This is Fogato as a Level 3 Cupido, wielding a Silver Bow, with a usuable sword in his inventory. As a Cavalry unit, he has Byleth’s Areadbhar.

He’s using Instruct to grant Dex +10 to Alear (sword), Alcryst (bow), Yunaka (dagger), Rosado (axe), Citrinne (I think, tome), Merrin (dagger) and Goldmary (sword). Diamant and an unarmed character (Anna?) are outside the range.

The map is the Fog of War one at night. Likely at a different point in the game, since Fogato is with you.

Back to the plains map again.

Chloé is a Level 9 Lance Pegasus with a Flame Lance+5. Whoa.

Near the top right corner, I think Pandoro (tome) is fending off a wyvern rider.

The units being refreshed are Alear (I think, top), Ivy (right), Merrin (bottom) and somebody Engaged with Lyn (left). Looks like Fogato at the bottom-left.

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