Fire Emblem Engage: Emblem Corrin Analysis

Another week, another Fire Emblem Engage info dump from the official Fire Emblem Twitter!

We’ll start with the Corrin-related info first, beginning with her profile!

Emblem Corrin (VA: Satomi Satō), known as the Emblem of Fates, possesses the blood of the First Dragons and an unbreakable heart.

Next, a video featuring some dialogue with her:

This was already available via the official website.

The next video, showcasing her abilities, is mostly new though.

Corrin is a support-focused Emblem that can use buffs and debuffs to turn the tides of battle.

Dragon Vein is a Sync skill (available by equipping Corrin) that adds special effects to the terrain. The effect depends on the unit’s battle type.

Here, Bonet is showing it off. He’s a Level 2 Great Knight with a Silver Sword and other swords in his inventory.

This scene was shown in the Topics article, which we covered here.

The map is the desert one with tall cacti seen in Fogato’s showcase, etc.

Cavalry types can use Vein of Water to place Avoid -30 tiles in a criss-cross pattern in front. These stack with the Desert tile’s Movement -3 effect.

Allies on the map include: Jade (axe, synced with Sigurd), Panettone (axe, synced with Eirika), Rosado (lance, synced with Leif), Alcryst (bow, synced with Lyn) and I think Hortensia cut-off in the corner.

We’ll get a proper look at Panettone later on.

The foe in front is a Level 18 Ruffian Royal Knight (Cavalry) with a Silver Lance.

This is a new class, although I wonder what it does. We already have Paladin (axe for Vander, lance for Amber), Great Knight (sword for Bonet) and Bow Knight classes for promoted classes.

The next map is the night-time fog of war map, seen in Céline’s showcase etc. This time, there are loads of Wolf Knight enemies near the bottom of the screen.

Allies are: Rosado (lance), maybe Lapis (sword, synced with Roy), Alear (sword, synced with Marth), Hortensia (tome/staff, synced with Micaiah), Goldmary (lance, synced with Lyn), Panettone (axe, synced with Eirika), Alcryst (bow, synced with Corrin), Pandoro (tome/dual staff, synced with Byleth), and I think Merrin (sword, synced with Lucina).

Alcryst has active support ranks with Lapis, Alear, Hortensia (oh boy, looking forward to this) and Pandoro.

Alcryst is a Level 5 Tireur d’élite with a Longbow and various other bows. We’ve seen this class before, but Alcryst was Engaged at the time.

Of note, it’s simply a “Longbow”, not an “Iron Longbow” etc. So while the Blade, Greatlance and Poleax series weapons return, it seems the Longbow series does not.

Covert classes can apply the Mist effect, which grants Avoid +30.

The third map is the one with the strange shaped pillars, perhaps the stage of a Premonition chapter?

Allies are: Chloé (unarmed), Hortensia (tome/staff, synced with Corrin), maybe Lapis again (sword, synced with Roy), Alear (sword, synced with Marth), Goldmary (lance, synced with Micaiah) and Rosado (lance, synced with Leif).

Hortensia has active support ranks with Goldmary and Rosado, who are probably her retainers.

Hortensia is a Level 20 Wing Tamer with Elfire+1.

This scene was shown in the Korean version of the Topics article. Several Lost Spirits are located on the map.

Flier units can apply the Glow effect, which provides HP recovery. Chloé used this in the “Engaging with Emblems” trailer via Vein of Succor.

The fourth map is an indoor fog of war map, which I don’t think we’ve seen before.

Allies are: Alcryst (bow, synced with Lyn), Chloe (unarmed again…), Hortensia (tome/staff), Ivy (also unarmed), Panetonne (axe), Jade (axe, synced with Sigurd), Lapis (sword), Alear (sword, synced with Marth), Merrin (dagger), Rosado (lance) and Pandoro himself (tome/dual staff, synced with Corrin).

Pandoro has active support ranks with Alcryst, Alear, Panettone and Rosado.

This time, Jade appears to be promoted (General?).

Pandoro here is applying Flame, which inflicts 10 damage per turn. I believe he’s a Mystical unit (High Priest?).

The foe next to him is a Level 18 Corrupted Sage with Elwind. Before adding the Flame effect, the terrain had a Lost Spirit, which probably functions like those in Three Houses.

At the end, we also see the mini-map, which is quite vertical.

Fifth map is the plains map based on Chapter 20x (Sacae) from The Binding Blade.

Armoured units can apply Ivy (not the character), which negates Break. The Fort tile also has this effect.

Louis is a Level 6 General with a Silver Greatlance and other lances in his inventory. The allies are fairly spread out. Nearby is Hortensia (tome/dual staff, synced with Micaiah).

Final map is a ship landing.

Alear is a Level 20 Divine Dragon with a Silver Blade, plus body arts and swords in his inventory.

Dragon units like Alear’s Dragon Child or Divine Dragon can freely choose every special effect:

  • Vein of Protection – creates earth pillars that boost Def/Res. For Backup?
  • Vein of Water – creates puddles that lower Avoid. For Cavalry.
  • Vein of Mist – creates mist that boosts Avoid. For Covert.
  • Vein of Greenery – creates ivy that negates Break. For Armoured.
  • Vein of Succor – creates a glow that heals HP per turn. For Fliers.
  • Vein of Flame – creates flames that inflict damage per turn. For Mystical?
  • Vein of Ice – creates ice pillars that hinder movement? For Qi Adept

Allies include Pandoro (tome/staff, synced with Byleth) near the top, Kagetsu (sword), Alcryst (bow, synced with Lyn), somebody Engaged with Marth (Backup type), probably Jakoba from the leaks (dagger) and Alear himself.

Kagetsu will be properly introduced fairly soon.

Moving on…

The reddish orange haired girl, who we learn is called Panettone, Engages with Corrin.

Reverse Katana is an Emblem weapon that reverses the weapon triangle. The user can trigger Break on lance-wielding foes (disabling counter-attacks for that combat), but axe-wielding foes can trigger Break on the user. I believe this is the first confirmation we have that enemies can trigger Break.

Panettone is a Level 20 Berserker (spelled differently) that’s a Backup type, equipped with a Tomahawk (powerful B rank throwing axe), Iron Poleax (C rank axe that cannot follow-up; if user initiates combat, goes last and triggers Smash, which knocks back foe), Corrin’s Reverse Katana, Steel Poleax+3 and Iron Poleax+1.

For those unaware, Panettone is a type of Italian cake/bread. Since Solmese characters are named after foods/dessert (Timerra/tiramisu, Fogato/affogato, Bonet, Pandoro, Seadall/seadas and Sfoglia/sfogliatella), she likely hails from Solm.

Assuming Bonet and Pandoro are Fogato’s retainers, due to one map where they’re near him, I wonder if Panetonne and Seadall are Timerra’s retainers? There’s also Merrin, who could be named after meringue or meringata. But for now, I’ll throw them in the unsure pile along with Yunaka, Kagetsu and Jakoba.

The map is the Brodian bridge (seen in Alcryst’s showcase etc.), but featuring high Level ruffian foes, rather than Hortensia’s Elusian soldiers.

Panettone triggers Break on a Silver Lance wielding Ruffian despite lances normally beating swords.

Dreadful Aura is an Emblem skill that prevents the opponent and enemies within 1 square radius of them from moving for 1 turn.

The battle shows Timerra with a Silver Lance versus a Fabrication with a Silver Bow.

The map is a throwback to Chapter 22 of Thracia 776.

Timerra is a Level 8 Picket (Pitchfork in the Japanese version) here, with various lances in her inventory. Nearby, towards the right, I think there’s Alfred(?) synced with Eirika. In any case, the video zooms in on Timerra’s opponent and it just so happens that we get a nice look at Eirika’s icon for once!

Next is Kagetsu with a Silver Sword fighting a ruffian with a Silver Axe.

This is the map with the strange pillars again. The zoom in gives us a good look at the crimson cavalry unit who I suspect is Lapis. I think you can just about make out her headband.

Kagetsu is a character shown in a leaked screenshot (last one down who isn’t cut-off). They appeared on the map (right side) in Byleth’s overview video and in the collage of Engaged units, in the middle.

Their name is unmistakably Japanese in origin, so they don’t seem to fit any of the known countries or groups.

Torrential Roar is an Engage skill that attacks 3 enemies in a line in front of the user, while applying the Water (Avoid -30) effect underneath them.

Jade is the user. We saw this scene in the Topics article, but the only available screenshot was kind of busy. This time, you can get a better look at her face and hair. Even though she’s lost her helmet, I’m convinced that’s her.

The map is once again the plains one with the tents. The allies include Goldmary (lance) and Alcryst (bow, synced with Lyn).

We’re back to the indoor fog of war map. Hortensia is using Vein of Succor.

This time, she’s a Level 20 Sleipnir (Flier), likely her promoted class. Previously, Ivy was seen in the Lindwurm class (localised as Dragonlord in Radiant Dawn). Hortensia has Elfire+1 again, plus a bunch of tomes and staves.

I think the allies are the same as earlier, but Alcryst has Engaged.

Wait, I just noticed the fog of war has disappeared. Also, judging from the stained glass windows and rows of seats, is this the Elusian church? Given Hortensia’s high Level though, I’m guessing the player is repeating the map.

Alcryst is back, showing Dreadful Aura when used with a bow. The map is the Thracia throwback one. Alcryst is a Level 5 Tireur d’élite again, with a Silver Bow. Nearby, there’s Pandoro (tome/staff, synced with Byleth) and Lapis (sword, synced with Roy).

Finally, Lapis Engaged with Corrin uses Torrential Roar. Kaboom! Sadly, it doesn’t show the aftermath, so we can’t tell what her cavalry class is.

That’s all for the Corrin overview, but there are a few other posts covering more minor things.

First, a short video showing the battle preparations menu:

The map shown is the ruins map seen in Céline’s showcase, etc.

The listed chapter is “Paralogue: The Secret Seller”, the same name as Paralogue 2 of FE Awakening. However, the map layout is completely different.

The objective is to defeat Mitan (the Barbarian boss), while the defeat condition is Alear’s defeat. The menu options are: Begin Battle, Pick Units, Emblem Rings, Inventory (also where you equip skills), Reposition, Shop, Allies, Save, System and Go Back.

The allies on the map include Alear (sword, synced with Marth), Framme (Level 6 Monk), Louis (Level 7 Lance Armour), Vander (axe, synced with Sigurd), Alfred (Level 7 Noble), Céline (sword, synced with Celica), Etie (Level 7 Archer) and Yunaka (dagger).

Enemies include a Level 8 Swordfighter (Backup type), Level 8 Axe Fighter and Mitan, a Level 16 Barbarian (Backup type). Mitan has a red gem under their HP value, suggesting multiple HP gauges, akin to Three Houses. These were also spotted in previous footage, I believe.

I’d wager this paralogue occurs between the Firenese map with the bridge (seen in Marth’s showcase etc.) and the one with the row of hedges (seen in Alfred’s showcase etc.) or thereabouts. Yunaka being here is a minor surprise though.

Next, a super short video showing villages:

This is the second Firenese map, featuring the hedges in the north-east corner.

The allies on the map are: Alear (sword, synced with Marth), Framme (Level 6 Monk), Louis (lance, synced with Sigurd), Céline (sword, synced with Celica), Chloé (lance), Etie (bow) and Boucheron (axe).

Framme’s Level hasn’t changed, but she’s gained a Training Body Art and is using that instead of her Iron one.

The villager, a Firene citizen, gives her a Defence Herb item. We saw her carrying a stack of HP Herb items earlier, so not surprising at all.

Finally, there’s a singular post discussing terrain effects.

It shows a Thicket granting Avoid+30 and hindering movement. The map seems to be the very first one, with Alear and Vander trying to reach Framme and Clanne (seen in Alear’s showcase etc.). Nothing special here at all.

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