Heroes: Book VII Feh Channel

A new Feh Channel showcasing Book VII is now available to watch.

After dealing with the conflict between Askr and Embla, the Order of Heroes head to Vanaheimr, the realm of light, to stop an evil sorceress who can control time.

In the Book VII opening, we’re introcued to Seiðr (the freebie Mythic Hero), Heiðr (her “little sister”) and Gullveig (the antagonist).

The artist is once again Yoshiku, who drew the characters for Book IV.

Next, we have some details for the first summoning event for Book VII. More children from FE Fates will be making their debut, alongside an infamous villain.

Caeldori, Dwyer, Rearmed Ophelia and Seiðr will be the featured Heroes in the “Book VII Begins: Seiðr and More” summoning event.

Meanwhile, Kiragi will be available from quests and Hans from the next Grand Hero Battle.

Besides all that, Feh shared various details for the Version 7.0 update. The biggest ones being:

  • Otherworld Bonds: Can be used to recruit one Hero from a Binding Worlds event as a Forma. Similar to Hall of Forms, but they also have max Dragonflowers. Will be limited to Heroes added between Version 1.0 and 4.11.
  • Arena First Summon Tickets: In each Arena season after the update, the reward for 5 consecutive victories in Arena is a special type of First Summon Ticket that guarantees a Hero from the 4-star Special pool.
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