Fire Emblem Engage: Fogato & Hortensia Tidbits via Twitter

Some more deja vu today, as the official Fire Emblem Twitter shared profiles for the Solmese and Elusian younger siblings, Fogato and Hortensia.

These were already available via the official site for Fire Emblem Engage and covered in an earlier article. However, for your convenience and in case you missed them, here they are again.

Fogato’s profile:

Fogato (VA: KENN) is the first prince of the Kingdom of Solm, and Timerra’s younger brother. Because the Queen inherits Solm’s throne, he grew up even more freely than his older sister and has an optimistic and easy-going personality. Apparently he’s traveling around the country to safeguard his people.

A battle scene:

This map is the one with tall cacti, seen in Corrin’s overview.

Fogato is a Level 17 Sentinel (Cavalry type), similar to Timerra. He has a Silver Bow, Killer Bow and Vulnerary. Next to him are Bonet and Pandoro (axe cavalry and body art/staff user), perhaps his retainers? His foes is a Corrupted wielding an Iron Blade.

Near the top-left corner of the screen, there’s a sword-wielding foe with a yellow exclamation mark, perhaps wielding a Zanbato that’s effective against Fogato?

Looking at the mini-map, Fogato’s group is near the north-east corner, north of most of the allies. There’s another group near the south-west corner, further away.

A cutscene featuring Fogato:

Fogato: It’s gonna be aaaaaaall desert from here on out, so it’s no place for foreigners to be traveling alone.

Fogato: Lucky we met, huh?

This is from the same cutscene that appeared in the “The Divine Dragon Awakens!” story trailer.

To break things up, some info on Staves:

Staves, which can be used by Framme’s Monk class, can confer various effects to support allies. For example, Heal can restore HP to an ally. Some staves can also hinder foes, by placing obstacles etc. Although staves are useful, keep in mind they have limited uses.

The first three screens seem to be at Lythos during the day. The map featured in the post explaining the weapon triangle & break.

Yesterday, I tried to guess what the Prologue and Chapter 1 maps might be. I wonder if this map would be Chapter 1 (since Framme is playable and it’s day time), then the night time Lythos map would be Chapter 2?

The fourth screenshot is likely the Firenese castle, seen in Clanne’s showcase etc. I believe it’s the north-west corner, where the two chests are.

Hortensia’s profile:

Hortensia (VA: Hina Kino) is the second princess of the Kingdom of Elusia, and Ivy’s little sister. Has an innocent and selfish personality, but adores those closest to her. Under the orders of her father, the King of Elusia, she stands before Alear to snatch their Emblem Rings.

Oddly, there’s no mention that Ivy is her half-sister, with different mothers, like her official site profile. Granted, the profiles on the site aren’t always word for word the same. Her father should be Hyacinth, the Sage-King.

A battle scene:

The map is the one with multiple rooms, seen in the Seadall segment of the “Engaging with Emblems” trailer.

Hortensia is a Level 19 Wing Tamer (Flying type). It’s curious how Hortensia has lower stats as a Level 19 Wing Tamer than Ivy as a Level 1 Wing Tamer… Anyway, Hortensia has Elthunder (B rank), Elwind, Mend, Physic and a new staff called Collapse. Her foe is a Corrupted.

Elthunder is interesting: here, it’s a 1~3 tome that cannot trigger a follow-up attack. Collapse, I imagine is an offensive staff, hence why Hortensia has a dual staff icon.

Allies include: Alear (sword), Timerra (lance), Fogato (bow cavalry), Alcryst (bow), Bonet (axe cavalry), Diamant (sword, synced with Lyn), Céline (sword) and Framme (body arts/staff).

At the start, a beam of light shoots up from Hortensia. Not sure what this.

The map itself is intriguing as well. It looks like parts of the map are hidden from view, until you open the doors.

Finally, a cutscene:

Hortensia: Oh! Might you be the “Divine One”?

Alear: Y-yeah.

Hortensia: I knew it! It was obvious straightaway.

Hortensia: After all, you’re prettier than the others.

Hortensia: I thought Lumera was the only Divine Dragon.

Hortensia: I didn’t know there were others until recently.

Hortensia: Mmmm… You don’t see different coloured eyes like yours often.

This scene occurs at the Brodian bridge seen on numerous occasions, like in Anna’s showcase. We’ve also seen snippets of the same cutscene in the “The Divine Dragon Awakens!” trailer. Such as this bit showing Hortensia’s retainers.

That’s all for today.

So far, the official Twitter account has covered everything on the official site, except for Emblem Lyn. Most likely her overview video will be shared tomorrow or Friday. After that, I wonder if they’ll finally post profiles for the various retainers?

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