Fire Emblem Engage: Official Site & Topics Analysis II

On 9th December, the day of The Game Awards, Nintendo shared a bunch of updates for Fire Emblem Engage. In this article, I’ll be analysing the updates to the game’s official site and the accompanying Topics article.

If you missed it, please check out our earlier analysis of the Expansion Pass if you’re interested.

A big thanks to TipperTheScales for helping with the analysis!


The article begins by introducing the Expansion Pass and Somniel trailers. I’ll skip this part since it’s covered (or will be covered) elsewhere.

Next, it introduces the concept of Emblems. I believe everything here was covered in the “Engaging with Emblems” trailer. Obviously, there will be people reading the article who haven’t been following every aspect of the game.

Update: Thanks to Philipp Smirnov for reminding me. Engage attacks are limited to one use per Engagement. This makes sense because there were occasions Byleth’s Goddess Dance wasn’t available in the menu.

From here, they showcase the remaining 6 Emblems.

Roy, the Emblem of Binding

Roy’s our boy! Voiced by Jun Fukuyama, Roy is an Emblem with a good balance of offence and defence, who’s well suited for the front-lines.

Transcendence is an Engage skill that temporarily boosts the user’s Level, granting them additional stats.

In Roy’s overview video, it seems to grant 5 Level Ups for most units and maybe 6 for Dragon classes (like Alear’s Dragon Child).

Lapis is Engaging with Roy to borrow his Engage skills/attacks. The map is Firene on fire (seen in Ivy’s spotlight etc.), which we now know occurs in Chapter 17.

Allies include Goldmary (sword, synced with Celica), Alear (sword, synced with Marth), Fogado (bow cavalry), Panette (axe), Chloé (unarmed Wyvern Knight), Lapis (sword cavalry, synced with Roy), maybe Pandreo (tome/staff), Hortensia (tome/dual staff) and I think Etie (bow). Merrin might be the unit cut-off near the top, synced with Sigurd.

We know, from Ivy’s spotlight, that Zephia has Sigurd and, from Zelkov’s battle video, that Griss can use Dark Warp Ragnarok, suggesting he has Celica. Yet Sigurd and Celica are here. That said, we know you can repeat maps, so maybe it’s simply that.

In the Korean article, I believe their screenshots are from the story battle, since the enemies on the mini-map match. Plus Lapis seems to be lower Level here (maybe low Level promoted like Chloé and Timerra in earlier footage). The only visible ally is Alear, synced with Lucina.

Lion’s Crimson Flame Dance is an Engage attack that hits 3 enemies in a horizontal line, then applies hindering flames in a 3 x 3 box.

Kagetsu is using it here, with a Silver Sword. The map is the Elusian church seen in Corrin’s overview etc. Allies include Fogado (bow cavalry) and Hortensia (tome/dual staff). The Korean article features the same map, but without fog of war. It seems you can disable fog of war somehow (perhaps related to this apparatus in the background?).

Eirika, the Emblem of the Sacred

Eirika and Ephraim, voiced by Kaori Mizuhashi and Taku Yashiro, are two Emblems in one! Eirika is an Emblem that can swap places with her twin, Ephraim, and change abilities to adapt to the situation.

Eirika’s Sync skill Lunar Brace deals more damage to high Defence foes, while Ephraim’s Solar Brace recovers HP when damaging foes.

Above are screenshots from the Korean article showing the same thing.

It seems Solar Brace heals for 20~30% of damage. I’m guessing Lunar Brace reduces the foe’s Defence by 20~30%.

Fogado is the wielder of Eirika/Ephraim here. The map seems to be the Firenese castle seen in Clanne’s spotlight, for instance (although the map could be different). The enemies are Firenese soldiers.

Eirika’s Engage skill Sacred Twins combines the effects of the Lunar and Solar Braces. The defense reduction from Lunar Brace allows you to deal more damage and thus heal more from Solar Brace.

Hortensia is the user here, wielding Elfire+1 versus a Corrupted with a Silver Axe. The map is once again the Elusian Church.

Their Engage attack Twin Strike is a lance and sword attack, which probably works similarly to the house leaders’ Engage attack, seen in the Expansion Pass trailer. So it should let you Break sword and axe foes.

The foe here is a Corrupted Dragon with Fire Breath. We don’t see it here, but I imagine it’s the dark-coloured monsters we’ve seen here and there on the map.

Leif, the Emblem of Genealogy

Voiced by Kenichi Suzumura, Leif is an Emblem that can handle any weapon, while fighting resourcefully.

His Engage skill Adaptability automatically switches the user’s current weapon with an advantageous weapon when attacked by an enemy.

The first screen shows Alfred wielding a Silver Greatlance versus a Golden Corrupted with a Silver Sword. Meanwhile, the second screen shows him wielding Leif’s Killer Axe versus a Ruffian with a Silver Lance.

Update: Thanks to Mikey for pointing out a mistake; in the first fight, Alfred is wielding a Greatlance, not a Blade. I wasn’t looking properly, whoops.

I don’t actually recognise this sunset map, although it could be the same place where Corrin was speaking, in the “Engaging with Emblems” trailer. Some fans have speculated it could be Chapter 6 of FE Fates, where Corrin makes the fateful decision to side with Hoshido, Nohr, nobody… or Smash Bros.

Tetra Trick is an Engage attack that triggers four hits, with a sword, lance, axe and bow. OK, this looks like a better version of Three Houses Chain Strike. Although I imagine the damage will be less.

Vander is using it here, with Leif’s Light Brand.

Ike, the Emblem of Radiance

Ike is back again to fight for his friends in another world. Voiced by Michihiko Hagi, he’s an Emblem with high attack power and durability; the more damage he sustains, the greater his power.

Steadfast is an Engage skill that reduces Avoid to 0, but halves damage sustained.

Yunaka is using it here, versus a Ruffian Wolf Knight. Both have Silver Swords. I think this is the ship landing map seen in Corrin’s overview.

It’s a bit easier to see in the Korean article.

Supreme Aether is an Engage attack where the user boosts their defensive stats on the first turn, then on the second turn, they attack all enemies within 2 squares, while healing from the damage inflicted.

Louis is using it in the first screenshot, with Ike’s Hammer (the Black Knight better be scared). I think the map is the one seen in Fogado’s spotlight, etc.

Not too sure who’s using it in the second screenshot. The map seems to take place at Solm, at night, with fog of war active. Allies include Merrin (dagger, synced with Lyn) and Pandreo (tome/staff, synced with Lucina).

The healing appears to be 30% of damage dealt.

Micaiah, the Emblem of Dawn

It’s the Silver-haired Priestess! Voiced by Natsuko Kuwatani, she’s a healing-based Emblem with powerful magic and healing capabilities.

Amplify is an Engage skill that increases the casting range and effective range of staves. Great for supportive characters, so they can heal allies or block foes from further away.

Seadall is the user here, as a Level 24 Dancer. His inventory includes a Burst Body Art, Micaiah’s Shine, Expert Body Art, Training Body Art and Physic. Physic is a C rank staff with a 1~5 range. With Amplify, it gains 5 range and the effective range expands by 1 too.

The map here is the one with the checkboard floor, seen in Byleth’s overview. Allies include Fogado (bow cavalry), Alear (sword, synced with Marth), Goldmary (sword, synced with Corrin), Framme (body arts/dual staff), I think Citrinne (tome/staff, synced with Celica), Ivy (tome/staff), Merrin (dagger wolf rider) and Yunaka (dagger). Near the top right corner is somebody else with an Emblem Ring.

Great Sacrifice is an Engage attack that restores the HP of all allies to max, but drops the user to 1 HP.

The map is the Elusian Church again. Allies include Etie (bow), Alfred (lance cavalry), Alear (sword, Engaged with Marth), Hortensia (tome/staff), Amber (lance cavalry being healed), Fogado (bow cavalry), Céline (sword), Yunaka (dagger) and Citrinne (tome/staff).

Lucina, the Emblem of Awakening

The final Emblem to be showcased is Lucina, voiced by Yū Kobayashi. She’s an Emblem who excels when fighting alongside her friends and becomes stronger when allies are close by.

Bond Shield is an Engage skill that nullifies damage for a chosen adjacent ally with a 80% success rate. This could be how Chain Guard functions, but that may have 100% success rate (perhaps with limitations).

Chloé is the user here, as a Level 20 Wyvern Knight with Lucina’s Noble Rapier. We’ve seen her as a Griffon Knight before.

Allies include Diamant (sword), Alcryst (bow, synced with someone), Merrin (dagger wolf rider), Lapis (sword cavalry, synced with Corrin), Pandreo (tome/dual staff) and Panette (axe user who’s cut off). The map is the one from Fogado’s spotlight again.

During the battle, the enemy Corrupted misses Lapis.

In the Korean article, the enemy lands their attack, but it’s deflected and “Dual Guard!” appears, referencing the mechanic from FE Awakening where Pair Up cohorts would occasionally protect the main unit.

All For One is an Engage attack where all allies within 2 squares join in on the attack, via Chain Attacks. Normally, only units in a Backup class can offer Chain Attacks.

Citrinne is the user, wielding Lucina’s Noble Rapier. The enemy is a Ruffian Griffin Knight with a Silver Sword. One of the five allies offering a Chain Attack is Panette with an axe.

In the Korean article, they show Diamant as one of two allies offering a Chain Attack.

Official Site

Next, the game’s official site updated with additional character profiles (13 new ones) and all the major trailers released so far. Plus details for the Expansion Pass (covered already).

Let’s go over all the characters. All of them have appeared in footage in some noticeable capacity, although there’s one–Zelkov–who’s only appeared on the map and very briefly.

Amber (VA: Atsushi Tamaru) is a royal knight from Brodia and Diamant’s retainer. He’s a romanticist who loves the fables and legends of the world and an endlessly bright and pure person.

Jade (VA: Marie Miyake) is a royal knight from Brodia, and Diamant’s retainer. Always calm and collected, and serious about her duties. Because she doesn’t speak much, people think she’s emotionless, but in truth she can be surprisingly cheerful and funny.

Lapis (VA: Tomoyo Takayanagi) is a royal knight from Brodia, and Alcryst’s retainer. Has a good-natured and kind personality. Despite her delicate appearance, she can exhibit unearthly strength. Her talent is knowing what kinds of grass are edible.

Citrinne (VA: Ikumi Hasegawa) is a royal knight from Brodia. She’s Alcryst’s retainer, but also cousins with the two royals. Can appear haughty, but is kind-hearted and values her friends.

Merrin (VA: Nanako Mori) is a royal knight from Solm, and Timerra’s retainer. She’s a knight with a fresh and extravagant vibe, who tries to look good every day. Loves all animals, especially rare beasts, and gets fully immersed when seeing them.

Panette (VA: Yukina Shutō) is a royal knight from Solm. She’s Timerra’s retainer and Pandreo’s little sister. She’s extremely polite with her words. Despite her refined manners, she has unique tastes, such as a fondness of ghosts and insects.

Pandreo (VA: Genki Okawa) is a royal knight from Solm. He’s Fogado’s retainer and Panette’s big brother. Loves having the time of his life. Although he doesn’t seem serious, he’s actually a very devoted and sincere clergyman.

Bunet (VA: Tomohiru Ono) is a royal knight from Solm, and Fogado’s retainer. He’s a research fanatic who operates on his own wavelength. Has a keen sense of taste and smell, and a young man who loves to taste everything and anything.

Seadall (VA: Shogo Sakamoto) is a renowned dancer from Solm, who’s well versed at reading fortunes. Has a glamorous charm and a mysterious air to him. He sometimes says spiteful things, but is especially kind to those he’s fond off.

Zelkov (VA: Yu Taniguchi) is a royal knight from Elusia, and Ivy’s retainer. Has a quiet and obsessive personality, with many hobbies. Extremely passionate and always searching for something he can sink his time in.

Kagetsu (VA: Takehito Koyasu) is a royal knight from Elusia, and Ivy’s retainer. Has a cheerful, energetic and friendly personality. Because he was born in a secluded realm, he has an exotic tone of voice.

Rosado (VA: Shouta Aoi) is a royal knight from Elusia, and Hortensia’s retainer and friend. They’re cheerful and positive, and an optimist who lives their life to the fullest by pursuing all things cute and pretty.

Goldmary (VA: Natsumi Takamori) is a royal knight from Elusia. She’s Hortensia’s retainer and friend. She’s timid and shy, but loves herself and, despite her modesty, can act brazenly and be bold with her words.

As I suspected, each royal has 2 retainers. This is basically FE Fates all over again, but with 8 royals divided into 4 countries, rather than 2.

For the most part, it was easy to guess who was whose retainer, except for Timerra and Ivy’s. It turns out that Seadall is not a retainer and Merrin is indeed named after food/dessert.

Also, I was somehow correct that Kagetsu (his name has the kanji for flower) is Ivy’s retainer, but I didn’t expect Zelkov, because we didn’t know his name (officially). But Zelkova (his Japanese name) is a type of tree, so, it was simple in hindsight.

Also, it wasn’t mentioned in their Twitter profiles, but Etie/Boucheron and Louis/Chloé are indeed retainers for Alfred and Céline.

Lastly, Anna is listed as an Elusian, despite having a neutral profile card in her Twitter reveal. Yunaka is still neutral though, like Veyle. Also, keeping with tradition, Anna has many sisters with the same name and face.

Like the previous site update, every character has a battle/gameplay video and conversation video, mirroring the Twitter reveals.

I don’t have time to translate the conversations right now, so I’ll pass you onto Pheonixmaster1.

As for the gameplay videos…

Amber is shown here as a Level 14 Lance Knight. His inventory includes an Iron Lance, Steel Lance, Javelin, Iron Greatlance and Ridersbane. The map’s the one with tall cacti seen in Fogado’s spotlight etc.

His foe is a Corrupted with a Steel Sword. During battle, his skill “Name Drop” triggers (slightly different spelling than Ferdinand’s skill in Three Hopes).

Jade is a Level 12 Axe Armor with a Steel Axe and Vulnerary. This is the snowfield map seen in Diamant’s spotlight etc. and where Jade may be recruited as a NPC. The units’ positions on the mini-map are consistent anyway.

Allies include Céline (cut off near corner), Etie (bow), Clanne (tome) and Amber (cut off lance cavalry). Jade’s foe is a Corrupted; Diamant’s was an Elusian. Presumably you’ll face both together.

Lapis is a Level 10 Sword Fighter. with an Iron Blade, Iron Sword and Vulnerary. The map is the Brodian defence map, where Ivy makes her entrance, I believe.

Allies include Amber (cut off lance cavalry), Diamant (sword, synced with Roy), Alfred (lance cavalry), Citrinne (tome), Clanne (tome), Alcryst (bow), Alear (sword), Céline (sword), Etie (bow) and Framme (body arts/staff). Oddly, the player hasn’t equipped Marth, Sigurd, Celica or Micaiah.

The foe is a poor Elusan Axe Pegasus. The Iron Blade triggers Smash because of its weapon effect and Break because of the weapon triangle.

Citrinne is at the Brodian bridge (see in Alcryst’s spotlight etc.) where Hortensia makes her debut. She’s a Level 10 Mage with Thunder, Fire and a Vulnerary. I imagine this map and the defence map occur close to one another, although I’m unsure which one’s first.

In case you missed the memo, Thunder tomes have 1~3 range, but cannot trigger a follow-up attack. Also, fort tiles negate Break.

Merrin is at a Solmese palace, in the exterior part like in Timerra’s spotlight. Also like Timerra, she’s separated from the rest of the gang for some reason. She’s a Level 2 Wolf Knight (Cavalry) with a Silver Knife (B rank), Stiletto, Silver Sword, Killing Edge and Vulnerary. Her foe’s an Elusian with a Steel Lance.

Panette is at a Solmese map during night, with fog of war active, previously seen in Ike’s Supreme Aether showcase, further up. Are they raiding the supplies or something, I wonder? Joining her are Timerra, her liege, and Merrin, her retainer-in-arms.

Panette is a Level 1 Berserker with a Silver Axe, Hand Axe and Vulnerary. Her foe is a Ruffian. During battle, Merrin’s Knightly Escort triggers for her and Timerra’s Racket of Solm triggers for the enemy.

Pandreo is at the map with tall cacti and quicksand; quicksand reduces Movement by 3. Currently he’s a Level 1 High Priest with a Protective Body-Arts, Elfire, Warp, Physic and Vulnerary. Warp is a B rank staff with 5 uses that can teleport allies to any position within 5 squares.

Allies include Fogado (bow cavalry, being healed), I think Alear (sword, Engaged with Lucina), Bunet (axe cavalry), Ivy (tome/staff, also low HP) and probably Louis (lance, Engaged with Lyn) surrounded by clones summoned by Call Doubles.

Bunet is in a different Solmese map, seen in “Engaging with Emblems”. He’s a Level 1 Great Knight with a Silver Axe, Steel Axe, Tomahawk, Iron Blade and Poleax.

Allies include Goldmary (sword), Timerra (lance), Fogado (bow cavalry), Hortensia (tome/dual staff), Alear (sword), Céline (sword) and Seadall (body arts). His foe is an Elusian with a Silver Lance. Along the top are a pair of enemy tome cavalry units. Well, I think they’re riding horses anyway.

The nearby foe on the fort is a lance and dual staff cavalry, similar to a certain Hound. Oh yeah, the Griffin Knight foe below Céline can use sword and staff.

Seadall is at the map with sealed rooms, seen in Hortensia’s spotlight etc. He’s a Level 15 Dancer with an Expert Body Art and Corrin’s ring. This video is showing Seadall’s dancing, which allows a unit to move again, like previous FEs.

Curiously, Seadall has a greyed out Chain Guard command. I suspect all Qi Adepts can use this, similar to how all Backup classes can offer Chain Attacks. Perhaps Chain Guard can’t be used because the ally to be protected has already moved? Just a guess.

Also, the ally given an extra turn is Alear as a Level 19 Dragon Child, Engaged with Ike. He has a Lightning Sword here.

Zelkov makes his gameplay debut. He’s a Level 23 Thief with an Iron Knife, Kard, Steel Knife and Stiletto. The map is Chapter 17, when Firene is on fire (seen in Ivy’s spotlight etc). While Zelkov is moving, the forecast in the top-right corner shows Griss dealing 44 damage with Dark Warp Ragnarok. This makes me think Griss has stolen Celica’s ring.

The next bit shows Zelkov poisoning a foe. All daggers inflict poison, if they don’t KO the foe–and poison can stack. Allies include Alear (sword), Fogado (bow cavalry), Ivy (tome/staff), Rosado (axe), Etie (bow), Céline (sword), Hortensia (tome/dual staff), Seadall (body arts), Timerra (lance), Diamant (sword) and Louis (lance).

Nobody has an Emblem here, although in “Engaging with Emblems”, Lyn, Byleth and Corrin are available at least.

Kagetsu is at the night time Solmese map. He’s a Level 1 Swordmaster with a Wo Dao (B rank), Steel Blade, Iron Blade, Killing Edge and Armorslayer. Allies include Timerra (lance, synced with Ike), Merrin (dagger, wolf rider), Panette (axe), I think Ivy (tome/staff), maybe Alfred (lance cavalry) and a cut off axe cavalry.

During battle, Kagetsu’s skill “Sheer Brilliance!” triggers. He then pulls off a very cool looking critical hit on the Corrupted axe wielder.

Rosado is back at the ship map, where they were first spotted. They’re a Level 5 Wyvern Knight with a Silver Axe, Steel Poleax, Silver Lance, Hand Axe and Elixir. The foes are Elusian soldiers. During battle, Rosado’s skill “Pretty Smile” kicks in.

Finally, Goldmary is at the desert shoals again. She’s a Level 3 Hero with a Steel Blade, swapping to a Spear during combat. Her foe’s an Elusian soldier with an Expert Body-Art. During battle, her skill “Deep Sigh” triggers.

That’s all the new characters, but we still have the new Emblems’ profiles to go through!

As it happens, there isn’t much that I haven’t already covered, so I’ll leave you with their conversation videos, compiled by Pheonixmaster1.

This time, Alear only appears in Ike’s video. Curiously, her line is very similar to the one in Celica’s spotlight, but without the “as soon as possible” bit.

Due to the sheer amount of combinations, I expected that some lines may be repeated, similar to Radiant Dawn‘s support conversations. So I wonder if this is a sign?

The other characters that appear are Céline in Eirika’s video, Vander in Micaiah’s video, Etie in Lucina’s video, Diamant in Roy’s video and Clanne in Leif’s video.

That’s all for now. Time to take a crack at that Somniel trailer next…

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