Fire Emblem Engage: Emblem Roy Analysis

On Monday, the official Fire Emblem Twitter shared an overview video for Emblem Roy. Because I was busy and there was a metric ton of Fire Emblem Engage news last Friday, this analysis is a bit later than usual.

His profile:

Emblem Roy (VA: Jun Fukuyama), known as the Emblem of Binding, is a nobleman who’s courageous, resourceful and has the makings of a fine general.

A conversation with Diamant:

Next, the main course itself–an overview of Roy’s abilities:

Roy, the Emblem of Binding, is a vanguard-type Emblem that’s great on the front-lines, with an excellent balance of offence and defence, the sturdiness to survive knock out blows and the offensive power to obliterate groups of foes.

Amber here is a Level 20 Paladin with a Silver Greatlance. The map is the Thracian throwback.

Allies include Goldmary (sword, synced with Celica), Merrin (dagger wolf, synced with Sigurd), Hortensia (tome/dual staff), Alcryst (bow), Alear (sword, synced with Marth), Pandreo (tome/staff) and Lapis (sword cavalry) cut off near the bottom.

Near the top right is another of those tome cavalry foes. The rest are Wyvern Knights or Griffin Knights.

Endure is a Sync skill (available by equipping Roy) that lets the user survive combat with 1 HP, as long as their HP is above 30% at the start.

Amber is getting crushed by an enemy Griffin Knight. Since the foe has a weapon triangle advantage, they Break Amber, preventing him from countering. Also, they can attack twice. Amber has 23 Attack Speed, so they must be pretty fast!

Normally, the foe would do 12 x2 damage, but Endure makes their second hit deals 5 damage instead, so Amber survives. I wonder how it would work if the foe could do 18 x2 damage?

Roy’s Engage weapon, Lancereaver is a sword that reverses the weapon triangle, allowing it to break lance-wielding foes. Similar to Corrin’s Reverse Katana.

Louis is a Level 24 General with Roy’s Lancereaver, an Iron Greatlance+1, Iron Greatlance and Elixir. He has a Level bonus from Roy’s Engage skill.

The map is the desert shoals, seen in “Engaging with Emblems” etc. Allies include I think Lapis (sword cavalry, synced with Corrin), Goldmary (sword, synced with Celica), Panette (axe), Alear (sword, synced with Marth), Fogado (bow cavalry), Pandreo (tome/staff) and Hortensia (tome/dual staff).

Louis’s foe is a Ruffian wielding a Steel Lance. He triggers Break thanks to his reverse weapon triangle advantage.

Lapis is at the Firene on fire map, which is from Chapter 17 of the story. We saw this shot from the recent Topics article. Lapis is a Level 12 Paladin with a Steel Blade.

Allies on the map include Merrin (synced with Sigurd) cut off near the top, Goldmary (sword, synced with Celica), Alear (sword, synced with Marth), Fogado (bow cavalry), Panette (axe), Chloé (unarmed wyvern), Pandreo (tome/staff), Hortensia (tome/dual staff) and should be Etie (bow).

Before Lapis Engages, we see her action menu. The 3rd option looks new: along the lines of “Step In”. Perhaps it’s related to her 2nd skill (class skill)?

Transcendence is an Engage skill that temporarily grants the user many Levels worth of stats, greatly enhancing their strength. The example shown is Lapis going from Level 12 to 17. In Louis’s example earlier, he’s probably Level 19 naturally.

During the fight, Lapis literally smashes the Corrupted Griffin Knight. For those unaware, Blade, Greatlance and Poleax series weapons cannot follow-up; when iniating combat, they go last and trigger Smash, knocking the foe 1 square back.

Lion’s Crimson Flame Dance (totally going to have a different name in the English version) is an Engage attack that damages foes in the 3 horizontal squares in front of the user, while generating flames that hinder movement.

Kagetsu is the one showing off, wielding a Silver Sword. The map is the Elusian church seen here and there. This shot also appeared in the Topics article. Allies include Fogado and Hortensia.

When used by Dragon classes, the attack expands to a second row of 3 horizontal squares.

Here, Alear is a Level 26 Divine Dragon. Presumably he gains 6 Levels from Transcendence, instead of 5, for being in a Dragon type class. He has no exp bar, so presumably his Level is capped.

His inventory includes a Silver Blade, Roy’s Lancereaver, Expert Body Arts (can be used, but not with the Engage attack), Vie La Granz (any suggestions for a better name?), Silver Sword and Steel Blade.

The map is a dark forest, seen in Lyn’s overview, etc.


Allies on the map include Etie (bow, with low HP), Panette (axe, also with low HP), Fogado (bow cavalry), Kagetsu (sword, synced with Marth) and Lapis (sword cavalry).

This bit shows Goldmary surviving a Wyvern Knight using Endure. After the foe attacks, she performs a Smash and Break attack with her Silver Blade.

Finally, Panette is unleashing a Lion’s Crimson Flame Dance, while wielding Roy’s Lancereaver. The map is the Sacaen throwback.

Allies on the map include Lapis (sword cavalry), Etie (bow) and maybe Pandreo (tome/staff). Since Panette and Pandreo are siblings, it’d make sense for them to support.

I think the enemies may be a mix of Silver Corrupted and Golden Corrupted.

Not featured in the overview, but Roy’s second Engage weapon is Wyrmslayer, which is presumably effective versus Dragon foes. His third and final Engage weapon should be his Binding Blade.

In additon, they shared more info about the Emblem Chamber featured in the Somniel trailer:

In the Emblem Chamber, you can interact with the Emblems that slumber within the rings.

The Somniel trailer already went over the first four options.

Here’s another look at Skill Inheritance though:

Skill Inheritance allows units to learn various skills from Emblems. It requires SP, which can be earned when synchronising with Emblems, and reaching certain Bond Levels. You’ll also need to equip the inherited skills for them to work.

Skill Inheritance seems to be unlocked by achieving Bond Level 5 with an Emblem. You can inherit their Sync skills (eg. Perceptive, Break Defenses and Unyielding), plus additional skills (eg. Avoid +X and Sword Prowess: Nimble). SP is earned by fighting with Emblems.

Sword Prowess: Nimble Lv. 1 grants Avoid +10 at the cost of Critical -10. Presumably the other weapon prowess skills function similarly.

If you equip an inherited skill, you can use an Emblem’s skill even when the Emblem’s Ring isn’t equipped.

Likewise, Céline can inherit Celica’s Sync skills (Holy Stance, Resonance and Favorite Food), plus related skills (Mag +X and Tome Prowess).

Characters seem to have 4 skill slots. 2 for inheritable skills, 1 for their personal skill and 1 for their class skill. A lot of times, characters only have 3 skills slots (missing their class skill) though. Also curious if they can have 5 skill slots like Emblems.

One more thing:

When an ally fights alongside an Emblem, Bond Experience can be earned, which goes towards increasing their Bond Level. As the Bond Level goes up, new skills can be learned and various stats may increase.

Dual Assist should be one of Lucina’s Sync skills, unlocked at Bond Level 3. It has a pretty versatile effect, allowing her to offer Chain Attacks when she’s in movement + attack range of a foe, rather than just attack range.

In case you didn’t know, Chain Attacks are assist attacks that characters in Backup type classes (like Sword Fighter, Axe Fighter, etc.) can trigger when another character attacks an enemy that they can also attack. It seems having the Dual Strike skill also allows a character to offer Chain Attacks.

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