Fire Emblem Engage: Jade & Arena Tidbits via Twitter

Note: This is a backdated article.

Wednesday’s daily Fire Emblem Engage content includes a profile for Jade, plus some info about the Arena at the Somniel.

First, meet Jade:

Jade (VA: Marie Miyake) is a royal knight from Brodia, and Diamant’s retainer. She’s a knight who’s very calm, and serious about her duties. Since she doesn’t speak much, people think she’s emotionless, but actually she can be cheerful and funny. When she’s in danger, she begins meditating on the spot.

A battle scene:

This occurs at the snowfield map seen in Diamant’s spotlight etc. and where Jade may be recruited as a NPC.

Jade is a Level 12 Axe Armor with a Steel Axe and Vulnerary.

Allies include Céline (cut off near corner), Etie (bow), Clanne (tome) and Amber (cut off lance cavalry). Jade’s foe is a Corrupted Lance Fighter.

A conversation between Jade and Amber:

Jade: Amber, I want to hear more stories from you, today. They’re good references for my novel.

Amber: Sure, fire away. I can’t wait to read about my exploits in your novel!

Jade: Good, then please tell me about something that you like.

Amber: Something I like, you say? It’d have to be alpacas.

Amber: I used to ride on alpacas all day long. You could say I’m a master alpaca rider.

Jade: Mmm-hmm, I see, I see.

Amber: If there were alpacas nearby, why, I could show you my heroic guise…

Amber: But sadly, they don’t live around these parts. Tis a shame…

Jade: Wait, what’s that noise…

So that’s why Amber is the “alpaca hero”.

In addition, here’s some info on the Arena:

In the “Arena”, you can gain experience and other boons by engaging in mock battles with your allies and Emblems. “Standard” lets you battle against randomly-selected allies for free, but with a limited number of attempts.

The Arena (Training Chamber in the Japanese version) was covered in the Somniel analysis. It seems you get 3 attempts each go.

While the player selects a participant, we see Alear, Louis and Ivy’s stats.

Of note, Louis’s personal skill is Guardian of the Garden. In the English version, it’s Admiration. His gear includes an Iron Lance, Steel Lance, Javelin, Iron Greatlance and Ridersbane.

Ivy’s personal skill is Tenacity. Her gear includes Elfire, Thunder, Wind, Mend and Physic.

Ivy’s opponent is baby Anna. I’m assuming they’re randomly selected from your roster. I wonder what happens if you get everyone killed in Classic mode though?

Plus some info on the Emblem training:

Choosing “Emblem” lets you mock battle with a chosen Emblem. It costs “Bond Fragments”, but you have unlimited attempts and you’ll always increase the Bond Level of the chosen Emblem.

The player has access to Lyn, Lucina, Marth, Celica, Sigurd, Leif, Roy and Micaiah. Of those, Alear can train with Lyn and Lucina. 4 of the remaining Emblems seem to be at max Bond (10), but I’m unsure why Leif (3) and Roy (5) can’t be trained. Perhaps it changes each time you visit.

Lyn grants Speedtaker at Bond 3, Bow Prowess: Focus Lv. 1 at Bond 4 and Skill Inheritance (plus a new Bond Conversation) at Bond 5.

Meanwhile, Lucina grants Dual Assist at Bond 3, Bow Prowess: Nimble Lv. 1 at Bond 4 and also Skill Inheritance (and a new convo) at Bond 5.

It costs 100 Bond Fragments to increase a Bond Level and it seems you can skip straight to Level 5 too, if you have enough fragments. Pretty sure you can unlock more things at Bond 6+.

Here’s Alear dueling with Lucina. In this fight, Lucina wields her Noble Rapier.

Alear reaches Bond Level 3 with Lucina, unlocking Dual Assist. I covered this in Roy’s overview earlier.

It allows the user to participate in Chain Attacks if an enemy is within their movement + attack range, instead of just their attack range. The trigger rate is only 35% versus 100% if the user is within attack range, but it’s a lot more flexible.

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