Fire Emblem Engage: Rosado Tidbits via Twitter

Note: This is a backdated article.

Thursday’s daily Fire Emblem Engage content includes a profile for Rosado, plus a teensy bit of info about the Somniel.

Say “hi” to Rosado:

Rosado (VA: Shouta Aoi) is a royal knight from Elusia, and Hortensia’s retainer and friend. They’re an optimist who lives their life to the fullest by pursuing all things cute and pretty.

A battle scene:

Rosado is back at the ship map, where they were first spotted.

They’re a Level 5 Wyvern Knight with a Silver Axe, Steel Poleax, Silver Lance, Hand Axe and Elixir. The foes are Elusian soldiers. During battle, Rosado’s skill “Pretty Smile” kicks in.

A convo between Rosado and Hortensia:

Rosado: Heh heh heh! Your expression has now been immortalised, Hortensia.

Hortensia: Huh? What’s going on, Rosado?

Rosado: Ta-da. I drew a portrait of you. I’ll let you know, drawing fast is one of my talents.

Rosado: See, I captured your pretty expression, as if it were reflected in a mirror.

Hortensia: What is this? I look so spaced out and totally uncute!

Hortensia: I wasn’t prepared. Let’s have a do over while I try a different expression.

Rosado: I dunno. I like your expression here.

Hortensia: What are you trying to say? This expression… it doesn’t suit me at all.

Hortensia: Here! Now this is the perfect looking expression for me! Go on, draw a portrait of me again.

Rosado: Eh… But your previous expression was way better.

In addition, here’s some info on the Jukebox:

Café Terrace is a place where weary allies can wind down. Various facilities can be found here. The Jukebox lets you change the background music for the Somniel.

Five songs are available. Three are unlocked:

  • Firenese Tea-time
  • Brodian Gathering
  • Elusian Banquet

The 4th one must be for Solm, but what about the 5th? Maybe Lythos?

At the moment, Ivy and Céline are chilling at the café, while Etie is running the reception.

I’m unsure what the door next to the Jukebox leads to. It has the same design as the doors to the Ring Chamber and My Room, but the location doesn’t match. It’s also not the Arena, which is outside.

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