Fire Emblem Engage: Emblem Eirika Analysis

On Friday, the official Fire Emblem Twitter shared an overview video for Emblem Eirika.

For those of you following Fire Emblem Engage news, you may recognise a lot of the info from the recent Topics article, which we covered here. There’s a bunch of new gameplay shots though, revealing two new throwback maps.

Here’s Eirika’s profile, which she shares with Ephraim:

Emblem Eirika (VA: Kaori Mizuhashi), known as the Emblem of the Sacred, is a kind princess who battles for the sake of peace. Together with her twin brother, Ephraim (VA: Taku Yashiro), she assists Alear’s group.

Also, a conversation with Céline:

Now, onto the overview itself:

Eirika is an Emblem that can swap places with her twin brother, Ephraim, and change abilities depending on the situation. She combines high firepower and recovery, and is great while acting alone.

Here’s Fogado in his promoted class, Cupido, versus a Firenese soldier. The map is the Firenese castle seen in Clanne’s spotlight, etc. Near the top-right should be Etie (bow) and Céline (sword), plus someone Engaged with Leif (perhaps Diamant, but not too important).

Lunar Brace is one of Eirika’s Sync skills that deals higher damage versus high Defence foes. In other words, it likely reduces their Defence stat.

During battle, this triggers alongside Fogado’s personal skill, Heart Stealer (very tentative).

Eirika and Ephraim can swap at will, by choosing the “Alternate” command. This is similar to the house leaders who are all one Emblem, but automatically swap at the start of each turn.

Above is the forecast showing Eirika about to swap to Ephraim. In doing so, Eirika’s Lunar Brace skill swaps to Ephraim’s Solar Brace.

At the moment, Fogado is a Level 20 Cupido. He can wield swords and bows. In his skill list, the left-most skill on the bottom row is probably Eirika/Ephraim’s Sync skill that lets them Alternate.

Also, for fun, here’s what Ephraim’s icon looks like on the map. If you missed it, he was first spotted in Emblem Sigurd’s overview, which prompted a lot of speculation.

After swapping to Ephraim, nothing else changes. In other words, the stat bonus provided by Eirika and Ephraim are the same.

One more thing: near the top-right corner, there’s somebody synced with an empty Emblem: this phenomenon has been sighted a few times before, like in Byleth’s overview.

Solar Brace is one of Ephraim’s Sync skills that heals HP proportional to damage dealt to the foe. The default healing seems to be around 30%.

Lapis Engages with Eirika to show off Eirika’s first Engage weapon, the Rapier. Like Marth’s Rapier, it deals bonus damage versus Cavalry and Armored foes.

Note that weakness types are separate from class types (used to determine Engage skill effects etc.). Eg. Great Knight is solely a Cavalry type class, but is weak to weapons effective versus Cavalry and Armored.

Lapis is a Level 20 Paladin here, who seems to exclusively wield Swords. We’ve only seen Amber wielding Lances as a Paladin and Vander only wielding Axes as a Paladin. It seems like Paladins can only wield one weapon type, but it varies somehow.

Her other items include a Silver Sword, Elixir, Iron Blade, Armorslayer+2 and Brave Sword. When Engaged, it seems the Sync skill that lets Eirika and Ephraim Alternate is gone.

Fans of FE Awakening may recognise the map: it’s Arena Ferox! Presumably it’s related to Emblem Lucina.

Two separate fights are shown. One against a sword cavalry, then one against a sword armor. In the latter, we see the beginning, when Solar-Lunar Brace triggers; this will be covered in a moment.

The next character to show up is Hortensia, Engaged with Eirika. She’s Level 20 in her promoted class, Sleipnir. Her inventory includes Elfire+1, Elthunder, Eirika’s Rapier, Physic, Rescue and Elsurge.

Interestingly, non-forged weapons can have Emblem symbols. Elfire+1 has Marth’s symbol, while Elthunder has Sigurd’s symbol. Also, as a reminder, Elsurge is from a new series of magic tomes that have 1 range, but cannot miss.

The map is the Elusian church, seen in the Expansion Pass trailer etc.

Hortensia is showing off Sacred Twins, an Engage skill that activates Erika’s Lunar Brace and Ephraim’s Solar Brace at once: “Solar-Lunar Brave”

Before that though, a new skill called Blue Skies triggers. This appears to be another of Eirika’s Sync skills; the icon appears in Hortensia’s skill list prior to the fight, among Eirika’s skills.

For the record, the skill icon for Sacred Twins appears during Hortensia’s battle forecast: it’s the crossed sword and lance icon.

Solar-Lunar Brace seems to work as expected. It deals higher damage due to the Defence reduction, which allows more HP to be healed. The HP healed is still 30% of the damage done though.

Twin Strike is an Engage attack that deals two hits, one Sword-based and another Lance-based. It can only be used when wielding a melee Sword.

Diamant is the user here, wielding a Silver Sword.

During the attack, Ephraim is the one who deals the Lance hit, wielding his Siegmund. His hit also deals more damage versus Corrupted foes. Also, both hits seem to trigger at once. If the foe has a disadvantage against Sword or Lance, Break will trigger.

When used by Cavalry type classes, Ephraim’s part of Twin Strike deals 150% of the usual damage.

The next battle scene shows Amber synced with Eirika, showing off Lunar Brace. The map seems to be the desert shoals, seen in “Engaging of Emblems” etc.

The battle afterwards shows Rosado synced with Ephraim, showing off Solar Brace. The map is Firene on fire, also seen in “Engaging of Emblems”.

By the way, Eirika and Ephraim in their battle models are wielding Sieglinde and Siegmund.

The last part shows Alfred Engaged with Eirika. He’s Level 20 in his promoted class, Avenir. He’s wielding a Silver Greatlance, plus other lances and swords.

Allies incude Lapis (sword cavalry), maybe Pandreo (tome/staff), Hortensia (tome/staff flier) and Amber (lance cavalry.

Crucially, the map is based on Chapter 6 of FE Fates, where Corrin chooses which country to side with. We may have seen it before, during Corrin’s dialogue and in a battle scene. Image above via Gamer Guides.

The overview ends with Alfred using Twin Strike on a Corrupted foe. Ephraim’s part of the attack triggers Break, since the foe wields a sword.

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