Fire Emblem Engage: Emblem Leif Analysis

Today’s daily Fire Emblem Engage content is an overview video showcasing Emblem Leif.

Like recent overviews, most of the info has been covered already, but there are some new gameplay shots.

First, Leif’s profile:

Emblem Leif (VA: Kenichi Suzumura), known as the Emblem of Genealogy, is a brave prince who carries the blood of two Crusaders.

If you’re confused why Leif is the Emblem of “Genealogy”, this is likely a reference to him being from the 2nd generation. Meanwhile Sigurd is the Emblem of the “Holy War”.

A brief video of Leif chatting to Clanne:

Now onto the overview itself!

Leif can wield many weapons and quickly adapt to the situation. He’s an excellent all-round Emblem who can attack from anywhere, without worrying about weapon or class advantages.

Vital Point Shift is a Sync skill (available by simply equipping Leif) that reduces damage received when the user has a weapon triangle advantage.

Here, Diamant is showing it off. It seems he’s in his promoted class, but we don’t get too see the name.

A nice touch is that Diamant has similar ornaments to his father, King Morion.

The damage reduction looks to be -3. In the example shown, this is the difference between Diamant falling in battle or surviving and KOing the enemy Ruffian in the process.

The map looks to be the ship landing map, seen in Corrin’s overview, for example. I had my suspicions, but I believe this is the Seabound Shrine map from Shadows of Valentia, which would make it Celica’s throwback map. Screenshots from omegaevolution’s playthrough.

The biggest indicator is the shrine in the background, when Diamant takes the fatal hit. Plus the general shape of the coast and the small boats. Unlike the Shadows of Valentia version, this map has planks coming from the larger ship though.

Rosado Engages with Leif for the next part.

Killer Axe is one of Leif’s Engage weapons; it’s an axe that makes it easier to land critical hits. Perhaps not one of Leif’s most famous weapons.

Here, Rosado is a Level 19 Sword Knight; usually, she’s a Wyvern Knight. Her inventory includes a Steel Blade, Leif’s Killer Axe, Silver Sword, Wyrmslayer and Armorslayer. Among Leif’s skills is one that looks like Vantage.

This map could be Roy’s throwback, based on the Shrine of Seals map in Binding Blade. It was first seen in Engaging with Emblems. Here, we can see the top of the Shrine of Seals.

Wham! Rosado absolutely crushes the Corrupted foe. At the end, we get a nice look at the Killer Axe’s model.

Alfred is the next character to show up, while Engaged with Leif. The map is the FE Fates throwback (Branch of Fates), seen in Eirika’s overview.

It was implied in the descriptions, but this battle scene confirms that playable characters can’t trigger Break or Smash on the enemy phase. Here, Alfred has a Silver Greatlance that can Smash and is facing a sword user, who he can Break. The first foe is a Golden Corrupted.

Adaptability is an Engage skill that makes the user automatically switch to an advantageous weapon when the enemy attacks: such as a lance when faced with a sword or a sword when faced with an axe. When attacked from range, priority is given to ranged weapons instead, so you can counter.

In the first example, Alfred has swapped to a lance to counter the sword user.

The next two examples show Alfred swapping to a Silver Sword to counter an axe-wielding Ruffian, then Leif’s Killer Axe to couter a lance-wielding Ruffian.

Leif should be really good for lance-wielding classes, since he has a Killer Axe and Light Brand (sword), while the ring-bearer can wield a lance, thus covering the entire melee triangle. It could also be possible that Leif’s second Engage weapon is a lance too.

Here’s an extra example showing Adaptability swapping to a ranged weapon. Timerra swaps to Brionac (ranged lance) when attacked by a Solmese bow cavalry.

The map looks to be the Solmese palace, featured in her spotlight etc.

Vander takes the reigns next, while Engaged with Leif. He’s wielding Leif’s Light Brand.

Tetra Trick is an Engage attack that triggers a series of consecutive attacks, using a sword, lance, axe and bow, which has a high chance of inflicting Break. When used by a Qi Adept class, Break is guaranteed, regardless of the foe’s weapon.

The map shown should be the Sacaen throwback, seen in Engaging with Emblems etc. I think it’s near the bottom-right corner this time.

During the battle, we can see Leif’s lance used for the second hit of Tetra Trick. I’m not very familiar with weapon designs though.

When it says high chance of break, I don’t think it’s related to probability. But more that there’s a large amount of foes that carry sword, lance or axe, which you’re guaranteed to Break.

By the way, if you’re confused why Leif can use so many weapons, this is a reference to his promoted Master Knight in Genealogy that could wield nearly every weapon type, including some magic!

This is Seadall showing off Tetra Trick, in a Qi Adept class. It appears the final hit (bow) is the one that triggers the guaranteed Break. Not that it matters too much, since you only need one Break.

Finally, there are quick shots of Etie showing Adaptability and Bunet showing off the Killer Axe.

In the first, Etie is wielding an Iron Greatlance+1 versus a sword-wielding Ruffian Wolf Knight. The map is the Sacaen throwback, as the ger in the background indicates.

In the latter, Bunet is facing an axe-wielding Ruffian in blazing Firene, seen in Engaging with Emblems.

That’s all for Leif, but there’s a tiny bit more.

First, some info about weapon ranges:

Each weapon has a Range. For example, bows are Range 2 weapons that can attack foes 2 squres away. Enemies with Range 1 weapons cannot counter-attack bow users, but bow users cannot counter-attack melee range enemies.

Pretty simple stuff, but bear in mind, these tweets are intended for a general audience too. Anyway, the selected weapon is an Iron Bow.

Also, the map looks to be some kind of tutorial. Clanne is near the top-left corner, slightly cut out, while towards the right appears to be Lumera.

In a tweet explaining the Mystical class benefits, Lumera’s portrait was barely visible on the map, indicating she was present as a unit. This should be the same map. Indeed, Clanne is also present here, as the owner of the Fire tome.

Due to the nature of the tweet, the screenshots are probably from early in the game. So there shouldn’t be anything sinister (plus you can see Clanne has low HP above). Most likely Lumera is acting as a friendly boss for a tutorial. This would explain her map sprite, seen on the official site.

I’m also curious what her class will be. Would it be Divine Dragon, like Alear’s promoted class?

Finally, some info about Qi Adept class benefits:

Units with the Qi Adept class type can protect adjacent allies from enemy attacks. When activated, in exchange for the user receiving up to 20% HP of damage, the ally’s sustained damage becomes 0. Chain Guard can only be used when the user is at max HP.

This explains many things. I had a feeling Chain Guard was exclusive to Qi Adept classes like Monk and Dancer, when we learned Chain Attacks were exclusive to Backup classes.

Also, there were a few times where the Chain Guard was greyed out–most likely because the user didn’t have full HP.

The map appears to be the same tutorial map seen in the weapon ranges post. Framme is also here, using Chain Guard.

For reference, this is likely the same map seen in the weapon triangle/Break tweet.

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