Fire Emblem Engage: GameSpot & IGN Previews + 20s Web Commercial

Note: This is a backdated article.

On 13th December, GameSpot and IGN shared English previews of Fire Emblem Engage. These both appear to be from Chapter 5, when Alear attempts to reclaim the Firenese castle from Elusian invaders.


Since Chapter 5 is fairly early on and we’ve seen bits of it before, in Clanne’s spotlight etc., there isn’t anything massively new. However, it’s cool seeing more of the game in English, plus we have confirmation of various English names.

First, a bunch of personal skills:

  • Clanne: Verdant Faith
  • Cramme: Crimson Cheer
  • Etie: Energized
  • Boucheron: Moved to Tears
  • Vander: Alabaster Duty

Also, Vander has S Axes. It’s nice to see S weapons are back, after being absent from Three Houses.

Something I didn’t quite expect to see. There’s an option to freely control a unit within their movement range. Kind of like the underused free control option in Three Houses.

On one hand, not sure how noticeable this will be, since units seem to have lower movement in general. On the other, anyone Engaged with Sigurd will have massive movement, like Alfred with 13 here.

Here’s Chloé gaining a Level. Oh right, her Lance Pegasus class has been renamed to Lance Flier. Seems a little vague, but OK.

Explained alongside Byleth’s overview, but Thieves can steal treasure chest contents if you’re slow. However, you can get them back if you defeat the Thief before they leg it.


IGN plays through the same chapter, so there’s less new stuff here.

We do learn Chloé and Louis’s personal skills thoigh: Fairy-Tale Folk and Admiration. Hmm, it’s too bad we don’t know Céline’s.

The boss of this chapter is Nelucce, an axe wielder.

Finally, here’s the stage clear screen. Looks pretty snazzy!

The symbols are the ones belonging the Emblems.

Here’s a recreation of the circle without the “Stage Clear!” part.

Unrelated, a 20 second web commercial from Nintendo Belgium etc. has been floating around.

Thanks to the anonymous Redditor for sharing.

Here’s Alear at the Elusian church map. Interesting, their unique sword Libération can be forged. It also has Marth’s Emblem on it. Alear’s foe is a Silver Corrupted; we’ve also seen Golden Corrupted.

Allies on the map include Merrin (wolf, synced with Byleth), perhaps Pandreo (something/staff, cut off), somebody I won’t bother guessing (synced with Lyn), Kagetsu (sword, synced with Lucina), Timerra (lance), I think Citrinne (tome cavalry), Clanne (tome), Alfred (lance cavalry), maybe Boucheron (axe, synced with Ike) and Yunaka (dagger).

Clanne is fighting in a new tome cavalry class. Could be Mage Knight? Some enemies with this class were spotted in Bunet’s spotlight.

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