Fire Emblem Engage: Goldmary, Zelkov & Somniel Tidbits via Twitter

Note: This is a backdated article.

The daily Fire Emblem Engage Twitter posts continue! This time, I’ll be combining two days since most of the info isn’t new.

Goldmary’s profile:

Goldmary (VA: Natsumi Takamori) is a royal knight of Elusia, and both a retainer and friend to Princess Hortensia. She’s timid and shy, but loves herself. Despite her modesty, she can act brazenly.

A battle scene with Goldmary:

Goldmary is at the desert shoals map, presumably in Solm.

She’s a Level 3 Hero with a Steel Blade, Silver Sword, Spear and Elixir, swapping to the Spear during combat. Her foe’s an Elusian soldier with a Steel-Hand Art. During battle, her skill “Disarming Sigh” triggers, reducing the Hit rate of her foe.

A support conversation with her partner-in-crime, Rosado:

Rosado: Hey, hey, Goldmary. Could you please teach me how to cook?

Goldmary: I don’t mind… but why now, all of a sudden?

Rosado: Well, I was just thinking to myself.

Rosado: Between me and Goldmary, obviously I’m the cuter one, right?

Goldmary: Pardon…?

Rosado: But Goldmary’s a great chef. So I’d lose some points to you.

Rosado: I don’t want that to happen, so I have to learn how to cook too.

Goldmary: Yeah…? Um, sorry… I’m pretty sure I’m the cuter one, but…

Rosado: Okay, that’s fine. I’ll let you win, today anyway.

Rosado: Anyway, please teach me how to cook! You’ll forgive my cuteness, won’t you?

Goldmary: That’s not the attitude of somebody who’s asking for help…

Goldmary: But since you’re asking as a friend… I guess I’d be happy to teach you…

Zelkov’s profile:

Zelkov (VA: Yu Taniguchi) is a royal knight from Elusia, and Ivy’s retainer. Has a quiet and obsessive personality. Everything he says sounds like it has a hidden meaning.

A battle scene with Zelkov:

Zelkov is at the Firene ablaze map from Chapter 17 (seen in Ivy’s spotlight etc).

He’s a Level 23 Thief with an Iron Dagger, Kard, Steel Dagger and Stiletto. While Zelkov is moving, the forecast in the top-right corner shows Griss dealing 44 damage with Dark Warp Ragnarok. This makes me think Griss has stolen Celica’s ring.

The next bit shows Zelkov poisoning a foe. All daggers inflict poison, if they don’t KO the foe–and poison can stack. Allies include Alear (sword), Fogado (bow cavalry), Ivy (tome/staff), Rosado (axe), Etie (bow), Céline (sword), Hortensia (tome/dual staff), Seadall (body arts), Timerra (lance), Diamant (sword) and Louis (lance).

Nobody has an Emblem here, although in “Engaging with Emblems”, Lyn, Byleth and Corrin are available at least.

A support conversation with Alear:

Alear: Zelkov, what are you making?

Zelkov: Oh, Divine One. Right now, I’m melting wax to make a candle.

Alear: Wow, that’s amazing… Is making candles a hobby of yours?

Zelkov: “Hobby” is a nice way to put it, but it’s merely a way to kill time.

Alear: Kill time, you say?

Zelkov: Some say that “life is simply killing time until you die” and I personally agree with that way of thinking.

Alear: You’re quite the philosopher, Zelkov. Your words are always very meaningful.

Zelkov: Ahahaha. That statement is false.

Zelkov: I may say things that are “meaningful”. But they are actually devoid of meaning.

Zelkov: You could it’s another way to kill time. A form of self-indulgence that lacks any real meaning.

A recap of Strength Training

Strength Training is an activity with three types of exercises that you can challenge, with the purpose of temporarily boosting Alear’s stats. The stat that increases depends on the exercise.

From the previews, we know the exercises and their stat boosts are…

  • Push-Ups boosts Str
  • Sit-Ups boosts HP
  • Squats boosts Dex

A quick look at Fishing:

Timing is important in Fishing. When a fish bites, you need to observe its movement carefully while you pull back with the left stick.

A glimpse of the Wyvern Ride mini-game:

In the “Wyvern Ride” activity, you can ride a wyvern and shoot down targets floating around the Somniel, to try and get a high score. It might be a good idea to aim for the special targets that destroy all surrounding targets when hit.

Finally, time to rest in My Room:

“My Room” is where Alear was sleeping at the very beginning and where “My Bed” is located. If you choose to “Rest”, you can sleep in your bed, causing time to advance slightly in the Somniel. When resting, your allies may come to wake you up.

Mmm, let me sleep for a bit longer…

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