Fire Emblem Heroes: New Heroes from FE Engage Arrive!

To probably no-one’s surprise, the next New Heroes banner will feature characters from Fire Emblem Engage, which releases this Friday.

“Engage” runs from 17th January 2023 (UTC), a few days before the game itself launches.

(Japanese trailer here.)

The featured Heroes are Rearmed Alfred, Céline, Chloé and female Alear. Unless I missed it, none of these Heroes are in the 4-star focus category.

Etie can be obtained from quests, while Lumera will be from the next Grand Hero Battle. She’s the boss of the tutorial of Chapter 2, so that’s pretty cute.

On top of this, there’s a collab between FE Heroes and FE Engage. Details here.

In FE Heroes, you get a handful of Orbs.

Meanwhile, in FE Engage, you get the Order of Heroes’ legendary weapons, plus S Bond Rings of Anna, Alfonse and Sharena.

Huh, they appear to occupy the 14th tab, which I thought was for the 13th Emblem… Pretty confident the 13th Emblem is still in though!

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