Fire Emblem Engage: Emblem Tiki Tidbits via Twitter

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I was curious if they would do it and they did. Today’s daily Fire Emblem Engage content is a better look at Emblem Tiki, who’s available in Wave 1 of the Expansion Pass.

Say “hi” to Tiki:

Emblem Tiki (VA: Sumire Morohoshi), also known as the Emblem of the Dragon Princess, is an innocent girl who carries the blood of the Divine Dragons.

A conversation with Tiki:

We saw bits of this in the Japanese Expansion Pass trailer. It seems to occur at the end of Tiki’s Divine Paralogue. From what she’s saying, I think we may run into other DLC Emblems in other paralogues.

Another look at Starsphere’s Protection:

Emblem Tiki’s Sync skill “Starsphere’s Protection” makes it easier for stats to increase during a Level Up. It’s a good idea to equip her bracelet on an ally that you want to make extra strong.

Yunaka is at the quicksand map. She has a Carnwenhan, Cinquedea (S Dagger), Peshkatz and Silver Dagger.

Here’s Eternal Claw again:

“Eternal Claw” is a weapon that Emblem Tiki can use while Engaged. It makes it easier to land critical hits.

Tiki appears to have her yellow/gold Divine Dragon form with Alear’s Dragon type class. Alear also has Tiki’s Eternal Claw, Steel Blade, Tiki’s Eternal Claw, Tiki’s Mist Breath (Effective versus Dragon), Wille Granz, Liberation+5 and Silver Sword.

I was wondering if Wille Granz was the replacement for Liberation, since we never saw both together at the same time. But nope they’re separate swords.

Check out Tiki’s Shapeshift skill:

Tiki’s Engage skill “Shapeshift” allows Tiki to fight as a dragon while Engaged. In her dragon form, she gains HP 10 and all stats/Build +5.

I think Tiki has multiple Breath weapons according to her partner’s class type. Fire Breath and Flame Breath seem a little redundant, but I’m reminded that Tiki’s Wyvern form in Mystery of the Emblem attacks with fire breath, so maybe they wanted a different, but similar one for that.

Finally, Tiki’s Divine Dragon Blessing:

Emblem Tiki’s Engage attack “Divine Dragon’s Blessing” grants a resurrection stone to one adjacent ally. When you have a resurrection stone, you’ll be revived once upon reaching 0 HP. (A maximum of 1 resurrection stone can be granted to a single unit.)

The map is from Paralogue 1, at Tea-Field Village. Ivy (Lindwurm) is Engaged with Tiki and, speaking of, Tiki appears to be in her Wyvern form.

By the way, early copies of the game are floating around now. If you’re curious, information is being compiled here. There are some potential hints for upcoming DLC Emblems too.

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