Fire Emblem Engage: Out Now, Icon Elements & Comic Adaptation!

Today is 20th January, which means Fire Emblem Engage is officially out!

To celebrate the occasion, the official Fire Emblem Twitter shared this stunning artwork.

Also, they sure took their sweet time, but Fire Emblem icons are now available for the Nintendo Switch! However, you will need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

Starting now, you can redeem FE Engage icon elements via the Mission & Rewards tab, by using Platinum Coins (you can obtain these from playing FE Heroes for instance). There will be 6 sets, available for one week each, beginning from each Friday.

Last but not least, FE Engage is getting a comic adaptation in Japan!

A prologue, which occurs before Alear awakens, will feature in the March issue of Saikyō Jump, available from 3rd Feb. The comic will then properly begin with Chapter 1 in Saikyō Jump’s April issue alongside Shōnen Jump+.

The artist is 今日和老 (Kyou Kazuro).

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