Fire Emblem Engage: Expansion Pass Packs 2, 3 & 4 Shown in Nintendo Direct

During today’s Nintendo Direct, they showed a glimpse of the remaining Expansion Pass content for Fire Emblem Engage.

First up, here are the new DLC Emblems appearing in the next two packs.

  • Pack 2: Hector (Blazing Blade), Soren (Path of Radiance) and Camilla (Fates)
  • Pack 3: Chrom+Robin (Awakening) and Veronica (Heroes)

Afterwards, they showed a teaser for the new story in Wave 4, told via the Fell Xenologues.

To finish off, Pack 2 will be available to play today.

Hector comes with his unique weapon Wolf Beil. His map looks to be based on Chapter 30 of Hector’s story in Blazing Blade, where Hector undergoes the trial to obtain Armads.

Soren’s Engage attack is Cataclysm. He also has new skills: Anima Focus, Keen Insight and Flare (the last one only appears in the Japanese trailer).

His map is based on Chapter 3-8 from Radiant Dawn, when Ike and the Laguz Alliance is forced to run from the Begnion army via the dangerous Kauku Caves.

Camilla comes with a Bolt Axe. Her map is based on Chapter 23 of Fates Birthright, when Corrin’s army faces off against Camilla in Nohr’s underground city.

Veronica can summon Heroes or rather Emblems. Her map is inspired from her origin game.

In the Wave 4 story, the hooded man appears to be Fogado? The necklace and skin colour are a dead giveaway.

Nel is a shapeshifter; for a brief moment, we see them in human form, before transforming into a dragon.

Presumably Nel is one of Sombron’s Fell children. Their name is Elle in the Japanese version.

Also, the Corrupted Wolf enemy is new; there should be a Phantom Wolf too.

We didn’t get a name for the other new character, but they should be Rafale (spelling may change in the English version). There should also be three more playable characters, per the data-mine.

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