Kamui Customizer
Having Issues?
To Export, right click on the canvas (Chrome and Firefox only) and click "Save Image As".

For faster hair color navigation, click on the Hair Color option for a quick-select menu.

Having Issues?

Please contact me at my tumblr, or send a message to Serenes Forest user Thor Odinson if you're on SF. This is developed on Mac OS 10.10 on Chrome Version 47.0.2526.106 (64-bit) and thus will likely be the most reliable there. I will try my best to address Windows 10 bugs, but I cannot be guaranteed to fix them since I don't have the system. If you are on Internet Explorer, I recommend downloading Chrome or Firefox.

Headover to Github if you want to fork a copy of the code. Be aware that since this version directly edits the image data, Chrome doesn't like it local so you'll need to set up a server for it to run offline. I recommend the Python SimpleHTTPServer.

I am aware that Build 1 Face 2 Male Kamui have the same expression for "pained" and "angry". I don't know if it's intentional or if it's a mistake in the rips I own, because I just unzipped the rips I have again to double check and they are the same there. If it was not intentional and you have a copy of the right file, please let me know.