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Heroes: New Special Heroes Banner Teaser Image!

FE_Heroes_JP has released a teaser for the next Special Heroes Banner in Fire Emblem Heroes! As usual, the preview includes two silhouettes of units that will soon become available.

There were two summer banners last year and since we received a new summer-themed one last month, it’s a fair guess this one will be as well. Any ideas who the new Heroes are based on the teaser image?

The banner will begin 10 July, meaning we should be getting a trailer for the new units soon.

Heroes: Banner for Heroes with Luna!

You can now summon from a new skill-based banner in Fire Emblem Heroes! The Heroes with Luna banner features Bow Hinoka, Fallen Celica and Mia as 5★ focus units.

These Heroes all possess the Luna ability as their Special Skill. Luna resolves combat as if the enemy suffered a 50% penalty to their Defense and Resistance stats when it activates. It’s a powerful ability and the wielders on this banner make good use of it.

The banner will be around until 16 July, giving you almost two weeks to save up some Orbs. However, keep in mind a teaser for the next Special Heroes banner will be released soon! You may want to wait and see what new Heroes will be coming on 10 July.

Heroes: Bound Hero Battle: Hector & Matthew!

The next special event is available in Fire Emblem Heroes! Legendary Hector’s Special Maps may be gone, but you can now attempt Bound Hero Battle: Hector & Matthew to face his original form in new challenges!

Like previous BHBs before it, there are three difficulties which offer nine Orbs total if you fully complete them. Remember, all four of your deployed Heroes must survive the battle, or else it’s game over!

A new banner also accompanies the BHB, with Hector, Matthew, and Serra being the 5★ focus units.

Bound Hero Battle: Hector & Matthew lasts until 12 July, giving you almost a week to finish the maps and summon from the associated banner.

Heroes: Fire Blessing Quests Now Available!

A new series of quests is now available in Fire Emblem Heroes! Get ready to take on the Fire Blessing Quests.

Similar to the other Blessing quests, this time you must use Heroes with Fire Blessings to complete specific tasks. Success with these quests will earn you five Orbs, as well as some Hero Feathers and a Stamina Potion. The specifics of each quest are listed below.

We just received the new monthly quests for July, so if you haven’t finished them yet, you can do so simultaneously with the Fire Blessing Quests! Enemies defeated by Blessed Heroes in Voting Gauntlet battles will also count towards the tasked KO total.

The Fire Blessing Quests will be around until 16 July, giving you almost two weeks to obtain all of the rewards from them.

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