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Heroes: Special Heroes Brings “A Season for Picnics”, 4 Alts on April 19

I sure wasn’t expecting to have a picnic to plan for this soon after the teaser was just revealed. I guess I’ll just have to rush out and get ready for the 19th, as there’s A Season for Picnics upon us, and it brings some alts for popular characters!

Fans that suspected Genny were right on the nose (and I’m pretty dang glad to see a Lukas alt, personally)! Featured in the this batch are a handful of new skills, notably geared towards Aether Raids, and the next X-Opening skill, as well as some nifty inheritable weaponry. The units coming are Lukas, Flora, Felicia and Genny, but that’s not all…


The next Tempest Trial+ reward unit can be spotted in the form of a Green Mage Cavalry, Leo: Extra Tomatoes. He’ll be available in the next TT+ which kicks off on April 24th.

A Season for Picnics runs from April 19 until May 18, so there’s a whole month to pick up a picnicker. Remember that we’re getting a new Legendary Hero on the 27th, too. Orbs are going to be tough to hold onto for the next couple of weeks!

For more details on the heroes’ skills, click Read More. For the Japanese trailer, click here.

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Heroes: Teaser for Upcoming April 19 Special Heroes

Everybody enjoys a good teaser image, right? Fire Emblem Heroes sure does.

A recent tweet/update by the FEH team reveals two teased images of up-and-coming heroes, with a log-in bonus to boot. According to Feh, the Special heroes seem excited to welcome the warm weather. Fans on Reddit seem psyched for one being Genny. Who do you think these could be?


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Heroes: Feh Channel (April 4, 2019) Brings Pair Up, Allegiance Battles, Summoning Pool Changes and a Resort

After a pretty interesting past couple of months, a surprisingly sudden Feh Channel was announced. Fans have a lot to be curious about regarding Fire Emblem Heroes’ future, so let’s see what the 14 minute Feh Channel (4/4/19) brings us.

To rewatch the Japanese Feh Channel, click here.

We’re immediately greeted by a sneezing Feh who’s proud to  share news on the upcoming Pair Up feature.

Legendary Heroes can engage in Pair Up, and the first to receive this ability is Legendary Roy. We also saw a Chrom [Exalted] and Lucina [Brave] paired up, implying quite a bit of variety. The interesting feature here is that you can swap between units, meaning that you can deploy into battle, on the fly, even after acting.

Attack with advantage, then swap to another unit to cover yourself on the defense. It looks pretty neat, since it won’t be impacting the competitive scene all that hard, and gives a new way to enjoy battle by effectively letting you deploy extra units and tag them out for safety and strategy.

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Heroes: Next Mythic Hero, Yune, Announced, Comes March 29!

If you’re not quite sure who Yune is, you might be more used to seeing her as a little bird atop Micaiah’s shoulder. If you are versed in the lore of Tellius, then you’ll instead be familiar with Yune in a much different way, and you’ll be prepared to deal with her in the upcoming Mythic Hero banner, Mythic Hero (Yune: Chaos Goddess).

Yune, a Green Tome Flier, brings with her, a handful of unique skills, including a Prf weapon and a Prf C-skill, as well as the game’s next Sabotage [Stat] 3 skill. They’re quite a mouthful, but to summarize, she’s going to be a unit with pretty high Res, with a weapon sort of like Hrid’s Gjoll, and a skillset geared towards Res Res and more Res (power, debuff, you name it, she’ll feature it). For more details, continue down to see a breakdown.

Just like the previous Mythic Hero banners, they bring friends, available at 8% (with no other “Pity Breakers” available), and this one is no exception. In Yune’s Mythic Hero Banner, we’ll be seeing guest appearances by:

  • Blue
    • Azura (Legendary)
    • Lucina (Legendary)
    • Ophelia
  • Colorless
    • Eir
    • Lyn (Brave)
    • Mia (Halloween)
  • Green
    • Kagero (Halloween)
    • Lewyn
  • Red
    • Celica (Brave)
    • Myrrh (Halloween)
    • Ryoma (Legendary)

This Mythic Heroes banner kicks off on March 29 @ 12 am PT, and runs until April 4.

Good luck, Summoners!

For the Japanese Trailer, click here.

For more details on Yune’s skills, click Read More.

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