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Heroes: The Branded King Banner

Summoners got a sneak peek just before the turn of the hour at some new units coming in the tomorrow, in the new banner, The Branded King.

These units will be available in future summoning banners, and will be available indefinitely starting tomorrow night (March 8, 11pm PT). Fans of the Japanese video, click here to watch the Japanese trailer.

Not only did we get a sweet unit trio brought into the fray, featuring two brand new units, but we also got a peek at a new unit (Gerome) and a new weapon type (Colorless Breath). Gerome is identified as a reward for the next Tempest Trials, making him the first green unit that was given out during a Tempest Trial event. What could be coming with the Colorless Breath though, I wonder?

For details on the new unit skills, click Read More.

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Heroes: Incoming Fallen Heroes Banner & Grand Hero Battle

If you were curious about what’s to come in Fire Emblem Heroes after reading the recently released Calendar‘s “New Heroes Summoning Events” and “??? Grand Hero Battle” then you’re among many. Just a short while ago, we got our first glimpse at the mysterious events to come.

If her eyes could kill…

We’re about to be hit with the Fallen Heroes Banner. The Fallen Heroes Banner will be available starting at 11pm PST on February 21 (tomorrow night), and will be available “through future summoning events”. The banner features a Grima-possessed male Robin, Archanea’s Emperor Hardin and Duma-possessed Celica. The three of these units being some interesting new skills, including the never before seen Armor Manakete in Robin. Click Here for the Japanese release.

Additionally, on February 23, we’ll be able to battle Takumi: Empty Vessel, in his incoming Grand Hero Battle.

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Heroes: Version 2.2 Update Brings Many Updates, All Live Now And Incoming Love Abounds Banner

Summoners have been anxiously awaiting the incoming Version 2.2 update. It’s giving us quite a handful of delightful goodies. There are many surprises hidden amongst the pile of presents, starting with the Love Abounds banner, before getting to the Weapon Refinery upgrades and the slew of other features.

This is a fantastic 30th birthday gift for me!

The Love Abounds banner will feature special versions of Lilina (Green Mage Cavalry), Roy (Bow Cavalry), Hector (Axe Knight) and Lyn (Blue Mage Knight), and is available as of February 9 until March 8. Of course, a new Paralogue trio will also come, giving us many opportunities to score orbs for the inevitable summon sessions.

There will of course also be the new Grand Hero Battles, Tap Battle, Daily Maps, Special Training Maps and much more (plus some new maps & other things that haven’t yet been officially announced) coming, so definitely get that Stamina ready. Of course, our new Heroes come first:

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A Hero Rises: The People Pick a Hero, Live Now!

That’s right! Fire Emblem Heroes recently brought up this event in their most recent Feh Channel stream, but it’s finally live. Just what is the “A Hero Rises” event? It’s a simple voting event, much like the Choose Your Legends rounds we’ve seen before, only the available roster includes only those heroes that Summoners can actually recruit. The prize? A free 5 star hero, sent straight to your barracks! Go vote by clicking Here.

This means that if you can earn them as a reward through a Grand Hero Battle, or simply summon them, they’re ripe for the picking. This of course also means that you cannot vote for Alfonse, Sharena, Anna, Veronica, Bruno, Surtr, Laevatein, or Loki.

There will be two rounds: Round 1 will will determine the top four Heroes, who will then become eligible for the second (final) round of voting. You can submit your choice once per day in both the first round and final round. Round 1 is up now, and will be active until February 12 at 7pm. Round 2 will begin on February 15 at 7pm, and will run until 7pm February 19 (all times are PT).


After voting, you’ll be able to download a special mobile-friendly wallpaper of the hero(es) that you vote for, so if you’re interested in some variety for your phone, be sure to download what you can, and perhaps consider sharing for those that want a wallpaper but are voting for other heroes.

The winning Hero will be made available in-game to everyone who clears the story map Xenologue 3: The People’s Hero. This map will be distributed in-game in late February.
Heroes that can be used within a player’s team as of 1/29/2018 are part of this event.

Good luck, Summoners!