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Fire Emblem Warriors News Editor. I also stream, I tend to focus on platformers and action games, but will do various other games, especially Fire Emblem Warriors when it launches.

TGS Fire Emblem Warriors: Caeda and Tiki reveals

Caeda was revealed today along with Young Tiki

In gameplay shown Tiki is seen to be fighting in a goofy and childish fighting style from waving her arms around, and tripping onto opponents, however when she powers up, she gets her dragonic form to destroy her foes. Kind of like how Young Link in Hyrule Warriors fought. The transformation that is.

Caeda fights like our other two revealed Pegasus Knights Hinoka and Cordelia, except her specials involve javelins and clones of herself rushing a massive group of opponents.

The game comes out in 6 days in Japan, TGS has one more day left and there is going to be one more touch on the roster, stay tuned for more news and updates.

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TGS Fire Emblem Warriors Day 1: Celica announcement

In the first day of KT coverage we have some Fire Emblem news shortly before its release

The devs mostly discussed how to merge the aspects of Fire Emblem’s tactical nature and the Warriors hack-n-slash nature, along with casually showing Anna on this banner here. One of the Intelligent System devs was there as well.

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Warriors: Lyn from FE7 Confirmed, Caeda and Navarre leaked via NOE

On the Nintendo Direct today, N3DS footage was shown, but more importantly, Lyn or Lyndis from Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword will be playable in Fire Emblem Warriors.

Lyn isn’t a stranger to spinoffs as she’s been an assist trophy in Smash Bros. before, and is certainly a popular character, as she did win the Choose your Own Legends poll on the female side.


Meanwhile in Europe Caeda has been spotted in their trailer.

As well as Navarre.

It’s timestamped to their appearance.

Lyn’s sprite on the Japanese Warriors website also matches the one on the “box leak”.

The game launches on October 20th in North America and Europe. Keep your eyes open for any more leaks and information.

Warriors: History Mode, Skills and Class Change

Some new Fire Emblem Warriors details have been leaked and subsequently translated by our member on the forums Torii.

There’s a bit to go over so be ready to click “Read More” for details

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