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Heroes: Tempest Trials+: Sweet Dreams Details & Compensation Orbs!

A new Tempest Trials+ will soon begin in Fire Emblem Heroes! Just today, Heroes revealed the details for Tempest Trials+: Sweet Dreams. This time around, the Trials focus on Summer Units, as seen in the Bonus Allies reveal.

As six of the seven summonable Bonus Allies are already available, there is no separate TT banner this time. You can summon the summer versions of Young Tiki, Linde, Takumi, and Camilla in the newest Sketchy Summer banner. Similarly, the summer  Corrin and Gaius are available in the reruns of the Nohrian Summer and Ylissean Summer banners respectively.

Marth: Enigmatic Blade is the eighth and final Bonus Ally. She returns as a Tempest Trials reward once again, as seen in the Rewards preview. This will now be the fourth time she has been available as a TT reward, great for players who would like to merge her up!

Additionally, the Notifications Screen reveals that Heroes players will get Flashing Blade and Spd Ploy seals this TT! We also get a TT Log-In Bonus starting today.

Tempest Trials+: Sweet Dreams starts this Sunday, 15 July, at 7:00am UTC. Like all Tempest Trials+ since the update, it will last a total of 10 days, ending on 24 July.

Finally, Heroes is giving out 10 Orbs as compensation for summoning issues with the most recent banner. You can pick them up from Feh at your convenience.

Fire Emblem Cipher Series 13 Release!

Today, 28 June, is the official release day for Fire Emblem Cipher Series 13! The set titled Flame, Steel, Thought and Grief is now available in card shops around Japan.

S13 features cards and characters from Blazing Sword, Shadow Dragon, and Heroes. It also contains a new Structured Deck featuring more FE7 characters. Scroll on below for a look at the available cards and related promos!

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Cipher Series 13 Pre-Release Livestream!

This past Saturday, the Fire Emblem Cipher team held the Series 13 Pre-Release Livestream live over NicoNico! Ryota Kawade (Cipher Producer), Young, and Yuuki Kuwahara (VA for Ophelia and Nieve) hosted the presentation. Later on, Makiko Ohmoto (VA for Lyn) and Tsutomu Kitanishi also arrived as guests.

The main focus of the stream was to open packs and show off cards from the upcoming S13, Flame, Steel, Thought and Grief. It releases this Thursday, 28 June, and features characters from Blazing Sword, Shadow Dragon, and Heroes.

We also got to see some art from the upcoming S14, anniversary art by many Cipher artists, merchandise for the Cipher Summer Party event, and sneak peaks at upcoming set and gameplay information. Read on below to take a look at everything!

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Heroes: Original Summer Banners are Back!

Fire Emblem Heroes is celebrating the summer weather by bringing back some old special heroes. Both of the Original Summer Banners are back! Try your luck at both the Ylissean Summer and Nohrian Summer banners, now available.

You could end up with one of eight different original summer heroes: Robin, Frederick, Tiki, Gaius, Corrin, Xander, Elise, or Leo. Good luck summoning the hero of your desires! Both banners will be sticking around for one month, finally ending on 25 July.

Additionally, pre-registration is open for the next coming Grand Conquests! It will begin tomorrow, 26 June, at 11:00am UTC. Today is also the final day for the current Tempest Trials+, so make sure you’ve earned up all your rewards!