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Heroes: Tempest Trials: Invisible Ties Banner & Details + New Event Calendar!

Another Tempest Trials is coming soon to Fire Emblem Heroes! Start getting ready for this latest event by summoning on the Tempest Trials: Invisible Ties Banner. You can score yourself a 5★ focus version of some of Awakening‘s heroes: Olivia, Donnel, and Cherche.

As expected, all three of these heroes will be 20% Bonus Allies in the upcoming event. Chrom, Female Morgan, and Male Morgan from The Branded King Summoning Focus will also be 40% Bonus Allies. The remaining units are Gerome at 40% and Female Robin at 20%.

Gerome is, of course, the reward unit for this Tempest Trials! You’ll be able to score a 5★ copy of him at 30,000 points. Presumably, he’ll also have a 4★ at 6,000 points. The preview image also shows off another Fire Blessing at 25,000.

Tempest Trials: Invisible Ties starts this Thursday, 15 March. Like all full-length TT events, it will last about two weeks, ending on 29 March. We’ll also get another Log-In Bonus for the first 10 days of the Trials.

Additionally, we also have another event calendar for Heroes! The calendar starts in mid-March and runs for about a month, giving us a sneak peak at upcoming events. Check it out!

UPDATE: Heroes has uploaded a new version of the event calendar due to “an error”. That error appears to be the Awakening Special Maps which were originally listed to start on the 13th. The maps are likely being delayed to release alongside the upcoming FE Warriors DLC. Both the old (left) and new (right) calendars are displayed below.

Do remember that the dates given in this calendar correspond to Pacific Time where the daily reset falls at 11pm. For the rest of us elsewhere in the world, each event will actually start a day later than shown. Scroll on below for a text breakdown of the calendar’s listings, including a date correction for non-Pacific Time Heroes players.

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Heroes: Grand Hero Battle Revival: Zephiel!

Right after Arvis’s arrival earlier this week, we get another GHB Revival in Fire Emblem Heroes! Grand Hero Battle Revival: Zephiel is ready and waiting for you in the Special Maps menu.

Like other GHB Revivals, you have the option to fight against Zephiel in all three difficulty modes, including a brand new Infernal mode! Like other Infernal modes, you earn a 4★ copy of Zephiel and 2,000 Hero Feathers on completion. There are also quests all players can complete as well for Orbs and another Zephiel! Check out the full details below.

Grand Hero Battle Revival: Zephiel will be around for a little over a week, ending on 18 March.

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Cipher S12 Weekly Recap: Daily Reveals, Booster Box Goodies, & Cipher Sai Photos!

We’re now another week closer to the release of Series 12 in Fire Emblem Cipher! @fecipher has had a busy week sharing lots of reveals and other pieces of information for the upcoming set. Two new characters revealed this week are Ashnard and Rajaion from Path of Radiance! Ashnard has an N and R card, and Rajaion an HN.

The Tellius reveals continue with an N and SR card for Mist as well! We saw Mist’s N briefly during the Winter Livestream, but now we get a proper digital look at it. The SR is completely new and is the 4th SR for Tellius that we know so far in this set. Mist’s SR goes well in tandem with Berserk Ike, protecting your allies from his murderous rampage.

Speaking of SRs, Nowi snags her first SR this set, with some beautiful artwork by kawasumi! Nowi is the second SR representing Awakening that we’ve seen so far this set.

The remaining reveals of the week go to Genealogy of the Holy War. Both Beowolf and Oifey get two cards in the yellow portion of the set, one N and one HN each. Oifey’s card represent his appearances in both generations of the game.

Additionally, the official FE Cipher website updated today! The updates give us a look at some of the goodies that will be included in booster boxes of the set.

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Heroes: The Branded King Summoning Focus is Live!

Three new heroes have arrived in Fire Emblem Heroes! The Branded King Summoning Focus contains a new, mounted version of Chrom as well as two new characters for Female Morgan and Male Morgan. Check out our earlier article for their preview trailer and a skill breakdown.

A new story update is also available with the new banner: Book II, Chapter 6: The True Quarry. Princess Gunnthrá wants the Order of Heroes to meet her to the west in the sanctuary at Snjárhof. However, Múspell’s forces led by General Laegjarn seek to stop them and are tightening the search net around them…

Completing all maps in the new chapter gives players 15 Orbs to try and summon new heroes! You can also earn an additional five Orbs by completing the associated Lunatic quests. We also get another Log-In Bonus for the new banner, which will dole out 13 more Orbs over the next ten days. Hopefully this will be enough to give you the hero you desire!

The Branded King Summoning Focus and its associated story quests will be around for about two weeks, ending on 22 March.

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