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Heroes: Tempest Trials+: Before We Met Banner & Details!

Another Tempest Trials event is coming soon to Fire Emblem Heroes! In preparation for this event, you can try your luck summoning from the Tempest Trials+: Before We Met Banner. It contains focus units for three 5★ exclusive heroes: Ryoma, Leo, and Kinshi Hinoka.

As you might expect, all three of these heroes will be Bonus Allies in the upcoming Tempest Trials. You can also currently summon four others in the newly-released Adrift banner: the new alt versions of M!Corrin, F!Corrin, and Camilla, as well as the new Mikoto.

The final Bonus Ally is a new, young Azura. She will be available as a reward unit this TT! So even if you’re unlucky in your summoning, you’ll at least be able to have one bonus ally to use. As a dancer, she’ll likely be useful no matter your team composition.

Other revealed rewards include a Wind Blessing as well as two new Sacred Seals: Atk/Def Bond 1 and Water Boost 1. In addition to these special rewards, Tempest Trials are also a great source of Orbs, Feathers, and also prizes. I hope you’re looking forward to it!

Tempest Trials+: Before We Met begins on Monday, 12 November. The event and the matching Before We Met Banner will be available until 22 November.

Cipher S15 Weekly Recap: First Card Reveals & Livestream Reminder!

Welcome to the first Fire Emblem Cipher S15 Weekly Recap! Cipher Series 15, Shining World, will be coming out in Japan in a little over a month. The set contains cards from New Mystery, Conquest, Genealogy, Thracia 776, and TMS#FE. As we gear up towards the set release, @fecipher will be sharing cards every weekday.

Most of the cards for this week’s reveals, like most of the cards in the set, are for New Mystery. The very first reveals showed base versions of male Kris and Katarina. We also get to see gorgeous joined-art R foil cards for Marth and Kris! The final card features the two heroes together in the battle against Medeus, who appears between them.

The final Archanean card for this week is also S15 first SR card! It features an adorable Tiki drawn by Tetsu Kurosawa.

We also got to see a handful of cards for the other colours in the set. Representing Nohr, Female Corrin appears in both her human and dragon form. These cards are very similar to the first Male Corrin cards revealed for S14. Additionally, Leif and Seliph are here to represent their respective games. Both cards also feature supporting characters in the background.

These are all the cards we’ve seen so far, but more will be coming soon in this weekend’s Autumn Livestream! It will air tomorrow,10 November, via NicoNico and YouTube Live starting at 8:00pm JST (11:00am UTC).

As usual, Ryota Kawade and Young will be hosting. Satomi Satou (VA for F!Corrin) and Hibiku Yamamura (VA for Rinea and Shade) will also be joining in as guests. As a seasonal stream, we can also expect news regarding upcoming sets and perhaps a first look at some new Fire Emblem merchandise.

For those who can’t watch along live, we will post an article showing the streams highlights the following week.

That’s all we have for now! Cipher Series 15 will release next month on 13 December. In the meantime, it’ll be an exciting month of news, reveals, and speculation. For further discussion about Cipher, feel free to join us in the Cipher subforum on the forums! You can also check out the Cipher Wiki for translations of the cards and more detailed information.

Heroes: Adrift Banner, 2.11 Update, & Aether Raids Now Available!

The latest Summoning Focus has arrived in Fire Emblem Heroes! The latest Adrift Banner is now available for all summoners. Spend some Orbs to summon up new alternate versions of M!Corrin, F!Corrin, and Camilla, as well as the brand new Mikoto. Check out our earlier article for a better look at these heroes.

In addition to the banner, all four of these heroes also appear in the new Paralogue, also called Adrift. Beat all three paralogue chapters on all difficulties and complete the matching quests to earn up to 12 Orbs! We also get another Log-In Bonus to earn Orbs daily just for logging in over the next 10 days.

If you’d like even more Orbs to summon these new heroes, the November Orb Promo also begins today! For the usual price, you can buy 21 Orbs along with a special gift of 60 Sacred Coins. It’ll last the a whole month until the December promo comes out.

The Adrift Banner will last until 21 November. Presumably, we’ll get a new batch of heroes then, possibly along with Book III? This banner also officially concludes our most recent Event Calendar, so hopefully we’ll get another one of those soon.

Furthermore, the Version 2.11 Update is now available! You can update within Google Play or the App Store if your Heroes app doesn’t load the update automatically.

This update contains the new Aether Raids gameplay mode information, which also begins today! We also get access to the Heroic Grails feature. Check out our Feh Channel article for more information, or jump into the game and play through the tutorial yourself. Read on below for further details of the update changes.

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Heroes: Movement Type Quests & Voting Gauntlet Final Round!

When you’ve finished with Forging Bonds, Fire Emblem Heroes has given us some new quests to spend stamina on! Check out the newest Movement Type Quests.

As the name implies, these quests require you to complete tasks with units of a specific movement type. You can earn up to 4 Orbs, as well as a host of other smaller prizes. Those Orbs will come in handy if you want some final summons on Legendary Eirika’s banner, or you could also save them for the New Heroes coming out later this week.

These Movement Type Quests will be around for two weeks, ending on 19 November at 6:59am UTC. You can see the full list of each task in game.

Additionally, today begins the final round of Voting Gauntlet: Clashing Thunderers. Our finalists are Reinhardt and Linde. Which of them will finally persevere? Make sure to do your best to support your chosen mage! The final round will end in just 45 hours.