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Heroes: Pegasus Sister Quests & Zephiel Grand Hero Battle Info!

Fire Emblem Heroes is commemorating tomorrow’s official release of Fire Emblem Echoes with some gifts and quests for its players!

All players will receive a special, one-time login bonus of 5 orbs, and a new mission entitled “Pegasus Sisters” is now available. Completing the first three quests give players 3★ versions of Palla, Catria, and Est. Those units can then be used in battle to earn up to 6 additional orbs! The new quests are valid through 7.59 AM UTC on May 8th.

Additionally, the @FE_Heroes_JP twitter account revealed that Zephiel’s Grand Hero Battle will begin tomorrow! Like in other recent GHB’s, Zephiel will be available as both a 3★ and 4★ Hero, though the latter requires completing a fiendishly difficult Lunatic difficulty map.

The twitter account also shared a glimpse of the map itself, so you can begin to plan out how you might tackle it. Zephiel himself comes equipped with Eckesachs, Reprisal, Life and Death 3, and Wary Fighter 3.

Presumably, a new Fighting Zephiel banner will also be available starting tomorrow. As it has not yet been datamined, however, we do not yet know which focus units will be included.
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Heroes: New Flier Mastery Quests!

Today’s daily update for Fire Emblem Heroes revealed a new set of quests to complete! Entitled “Flier Mastery”, these new quests require players to use a team composed solely of Pegasus- and Wyvern-riding Heroes to complete various levels.

Completing all quests gives you a total of 4 Orbs, 3,000 Universal Shards, and 3,000 Universal Crystals. The quests are valid through 7.59 AM UTC on May 1st.

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Cipher Series 9 Introduction & Pre-Orders

With the 8th series of Fire Emblem Cipher recently released, it’s time to look at what this card game has in store for the future. Series 9 will be bringing the game into its third year, and has already started off by breaking some traditions…

Cipher fans were fully expecting that Ryota Kawade would reveal details of the set during the Autumn Livestream in November. However, instead of a full-blown announcement, we received little more than a teaser.

Kawade announced that Series 9 would feature three main themes, as opposed to most sets that focus on two at most. He also revealed the first part of that theme: Hasha no Tsurugi, the Binding Blade spin-off manga.

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Heroes: Three Additional Updates Coming in April!

The official Twitter account for Fire Emblem Heroes tweeted out some exciting announcements earlier this morning!

Previously this month, @FE_Heroes_JP announced a series of updates scheduled to arrive in April. Now, three additional updates will be arriving at the same time. These updates address a few complaints that players have had about the game in its current state.

Starting Placement

Starting with the new update, Heroes players will be able to change the starting positions of their four units at the beginning of battle! During the very first turn, before moving any units, you can tap a new “Change Positions” button along the bottom that will enable you to freely move your units.

Experience Gains

The experience formula will be tweaked slightly to enable better level progression for lower-rarity units. 1★, 2★, 3★, and 4★ units will gain more relative experience when fighting lower level units. The lower star rarity of the hero, the more EXP they’ll be able to earn from fighting weaker enemies. Experience gains for 5★ units will be unchanged.

Increased Stamina Pool

The maximum amount of Stamina available is being raised from 50 to 99 stamina. Additionally, Stamina Potions and Orbs are also being updated restore a full 99 stamina when used.

There is no set date for these updates to arrive yet, aside from sometime in April.