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Cipher S8 Weekly Recap: Daily Reveals & Pre-Release Livestream Info

It’s only one more week until the release of Series 8 of Fire Emblem Cipher! @FECipher has been giving us a number of interesting reveals, including this cool joined art of Seliph and Julius from Genealogy of the Holy War that was just released today. They are both SR cards.

Tine from Genealogy was also revealed this week. She gets an R and an alternate art R+ card. Awakening reveals include an SR card for Female Robin and an R for Dark Knight Tharja. Robin is the sixth and final Awakening SR in the set.

The final reveal of the week is a spoiler to those who have not completed Awakening, so I won’t be embedding it. You can click here to view it instead.

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Heroes: Skill Inheritance & Voting Gauntlet Updates

The new “Inherit Skill” feature will be coming soon to Fire Emblem Heroes! The planned release is scheduled for next week on Thursday, March 16th.

Updates posted to the @FE_Heroes_JP Twitter account give us some further details regarding how skill inheritance will work.

  • Up to 3 skills can be inherited from each Hero. (From an earlier update, we learned that you need to sacrifice a Hero to inherit their skills.)
  • Inherited skills will start off as unlearned.
  • Learning inherited skills costs 1.5 times the usual amount of SP.
  • Exclusive skills such as Falchion cannot be inherited. Some skills cannot be inherited due to weapon-type or movement-type restrictions. (We knew this already.)

Additionally, new rewards have been added to the Voting Gauntlet in celebration of its success. Two new reards tiers have been unveiled for 8 billion and 10 billion total points earned. Currently, Heroes players have already earned a whopping 6 billion points for their armies!

Today is the last day for the first round of the gauntlet, so make sure to win lots of battles for your chosen Hero’s army!

Fire Emblem Heroes: New Banners, Voting Gauntlet, Hacking Countermeasures and More!

Fire Emblem Heroes rolled out two important updates yesterday. The first discusses countermeasures that the game will be taking to help combat players who are hacking or otherwise exploiting the game.

Although few specifics are mentioned, the update states that they have “detected improper use” from some players, and that countermeasures against these players will include limiting access to certain features. Anyone subject to these measures will be notified individually through the “Personal” tab of the Notifications screen.

To go along with the upcoming Voting Gauntlet theme, there are two new Banners featuring the Princes and Princesses within the Gauntlet, aptly titled Princes and Princesses. Each includes a 5* Focus instance of their respective units (Chrom/Ephraim/Leo & Eirika/Elise/Lucina).

Additionally, the main Log-in screen now provides details on the game’s main units, and this ties in to the now live Voting Gauntlet!


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Cipher S8 Weekly Recap: New Reveals, Sai Photos, and S9 News!

Another week of Fire Emblem Cipher reveals from the @FEcipher twitter account has given us some further glimpses into what we can expect in Series 8, including these gorgeous cards of Julia from Genealogy of the Holy War that were just revealed today!

As expected, Julia earned herself a coveted SR slot next to other important Genealogy characters such as Seliph, Altena, and Shannan. The remaining two SRs are still unknown, but it’s very likely that Julius will be one of them.

Speaking of SRs, the fifth Awakening SR was also revealed this week, featuring Cherche as a Griffon Rider. Meanwhile, Virion and Owain join the party as Rare foil cards.

The final daily card reveal of the week is actually one reveal given to two separate but associated characters: Hannibal and Coirpre from Genealogy.

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