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Cipher S14 Weekly Recap: Daily Reveals, Promo Art, & Site Update!

This week has brought fewer daily reveals than usual for Fire Emblem Cipher‘s S14. Likely this is a result of the recent earthquake in Hokkaido, which also delayed this week’s Nintendo Direct. Nonetheless, we do have a few reveals from earlier this week, including this triple card reveal for Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE.

The left card features Itsuki, the main character of TMS#FE. The middle and right cards are for the mirage version of Chrom. Even the aesthetics of the cards are reminiscent of the game’s unique style, especially the text quotes.

@fecipher also revealed a pair of cards each for both of the other focused titles. For Fates, Hinata and Oboro both appear in a gorgeous joined-art. Gatrie also arrives to represent Tellius, getting his first R foil card.

Additionally, TCG shop Grand Panda Canyon (@Akibagrapan) recently revealed some promotional text-free art for S14! The art features the main lords of each portion of the set: Ike, Lucina, and Male Corrin.

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Heroes: Doorway to Destiny Banner & Chapter Now Live!

A new batch of Jugdrali heroes is arriving in Fire Emblem Heroes! Spend some Orbs on the Doorway to Destiny Banner for your shot at Quan, Silvia, and Lewyn.

All three of these characters appear in the first generation of Genealogy of the Holy War. Each of them brings a new weapon to the table, in addition to some new skills. Check out the details in our earlier post. Ethlyn will also be coming to the game next week as a reward for the next Tempest Trials+ event.

You can see a preview of the new heroes as they appear in a new story chapter as well, Seeping Poison. This is a full story chapter with 5 maps, rewarding players up to 15 Orbs! You can also earn an additional five Orbs by completing the associated Lunatic quests.

If that’s not enough Orbs for you, beating this chapter also unlocks a new Chain Challenge for even more Orbs! We’ll also get 13 more Orbs over the next couple weeks with the latest Log-In Bonus. Furthermore, players can also take advantage of the new September Orb Promo, which gives 21 Orbs and 60 Refining Stones.

The Doorway to Destiny Banner and its associated quests will be available for about two weeks, ending on 21 September. Today’s events are the last officially scheduled events of the most recent Event Calendar. Hopefully this means we’ll be getting a new Calendar soon!

The second round of Voting Gauntlet: The Chosen Ones also starts today! Ike, Ephraim, Lyn, and Veronica each won their first round battles. Check out the next round’s bracket below:

This round will end on Sunday, 9 September at 3:59am UTC. The third and final round will end at the same time on 11 September.

Finally, Heroes has acknowledged a minor display bug with Voting Gauntlet points that started with the new update. They will be fixing the issue in the next planned update.

Heroes: Version 2.9 Update + Heroes with Fury Banner!

The next version update is now live in Fire Emblem Heroes! Load up the game to begin downloading and installing the Version 2.9 Update. If Heroes does not download the update automatically, you can grab it manually from the Play Store or App Store.

The Version 2.9 Update brings some really cool stuff! Most notably, we’ll now have access to Combat Manuals for skill inheritance and barracks organization. We also get some new Weapon Refinery updates, and we’ll also have a new game mode, Relay Defense, starting this weekend! Read on down below for full details on everything.

Additionally, a new skill-based banner starts up today! Spend some Orbs on the Heroes with Fury banner for your chance at 5★ versions of Myrrh, Eldigan, and Chrom: Knight Exalt. All three of these heroes come with the A skill Fury, a powerful skill that boosts your stats in exchange for a small amount of damage after combat.

The Heroes with Fury banner will be around for about a week and a half, ending on 16 September.

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Heroes: Voting Gauntlet: The Chosen Ones!

Another new event has just begin in Fire Emblem Heroes! Support your favourite Brave Hero as part of Voting Gauntlet: The Chosen Ones.

This Voting Gauntlet pits all eight heroes from both Choose Your Legends events in head-to-head battles for dominance. Who will you be supporting? Take a look at the bracket below:

During each round, you’ll be able to complete various quests as well! Complete battles in the Gauntlet and Training Tower for Battle Flags and also Orbs and other goodies. These quests refresh with each round, so make sure to complete them in time!

Voting Gauntlet: The Chosen Ones Round 1 just started and will end on 7 September at 3:59am UTC. The entire Gauntlet will come to a close on 11 September.