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A longtime Fire Emblem fan with a passion to make things better for everyone. Enjoys playing the FE Cipher TCG and having his favorite units in FE Heroes inherit every skill he can get his hands on.

Experience the original Fire Emblem Expo concert for one week only, right now

Update: May 3rd, 1:50 PM PT  — Revisions to the set list have been amended in this article.

As previously announced, Intelligent Systems is making the entire performance for last year’s Fire Emblem Expo event available to watch online for all as part of their alternative plan in the absence of Fire Emblem Expo II, which was canceled due to public health concerns.

The complete show is nearly two hours long, so grab a snack and sit back and enjoy whenever you like! For the next week, anyway. The official replay will only be up on YouTube until May 7th at 1:59 AM PT.

Watch it here!

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Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore concert canceled due to public health concerns

Update: April 28th, 12:38 PM PT — Details surrounding the concert’s uncertain future have been clarified in this article.

The Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore Premium Live music concert, which was originally scheduled to take place on June 27th at the Tokyo Dome City Hall, received an update on its official site today to announce that the event has been canceled at this time.

As with many other public gatherings worldwide, such as the recently canceled Fire Emblem Expo II, the concert was held off as a countermeasure against the coronavirus pandemic in order to prioritize the safety of all involved.

Just like the original Tokyo Mirage Sessions concert from 2016, fans would gather together in large groups to enjoy the live music performances from the game. Photo from Nintendo.

At the time of this writing, Avex has not yet shared details on how would-be event goers may refund their tickets if they wish, but advise holding onto them in the interim as they will update the site later again to provide more information.

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Experience the Triangle Attack and finale of the original Fire Emblem on Nintendo Switch Online

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the original release of Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light, Nintendo has released two special versions of the game available right now for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers with access to the Famicom games library. Note that you will need to set your account to be able to download Japanese software.

The first special version, the Triangle Attack Version, starts the game in the middle of an existing playthrough, right as you’re about to trigger a Triangle Attack with Palla, Catria, and Est.

The second version, the Climax Version, puts you right at the start of the endgame chapter, where Marth must battle Medeus to save the day.

Relive the glory days of Fire Emblem with these special versions of the original game!

Cipher: Edelgard promo card out this April via Dengeki Nintendo!

The Twitter account for the print magazine Dengeki Nintendo has published details of a new promotional card of Edelgard from Three Houses for the Japanese trading card game Fire Emblem Cipher, scheduled to be bundled alongside their June 2020 issue releasing April 21st.

The sample image of the new Edelgard promo card provided by the Twitter account for Dengeki Nintendo, illustrated by Megumi Nagahama.

As the card will enter circulation very soon, a dedicated post for it from the official Cipher Twitter account sharing the same information can be anticipated in the near future.

For avid collectors, we can confirm that the particular magazine issue bundling the exclusive promo card is already able to be ordered via Amazon JP, which allows for international shipping to regions outside of Japan. Additional details about the new issue, such as its cover and other contents, are currently unavailable, but it will likely come with two copies of the card like all past magazine promos.

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