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Heroes: Blazing Blade banner ft. Nils, Rath, Fiora and Leila is now live!

Today’s FE Heroes update brings us a new banner, “The Dread Isle,” introducing new Heroes from Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade!

The banner brings us Nils: Bright Bard, Fiora: Airborne Warrior, Leila: Rose amid Fangs, and Rath: Wolf of Sacae. Note that Rath is also able to be summoned from the 4-Star pool within this banner, and doing so will not reset your focus rate. The banner is available from today until the 6th of March 6:59am UTC.

Accompanying the banner is a Forging Bonds event featuring the four focus units. Earn new accessories as well as Orbs and a bunch of other useful materials as you play through the event. It will come to a close on the 2nd of March 6:59am UTC.

News from the weekend:

The third Hero Fest banner has begun, featuring the first four Brave Heroes in Ike, Lyn, Roy, and Lucina, at a raised focus rate of 5% focus/3% non-focus. You can collect a total of 5 First Free Summon tickets to use here, alongside the regular free summon we usually get. The banner closes out on the 23rd of February 6:59am UTC.

As well as this, the Weekly Revival banner was swapped out, with this banner featuring OG Tana, OG Innes, and Elincia, at a more favourably skewed focus rate of 4% focus/2% non-focus.

Heroes: Hall of Forms ft. Sigurd, Quan, Eldigan, and Lewyn is now live!

Today’s FE Heroes daily update brings us the start of a new Hall of Forms event featuring characters from Genealogy of the Holy War: a trio of riders of respectable ability, and some mage dude.

Sigurd, Quan, Eldigan and Lewyn are your Forma for this HoF event. Play daily to pick up Orbs and Dragonflowers (up to 7 times), and advance through all 20 Chambers to earn more rewards. The event comes to a close on the 28th of February 6:59am UTC.

Heroes: A Hero Rises 2020 Results are revealed, and last year’s Valentine’s banner – Greil’s Devoted – is now live!

Today in FE Heroes news, the official English and Japanese language Twitter accounts revealed the results for A Hero Rises 2020. You can click on the image below to reveal its full size.

The top 8 (Mythic Altina, New Year’s Alfonse & Sharena, Mythic Sothis, Legendary Leif, Winter Sothis, Legendary Azura, Legendary Alm, and… Edelgard…) will move on to an in-game Voting Gauntlet event beginning later this month where we, as players, have direct influence on who will win (outside of multiplier shenanigans). A 5-Star copy will then be distributed to everyone. It isn’t known if they will be neutral or if they will come with random assets/flaws, but “distributed” units are usually neutral. We can only hope.

This is probably the first Voting Gauntlet where the results actually mean something, so I’m personally going all in for Altina from the get-go, who I would really like to use in Aether Raids.

Also today: A rerun of last year’s Valentine’s Special Summoning Event – Greil’s Devoted – is now live!

It features Special units in Valentine’s attire: Greil, Ike, Soren, and Mist! The banner will run from today until the 13th of March 6:59am UTC.

Heroes: New Power banner is now live!

Recently in FE Heroes, four older Heroes received new weapons and/or refines.

As a result, OG Laslow, Barst, OG Jakob and female Morgan are the focus units in a New Power banner starting from today, lasting through to the 21st of February 6:59am UTC.

You can read about the new weapons and refines in our previous news post here.