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Heroes: Voting Gauntlet is live!

The next Voting Gauntlet has begun, and the theme is Brave Rivalries.

We’ve got rivalries from several points in Fire Emblem History coming together into a single Gauntlet.

Brave Micaiah vs Legendary Ike. Brave Alm vs Fallen Berkut. Brave Eliwood vs OG Hector. Brave Camilla vs Bow Hinoka. Support your favourite units and earn rewards such as Orbs, Sacred Coins, Refining Stones and Feathers.

The Voting Gauntlet ends on the 4th of September, 3:59am UTC.

Finally for today, there’s a new Tactics Drills: Grandmaster for you to challenge, titled “Winds, Howl!”

Heroes: Version 3.9.0 will bring new feature “Heroes’ Path” and weapon refines for CYL Round 1 winners!

Within “early September” we will receive the version 3.9.0 update.

The new feature will be called “Heroes’ Path” and will feature quests designed to help newer players of Fire Emblem Heroes get their bearings with the game, complete with some tasty rewards that even veteran players wouldn’t want to pass up on.

As well as this, the original four Choose Your Legends winners will be receiving weapon refines.

OG Eliwood, Brave Roy, Brave Lucina, Brave Ike, and Brave Lyn will all receive weapon refines for their Blazing Durandals, Geirskögul, Urvan, and Mulagir. Specific details on each refine will be given when the information becomes available.

Click on “Read more” below to read more about v.3.9.0, including information on Heroes’ Path, as well as more Aether Raids changes and new Heroes available via Heroic Grails.

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Heroes: Røkkr Sieges begins now!

Røkkr Sieges is up and running. Be sure to participate to earn yourself Orbs, Feathers, and Dragonflowers!

The event begins today. There are three rounds – each lasting two days – until the event comes to a close on the 29th of August, 6:59am UTC.

Since the last Røkkr Sieges, there have been some changes to the mode:

  • Dragonflowers will now be part of the Damage Rewards.
  • Number of Røkkr that appear in Battle 3 is reduced to 4 from 6.
  • Some of the Røkkr skills have been replaced with stat modifiers.


Heroes: 2018 re-run banner and GHB info, new Royalty Convenes, and more!

Today’s daily banner rerun is Heroes with Fortress Skills, and the bi-daily GHB rerun is Aversa.

The banner features OG Lukas, OG Innes, and Kliff.

The GHB will be swapped out on the 24th of August, 6:59am UTC. Grab your extra copy of Aversa before it disappears!

Today is also the third and final release in the series of videos featuring the newest brave Heroes. This episode of Royalty Convenes is called “To a Brighter Future.”

You can watch the Japanese version here.

It has been revealed that the next Tap Battle: Illusory Dungeon will be coming soon.

This one is called Brave Heroes, with the theme revolving around Brave Heroes – old and new. and will begin on the 24th of August, 7:00am UTC.

Finally for today: A new Tactics Drills for you to challenge! This one is under Skill Studies, and features two of the four new Brave Heroes: Alm and Micaiah.