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Heroes: Defeat Foes Quests + Manga Chapter 12

While we patiently wait for the next Fire Emblem Heroes version update, there are some new quests related to defeating enemies with specific colour heroes.

Up for grabs are 5 Orbs, as well as Great Badges and other useful items. These quests last until the daily rollover on 20th February 2018. A full breakdown can be found near the end of this article.

Also, a new chapter of the official manga “The Everyday Life of Heroes” is now available. A big thanks to Coolmario for translating over on the forums!

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Heroes: Developer Challenge

To celebrate Fire Emblem Heroes‘s 1st anniversary, a new set of Developer Challenge maps have been added to the Special Maps.

There are 5 unique maps with 3 levels of difficulty, for a total of 15 completion Orbs. On top of that, there are timed quests that offer an additional 2 Orbs plus other useful items. These maps will be available until the rollover on 18th February 2018.

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Heroes: Valter Returns + Celebratory Illustrations

To round off the new heroes from The Sacred Stones, Fire Emblem Heroes has brought back Valter’s Grand Hero Battle.

As with previous Grand Hero Battle repeats, there are additional quests for those who cleared all of the maps the first time. A breakdown of the quests can be found below.

Also, in case you missed them or you’re looking for higher resolution versions, all of the celebratory illustrations shown in the recent Feh Channel have been uploaded to the official website.

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Fire Emblem Music Collection: Session ~Flower of Enchantment~ CD & Concerts

It seems the Fire Emblem piano music CD was a hit, because a second music CD has been announced, dubbed “Session ~Flower of Enchantment~”. This time, a larger variety of instruments will feature, including guitar, bass, drum, keyboard and saxophone.

The new CD contains 15 tracks from the very first game all the way up to Shadows of Valentia–and even Heroes sneaks in an appearance. It will release on 28th March 2018 and cost 3,200 Yen (including tax).

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