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Three Hopes: Character & Class Profiles from Twitter

Following the release of the Mysterious Mercenary trailer for Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, the official Japanese Twitter account has been regularly tweeting commentary for the trailer.

Although most of the information is pretty straightforward and self-explanatory, there are a few interesting nuggets. Namely, they’ve recently shared profiles for some of the already shown characters and classes. (For the record, some of this info was already shared by Famitsu.)

Below are translations of those tweets.

Regarding the class profiles, the second half is likely referring to each character’s personal abilities. Judging by the information from Famitsu.

Also, we’ve repeated the protagonist’s and Arval’s profiles from a previous article, for convenience.

Protagonist (default name Shez)

VA: Tasuku Hatanaka & Miyu Tomita
A solitary mercenary. They sought to become a famed swordfighter, but faced Jeralt’s Mercenaries on a mission and was felled by the Ashen Demon. While training to seek revenge, they met the Officer’s Academy students in the woods.

Protagonist x Fleugel

Here are some action scenes featuring the protagonist’s exclusive class. Characterised by its nimble swordplay while dual wielding swords. The protagonist also has other hidden powers. Please look out for more details in the future.

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Heroes: Resplendent Gaius & May/June Event Calendar

Hey, who took our sweets? Oh right, the next Resplendent Hero will be Gaius: Candy Stealer.

This Muspell-themed version of Gaius will be available to subscribers from 25th May 2022 (UTC). You can check out his artwork (by argon from Trys Inc.) and voice samples here.

Also, the event calendar for mid May through June is here. Let’s see what’s cooking…

Well, there’s evidently a lot of weddings going on, even if they’re all pretend. Key dates include 20th May, where the next Special Heroes arrive, 31st May when another Legendary Hero rises up and 8th June when more New Heroes debut.

Keep going for the text version of the calendar…

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Heroes: Fallen Dragons & a King Arrive in “Beyond Control”

Another round of Fallen Heroes (perhaps one of the more surreal traditions of Fire Emblem Heroes) will debut in the “Beyond Control” summoning event, which runs from 10th May 2022 (UTC).

Note: You can check out the Japanese version of this trailer here.

The featured Heroes are Lilith, Ninian, Gustav and Rhea.

Additionally, Muarim: Raw Instinct will be available from the next Grand Hero Battle.

It seems the theme of this banner is dragons, plus Gustav tagging along for the ride. Sorry to anyone expecting Fafnir (who would’ve been a perfect fit since he has a dragon form), but at least he doesn’t seem impossible now!

Anyway, please continue for a breakdown of the Heroes from the trailer!

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Heroes: Info for Version 6.5.0, Arriving 9th~10th May

It’s a new month, which means another version update for Fire Emblem Heroes is incoming. Version 6.5.0 is scheduled for release on 9th or 10th May 2022, depending on your timezone.

You can find the official patch notes here, although we’ll also paraphrase them, for reference purposes.

Weapon Refinery

Another six Heroes will benefit from new weapon skills and/or refines.

New skills and refines:

  • Icy Maltet – Thea

New refines:

  • Imhullu – Gharnef
  • Demonic Breath – Idunn
  • Eldhrimnir – Picnic Felicia
  • Kitsune Fang – Kaden
  • Fell Breath – Duma

Combat Manuals

Events that start after the version update will award Divine Codes (Ephemera 5), which can be exchanged for the following limited-time combat manuals:

  • 5-star: Groom Pent and Groom Rafiel
  • 4-star: Benny, Ninja Shamir, Barst, Sothe and Nanna

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