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Fire Emblem Engage: Four Wings & Another Firene Twitter Tidbits

Following the recent Fell Xenologue trailer for Fire Emblem Engage, the Japanese Twitter account has shared regular tidbits of info.

First, another glimpse of the Alfred and Céline from the other Elyos:

I had a suspicion, but this confirms that Céline’s retainers and also her mother, Ève, are dead. In the trailer, there was a distinct lack of retainers. So I imagine most of–if not all of–them are dead already.

Since the Fell Xenologue tells a more compact story, it makes sense to limit the number of the characters, since we’ve already got Alear, the dragon twins, Four Wings and 8 royals, at least.

Next, the Four Wings, starting with Zelestia:

Zelestia (VA: Rika Fukami) is the leader ofthe Four Wings. She’s a mage dragon who’s lived for millenia.

A conversation with Zelestia:

You may recognise her line from the trailer. Because the Fell Xenologue occurs after Chapter 6 (when you unlock the Ancient Well), Alear has already met Zephia by then.

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Fire Emblem Heroes: Legendary Yuri Pops in from Underground

The next Legendary Hero to descend to Fire Emblem Heroes (or perhaps rise up, in this case) will be Yuri: Underground Lord.

(Japanese trailer available here.)

The leader of the Ashen Wolves can be summoned from 31st March to 14th February 2023.

Other featured Heroes include:

  • Red: Legendary Sigurd and Embla
  • Blue: Nott, Hardin and Caeldori
  • Green: Otr, Legendary Ninian and Ascended Eir
  • Colorless: Medeus, Askr and Gotoh

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Fire Emblem Engage: Fell Xenologue Trailer & Release Date

Nintendo has shared a trailer for the upcoming Fell Xenologue story in Wave 4 of the Fire Emblem Engage Expansion Pass.

Similar to previous waves, Wave 4 will be available at the start of the next month: more precisely, 5th April 2023.

In addition, Nintendo Japan and the Fire Emblem Japanese Twitter shared additional information.

First, here’s the official artwork for the two new characters, Nel and Nil. Plus their profiles.

Nel (VA: Romi Park) is Nil’s older twin sister, a strong woman who fights alongside her brother. Together with the summoned Alear and Nil, she embarks on a journey to collect the 7 bracelets to save the world.

Nil (VA: Takuya Eguchi) is Nel’s younger twin brother, a kind-hearted young man who assists his sister. He feels ashamed that he’s not as talented as his exceptional older sister.

In the Japanese version, their names are El (Elle?) and Il.

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Fire Emblem Engage Featured in Tetris 99’s 32nd Maximus Cup

From 24th to 28th March 2023 (dates may vary by timezone), Tetris 99 will be running a Fire Emblem Engage themed Maximus Cup.

Players who earn 100 event points can redeem a Fire Emblem Engage special theme.

Note: A Nintendo Switch Online subscription is required to play Tetris 99. In certain territories (such as Europe and Japan), there’s currently a free 7-day trial available from the My Nintendo website.

According to the Japanese website, if you missed it, the Fire Emblem Three Houses special theme can also be redeemed with 1 ticket (instead of 30) during the same period.