Initial Cast Children NPC/Enemy DLC SpotPass

Credits: 4Gamer, Dengeki

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Image Name Initial class Artist Début game
Marth Prince Marth Lodestar Senri Kita Shadow Dragon
Chrom’s distant ancestor; the Hero-King who saved the world from destruction in ages long past. Legends say he defeated a wicked dragon with a blade blessed by the Divine Dragon. In all of his stories, he’s famous for his overflowing kindness and compassion.
Roy Roy Mercenary Kimihiko Fujisaka Binding Blade
Son of Eliwood of Pherae; the Young Lion who restored peace to the war-torn continent of Elibe. During the Disturbance of Bern, he led Pherae’s army in place of his ailing father and later commanded the allied army to quash the invading enemy.
Leif Leif Trickster Sachiko Wada Genealogy of the Holy War
The Sage-Lord who fought to liberate his homeland of Leonster. The son of Quan and Ethlyn, he was orphaned at an early age and raised by Quan’s loyal retainer Finn. In Grann 776, he raised a liberation army to topple Thracia and later joined forces with Seliph.
Micaiah Micaiah Dark Mage Rco Wada Radiant Dawn
The Priestess of Dawn spoken of in Tellius legends. Originally a fortune-teller, she joined the honourable Dawn Brigade and, due to circumstances, fought both against and for Ike. She’s famous for her mystical silver hair and her burning passion for her people.
Alm Alm Dread Fighter HACCAN Gaiden
The Exalted King of Valentia who once toppled an empire and defeated a dark god. He founded the Valmese Empire and, in honour of his glorious legacy, both empire and continent were renamed after him. Stories say he was a brave and capable leader.
Elincia Elincia Falcon Knight Douji Shiki Path of Radiance
The Devoted Queen of Crimea who battled for the future of Tellius. She was raised in secrecy, but took reign of her kingdom following an enemy invasion. There are tales of her kindness and disdain of war, but also of her unflinching resolve to protect her nation.
Ephraim Ephraim Great Knight Koutarou Yamada The Sacred Stones
The Restoration King of Renais who vanquished an ancient evil plaguing Magvel. When his kingdom was invaded, he led a seemingly hopeless charge, but lived on to strike at the heart of the enemy nation. He’s well known for his great honour and bravery.
Seliph Seliph Swordmaster Rika Suzuki Genealogy of the Holy War
The Scion of Light who saved the continent of Jugdral in a foregone era. The son of Sigurd and Deirdre, he was raised at a convent in Tirnanog, Isaach. In Grann 777, he heroically led an army to overthrow the tyrannical Grannvale Empire.
Eirika Eirika Bride Daisuke Izuka The Sacred Stones
Ephraim’s twin sister; the Restoration Queen of Renais who fought for Magvel long ago. When her homeland was invaded, she experienced first-hand the atrocities of war and was determined to bring an end to war. She’s well known for her elegance and kindness.
Celica Celica Sage Masatsugu Saitou Gaiden
The Blessed Maiden of Valentia who fought alongside Alm and later became his empress. She studied the Mila faith at Novis Monastery and travelled the continent in search of the missing Earth Mother Mila. Her kindness and wisdom are often spoken of in legends.
Lyn Lyn Swordmaster Shirou Miwa Fire Emblem
The Noblewoman of Sacae who once protected the continent of Elibe. The daughter of a Sacaen chieftain and a Lycian noblewoman, she left her homeland in the Sacaen plains to prevent her despotic great-uncle’s scheme and defend Lycia from a fiendish organisation.
Ike Ike Hero Eiji Kaneda Path of Radiance
The Radiant Hero who once saved the continent of Tellius. The leader of the Greil Mercenaries; son of the former leader Greil. He’s known as a blunt, but genuine and loyal man. Rumours say he crossed between worlds and that his descendant lives near Valm.
Eldigan Eldigan *1 Paladin Koya Katsuyoshi Genealogy of the Holy War
The Lionheart of Nordion spoken of in Jugdrali fables. With the demon blade Mystletainn in hand, he led Jugdral’s most powerful knights, the Cross Knights, and was renowned for his military prowess. It’s said his unshakeable loyalty caused him more grief than joy.
Est Est Pegasus Knight Kinu Nishimura Shadow Dragon
The youngest of the three pegasus sisters who fought alongside the Hero-King. Accounts describe her as an innocent young woman who does what she wants when she wants. Holds the record for being captured the most times–once in every game she appears in.
Catria Catria Dark Flier Shinnosuke Hino Shadow Dragon
The middle child of the three pegasus sisters loyal to Minerva of Macedon. She’s known for being a reliable and steadfast woman, talented at perceiving other’s strengths. Some say she harboured feelings for Marth of Altea, akin to a certain Ylissean‘s feelings for Chrom.
Palla Palla Falcon Knight Homare (Alpha Systems) Shadow Dragon
The eldest of the three pegasus sisters affiliated with the Whitewinged Order of Macedon. History depicts her as a gentle and motherly woman, who always cares for her sisters. A few sources, however, claim that she was in a love triangle with her youngest sister.
Katarina Katarina Grandmaster Yusuke Kozaki Heroes of Light and Shadow
The Lost Tactician who once fought beside Hero-King Marth. She’s described as a calm and collected warrior, but a shy and withdrawn person. There are records that she admired an Altean knight, but the identity and existence of said knight has yet to be established…

*1: Eldigan is essentially a SpotPass character masquerading as a DLC character; he uses his official artwork for his portrait and his portrait does not require DLC installed to load.
*2: This is strongly implied in the Background site.
*3: Priam
*4: Yes, even this one.
*5: Cordelia, duh!