Initial Cast Children NPC/Enemy DLC SpotPass

Credits: TheEnd (profile translations), h_yusaku (birthdays), NomadicTrooperGirl, FE Memo (voice actors), Remnant Sage (scans)

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Image Name Initial class Voice actor Birthday
Chrom Chrom Lord Tomokazu Sugita 27th May
The prince of Ylisse and descendant of the Hero-King. Though of royal blood, he leads a militia known as the Shepherds to defend his nation. Appears unsociable, but bursts into enthusiasm whenever things get interesting. Breaks the most things during practice.
Avatar Avatar Tactician Decided by player
You collapsed one day in the middle of nowhere for no apparent reason. Although you have no memories to speak of, it’s clear that you’re an expert tactician. You’re extremely charismatic and can bond with almost everybody. The army’s greatest enigma.
Lissa Lissa Cleric Kana Asumi 6th March
The princess of Ylisse; Chrom’s little sister and member of the Shepherds. Despite being royalty, she acts naturally and mingles with anyone, without a care of their social class. She has the mentality of a child and often acts spoilt. Hops around more than anyone.
Frederick Frederick Great Knight Daisuke Ono 26th August
An extremely serious knight who reports to Ylisstol and serves as lieutenant of the Shepherds. He loves poking his nose into other people’s business, but generally ends up misplacing his efforts. Nobody enjoys building fires more than him.
Sully Sully Cavalier Momoko Ōhara 5th December
Member of the Shepherds. She’s a straightforward woman who never hides a thing. Because she’s cooler than a lot of men, she has many female fans within Ylisse and struggles to deal with the mountain of fan letters addressed to her. The worst cook ever.
Virion Virion Archer Hiromichi Kogami 10th December
A noble from some country or another. Though he’s always joking, he’s actually a sharp and able man who rarely divulges his true intentions. He’s apparently in search of a wife and thus asks out any and everyone in his path. At the mirror more than anyone else.
Stahl Stahl Cavalier Tarusuke Shingaki 16th June
Member of the Shepherds. Kind and helpful, he’s one of the few Shepherds with an ounce of common sense, yet is still kind of a scatterbrain. His hair is in a permanent state of mess, as if he’s just woken up. The biggest glutton in the army.
Vaike Vaike Fighter Daisuke Endou 26th December
Member of the Shepherds. He’s a mischievous individual who wears his heart on his sleeve. Always brimming with confidence for some reason. He considers Chrom his rival and endlessly tries to compete with him. The king of misplaced articles.
Miriel Miriel Mage Aizawa Yurika 12th February
Member of the Shepherds. She’s extremely methodical and a bona fide perfectionist, getting irritated when things aren’t properly organised. Obsessively curious, she thoroughly researches everything that piques her interest. Has the most personal items.
Sumia Sumia Pegasus Knight Ayano Yamamoto 24th November
Member of the Shepherds. Silly, foolish and totally clumsy–even she considers herself a dunce. However, she’s good at dealing with animals and possesses a hidden strength that most people lack. Triumphs at the sport of tripping over nothing.
Kellam Kellam Knight Manabu Sakamaki 24th June
An armoured knight who serves the Shepherds. He wears a blank expression on his face and rarely speaks. Lacks presence and isn’t noticed by people even when he’s standing right in front of them. Not that it bothers him much… The tallest person at the table.
Donnel Donnel Villager Mitsuhiro Ichiki 4th June
A common villager from Ylisse. He’s a typical young man who’s apt at ploughing fields. Has a heavy accent and a peculiar way of speaking. Since he’s never stepped beyond his village, he’s interested in many things. Gets wavy hair more easily than others.
Lon'qu Lon’qu Myrmidon Takehito Koyasu 10th October
A swordsman from Regna Ferox whose skill with the sword is respected by even Khan Basilio. He’s the silent and unsociable type, but gets flustered around females, making a red-faced getaway as soon as one gets near. The best vegetable peeler in the army.
Ricken Ricken Mage Yuki Masuda 23rd May
Member of the Shepherds. He looks and acts like a child, causing the others to think of him as an endearing mascot. However, he hates being treated as anything less than an adult. He respects Chrom like an older brother. The most popular with animals.
Maribelle Maribelle Troubadour Hiromi Igarashi 14th April
Member of the Shepherds and Lissa’s best friend. The daughter of an influential noble family within Ylisse. Acts proud and domineering, but is sweet to her friends. Can be unnecessarily rude when she gets emotional. Has the worst sleeping posture.
Gaius Gaius Thief Shinobu Matsumoto 2nd January
A thief from Ylisse. Calm, composed and able, he’ll basically take any job if the price is right. He’s positively obsessed with sweets and has over fifty types of candies hidden all over his body. Nose-bleeds more than any healthy person should.
Panne Panne Taguel Yuki Masuda 18th November
A beast warrior tied to no particular nation. Though she’s the last surviving member of the rabbit Taguel, she doesn’t particularly care about preserving her race. She’s a strong and cool woman with plenty of common sense. The fastest eater in the army.
Cordelia Cordelia Pegasus Knight Eimi Okada 7th July
An Ylissean Pegasus knight who’s been friends with Sumia since childhood. Besides possessing undeniable beauty, she’s also a genius who carries out most tasks flawlessly. However, none of this helps her long-time crush on Chrom. Sighs more than everyone.
Gregor Gregor Mercenary Kenji Hamada 27th January
A mercenary who wanders between nations. He has a friendly and refreshing personality. Despite his mature appearance, he’s surprisingly easy to hurt, getting depressed whenever people call him “uncle”. The slowest to feel muscular pain.
Nowi Nowi Manakete Kumi Tanaka 21st September
A Manakete unattached to any nation. She looks and acts like a child, but is actually more than a thousand years old. Loves playing outside, like any child would, and is always searching for a playmate. Wakes up later than everyone else.
Libra Libra War Monk Megumi Yamato 1st July
An Ylissean saint with a calm and composed nature. Because of his beautiful face, he’s constantly mistaken for a female. He’s the type of person who tends to pay attention to even the tiniest of details. Prays to god more than anybody.
Tharja Tharja Dark Mage Kana Akutsu 2nd April
A dark mage from Plegia. She has a cruel and envious nature, like any dark mage. Often chanting suspicious curses when no-one’s around. She was attracted to you the moment she saw you and now stalks you without rest. Has the nicest body in the army.
Anna Anna Trickster Saori Seto 11th June
A mysterious travelling merchant. Has many identical sisters–so many in fact that even she has lost count. Friendly and polite, as one would expect from a merchant. She loves gold and wealthy customers and did I say gold? Has the most secret savings.
Olivia Olivia Dancer Rei Matsuzaki 20th August
A dancer who travels across the continent in a troupe. She’s extremely shy and withdrawn, but happens to be a dancing genius with many fans across the lands. She can work harder than usual if it’s for the sake of others. The best singer in the army.
Cherche Cherche Wyvern Rider Kana Akutsu 17th October
A wyvern rider who serves Duke Virion’s family. She’s a domestic woman who’s a dab hand at cooking and sewing, while her wyvern partner Minerva is absolutely vicious. Her aesthetic sense is bizarre: she calls bugs and monsters “cute”. The scariest person to anger.
Henry Henry Dark Mage Akemi Okamura 13th November
A dark mage from Plegia who wears an eternal smile on his face. He’s strangely cheerful for a dark mage, but also incredibly cruel, having no qualms about placing curses on or killing people. Has the lowest blood pressure among his comrades.
Say'ri Say’ri Swordmaster Seiko Yoshida 11th January
The princess of Chon’sin, a small nation on the Valmese continent. She’s a strong-minded individual who always cuts straight to the point. Her old-fashioned appearance is a stark contrast to the Ylisseans. Adores her older brother, Yen’fay. The best diver in the army.
Tiki Tiki Manakete Ikue Ōtani 28th February
A divine dragon who’s been around since the era of legends. She’s revered as the Voice of the Divine Dragon on the Valmese continent. Usually calm and composed, but her child-like nature slips out on rare occasions. Infamous for being a terrible riser.
Basilio Basilio Warrior Terasoma Masaki 13th August
The West-Khan of Regna Ferox. He possesses the strength befitting of his position, but often acts and speaks in a silly way, causing people to ridicule him. Acts as a guardian to Chrom and his companions. He’s Flavia’s best friend and rival. Has the biggest reactions.
Flavia Flavia Hero Atsuko Tanaka 28th October
The East-Khan of Regna Ferox; a brave, heroic and strong-minded woman. She dislikes formalities and is always keenly aware of her surroundings. Basilio is her best friend and rival. Likes doing push-up more than anyone.
Priam Priam Hero Daisuke Ono 9th February
Descendant of the Radiant Hero. He travels the world, seeking only power, and enjoys fighting those stronger than him. His swordsmanship is first-class, but he’s not exactly bright. Surprisingly social and easy to get along with. The biggest fan of meat.