Initial Cast Children NPC/Enemy DLC SpotPass

Credits: Remnant Sage (Mystery of the Emblem images)

Note: All SpotPass characters use their official artworks for their portraits; please check the Gallery if you wish to view the official artworks.

Blazing Sword

Image Name Initial class Image Name Initial class
Eliwood Eliwood Paladin Serra Serra Cleric
The honourable son of Marquess Pherae. A headstrong cleric serving House Ostia.
Lyn Lyn Swordmaster Karel Karel Swordmaster
A Sacaen swordfighter of noble birth. A swordsman a.k.a the “Sword Demon”.
Hector Hector General Nino Nino Mage
The reckless brother of Marquess Ostia. Member of the Black Fangs; innocent.
Florina Florina Pegasus Knight Jaffar Jaffar Assassin
A novice pegasus knight; Lyn’s friend. The Black Fang’s “Angel of Death”.
Matthew Matthew Thief Nergal Nergal Sorcerer
A cheery spy in the service of House Ostia. A villainous mage seeking quintessence.

The Sacred Stones

Image Name Initial class Image Name Initial class
Ephraim Ephraim Great Knight Amelia Amelia Knight
The brave and just prince of Renais. A young girl from Grado; new to the ranks.
Eirika Eirika Myrmidon Innes Innes Sniper
Princess of Renais; elegant and kind. Prince of Frelia; appears arrogant.
Seth Seth Paladin Marisa Marisa Swordmaster
A young, but able commander of Renais. A swordfighter a.k.a. “Crimson Flash”.
Moulder Moulder Priest L'Arachel L’Arachel War Cleric
A priest in the service of Frelia; gentle. Princess of Rausten; fights for justice.
Lute Lute Mage Lyon Lyon Sorcerer
A mage from Renais; says she’s a prodigy. Prince of Grado; a kind and gentle soul.

Path of Radiance

Image Name Initial class Image Name Initial class
Ike Ike Hero Mia Mia Myrmidon
Son of Greil; one of the Greil Mercenaries. New member of the Greil Mercenaries.
Elincia Elincia Falcon Knight Zihark Zihark Myrmidon
Princess of Crimea; under Ike’s protection. A wanderer who defends the Laguz.
Titania Titania Great Knight Lucia Lucia Swordmaster
The Greil Mercenaries’ deputy commander. A Crimean soldier; Elincia’s bodyguard.
Soren Soren Mage Geoffrey Geoffrey Paladin
The Greil Mercenaries’ taciturn tactician. A Crimean knight loyal to Elincia.
Mist Mist Cleric Ashnard Ashnard Wyvern Lord
Ike’s sister; one of the Greil Mercenaries. The warmongering Mad King of Daein.

Radiant Dawn

Image Name Initial class Image Name Initial class
Micaiah Micaiah Sage Nephenee Nephenee Knight
The Dawn Brigade’s silver-haired maiden. A country girl and war veteran.
Sothe Sothe Tricker Sigrun Sigrun Falcon Knight
Micaiah’s brother; Dawn Brigade member. Holy guard’s captain and Sanaki’s aide.
Edward Edward Myrmidon Sanaki Sanaki Sage
Dawn Brigade member; Daein citizen. The young Begnion Empress and Apostle.
Leonardo Leonardo Archer Sephiran Sephiran Sage
Dawn Brigade member; of noble birth. Duke Persis; prime minster of Begnion.
Brom Brom Knight Black Knight Black Knight General
A Crimean farmer and war veteran. Former Four Rider of Daein; an enigma.

Shadow Dragon

Image Name Initial class Image Name Initial class
Prince Marth Prince Marth Lodestar Nyna Nyna Sage
Young prince of Altea; heir to the Falchion. Princess of Archanea; last of the royal line.
Caeda Caeda Pegasus Knight Linde Linde Mage
Princess of Talys and Marth’s support. Daughter of Pontifex Miloah; Aura’s heir.
Ogma Ogma Hero Minerva Minerva Wyvern Lord
Loyal captain of Talys’s mercenaries. Macedon’s princess; “Crimson Dragoon”.
Navarre Navarre Swordmaster Tiki Tiki Manakete
The “Scarlet Swordman”; feared by many. Daughter of the Dragon King, Naga.
Merric Merric Mage Gharnef Gharnef Sorcerer
A noble mage of Altea; Marth’s friend. The Dark Pontifex who sided with Dolhr.


Image Name Initial class Image Name Initial class
Alm Alm Hero Boey Boey Mage
A youth from Ram; wishes to save Zofia. A mage who studied at Novis Monastery.
Celica Celica Sage Luthier Luthier Sage
Alm’s childhood friend; of the Mila faith. A mage travelling to save his little sister.
Clair Clair Pegasus Knight Nomah Nomah Sage
Clive’s sister; liberation army member. A pontifex of Mila; Celica’s mentor.
Valbar Valbar Knight Deen Deen Swordmaster
A soldier who’s out to avenge his family. A hired blade with no love for his master.
Clive Clive Paladin Mycen Mycen Great Knight
The leader of the Zofian liberation army. A heroic Zofian knight; Alm’s grandfather.

Mystery of the Emblem

Image Name Initial class Image Name Initial class
King Marth King Marth Lodestar Horace Horace General
The kind Hero-King of Archanea. An Archanean general loyal to Nyna.
Katarina Katarina Sage Malice Malice Mercenary
A shy but skilled Altean tactician. A tomboyish and rather pricey sellsword.
Catria Catria Pegasus Knight Athena Athena Swordmaster
Middle child of the three pegasus sisters. A myrmidon from a distant land.
Norne Norne Archer Legion Legion Berserker
An Altean maiden skilled in archery. A bizarre assassin who’s targeting Marth.
Etzel Etzel Sorcerer Hardin Hardin General
A spell-slinger; war made him a widow. The first emperor of Archanea; ruthless.

Genealogy of the Holy War (1st Gen.)

Image Name Initial class Image Name Initial class
Sigurd Sigurd Paladin Deirdre Deirdre Dark Mage
Noble of Chalphy and heir to the Tyrfing. A mysterious girl from a verdant forest.
Arden Arden Knight Jamke Jamke Archer
A knight of Chalphy; excels at guard duty. Prince of Verdane; opposes the invasion.
Quan Quan Paladin Raquesis Raquesis Troubadour
Prince of Leonster; Sigurd’s close friend. Princess of Nordion; loves her brother.
Ethlyn Ethlyn Valkyrie Lewyn Lewyn Sage
Quan’s loving wife; Sigurd’s younger sister. A drifting bard who’s more than he seems.
Ayra Ayra Swordmaster Alvis Arvis Sorcerer
A myrmidon from Isaach; on the run. Noble of Velthomer; royal guard captain.

Genealogy of the Holy War (2nd Gen.)

Image Name Initial class Image Name Initial class
Seliph Seliph Swordmaster Fee Fee Pegasus Knight
Sigurd and Deirdre’s son; raised in Isaach. Pegasus Knight of Silesse; Ced’s sister.
Julia Julia Sage Ced Ced Sage
A young amnesiac girl in Lewyn’s care. Sage of Silesse; valiantly defends Manster.
Larcei Larcei Swordmaster Ares Ares Dark Knight
Ayra’s daughter; hot-headed like mother. Eldigan’s son; the feared “Black Knight”.
Ulster Ulster Myrmidon Altena Altena Wyvern Lord
Larcei’s twin brother; cool-headed. Princess of Thracia; heir to the Gáe Bolg.
Arthur Arthur Mage Julius Julius Sorcerer
Mage of Silesse; searching for his sister. Grannvale’s imperial prince; possessed.

Thracia 776

Image Name Initial class Image Name Initial class
Leif Leif Trickster Mareeta Mareeta Swordmaster
Quan and Ethlyn’s son; Leonster’s prince. Eyvel’s foster daughter; strong-willed.
Nanna Nanna Troubadour Salem Salem Dark Mage
Raquesis’s daughter; princess of Nordion. A Loptyrian priest turned noble thief.
Finn Finn Paladin Olwen Olwen Dark Knight
Quan’s loyal retainer and Leif’s guardian. A knight of Freege; respects her brother.
Eyvel Eyvel Swordmaster Saias Saias Sage
The leader of Fiana and its Freeblades. A genius tactician; heir to the Valflame.
Dagdar Dagdar Warrior Raydrik Raydrik General
Former brigand boss; now aids Eyvel. The lord of Manster; Leif’s nemesis.

Binding Blade

Image Name Initial class Image Name Initial class
Roy Roy Hero Raigh Raigh Dark Mage
Marquess Pherae’s son; a skilled leader. Lugh’s twin brother; out for vengeance.
Lilina Lilina Sage Cecilia Cecilia Valkyrie
Marquess Ostia’s daughter; Roy’s friend. Mage General of Etruria; Roy’s mentor.
Wolt Wolt Archer Sophia Sophia Sorcerer
Roy’s milk brother; serves House Pherae. An oracle from the village of Arcadia.
Shanna Shanna Pegasus Knight Perceval Perceval Paladin
A rookie pegasus knight; youngest of three. Knight General of Etruria; loyal to prince.
Lugh Lugh Mage Zephiel Zephiel General
A Lycian mage raised in an orphanage. The king of Bern; mastermind of the war.


Image Name Initial class Image Name Initial class
Camus Camus Paladin Lloyd Lloyd Swordmaster
The honourable Sable Knight of Grust. The “White Wolf” of the Four Fangs.
Travant Travant Wyvern Lord Linus Linus Hero
The cunningly ambitious King of Thracia. The “Rabid Hound” of the Four Fangs.
Ishtar Ishtar Sage Selena Selena Dark Knight
Freege’s princess a.k.a “Thunder Goddess”. A Grado general known as “Fluorspar”.
Narcian Narcian Wyvern Lord Petrine Petrine Paladin
One of Bern’s Three Wyvern Generals. One of Daein’s Four Riders.
Ursula Ursula Valkyrie Oliver Oliver Sorcerer
The “Blue Crow” of the Four Fangs. Duke Tanas; one of the Seven Senators.