Expo II drama story

Credits: bomb_some_dodongos (translation), Prince of Iris (editing)

Notes: This story was meant to be played by each character’s Japanese voice actor at the canceled Fire Emblem Expo II event in May 2020, and has been edited for public use. The character portraits are not a part of the official script and are for interpretive purposes only. The original publication of this story may be found here.

Fire Emblem Expo II Stage Drama

Fire Emblem Awakening – The Box the Merchant Forgot

Cast: Lucina and Gerome
Music: Id (Serenity)

After the vocal song “Conquest (Ablaze)” ends, Gerome enters.

Really, now… Why do I have to be the one forced into doing a chore like this?

This is the box that traveling merchant forgot… Is she really going to come back for it?

Lucina enters.


Lucina? What’s wrong? You look tired.

Ah, Gerome. Actually, I was just sing… I mean, I just finished and came back from a mission.

You look like you’re feeling pretty accomplished for someone who’s so worn out.

Heh, you could tell? It’s because we were able to safely accomplish the mission.

Is that so? That’s great.

So, what are you doing in this corner of camp?

As it so happens, a woman claiming herself to be a traveling merchant of another realm showed up a short time ago, and after running a bustling business for a while, she forgot a box of her wares.

Oh, is this it?

She might come back to get it at some point, so I was told to keep watch over it here until then.

I see, so what’s inside?

I don’t know… It’s not like I bought it, so I can’t look at it…!

Oops, it opened!

L-Lucina! I can’t believe you… So even someone who’s always been proper like you has faults…!

S-sorry! B-but it’ll be fine! I’ll put the lid back on soon!

…So, did you see what’s inside?

Y-yeah. I got a peek.

What was in it?

Masks, I think?


Are you curious?

I-I’m…not! Hmph!

After all, you were telling me I couldn’t open it thoughtlessly… I’m sorry.

B-by the way…wh-what kind of masks were in there?

See, you really are interested, aren’t you?


Gerome, think of it this way. When the traveling merchant comes back for this box, I think she’ll have us check whether or not something is missing or defective. Since we’re keeping it here, shouldn’t we check what’s inside?

Of course… That way, we won’t be blamed for breaking something when we put it over here, or something like that. Alright, then let’s check it.

Your eyes were sparkling just now.


Heehee, I’m joking. You’re wearing your mask, so there’s no way I can see.

Gah… What has gotten into you today?

Let’s see, the first mask is…

It’s a white mask…

The price tag reads, “Ex-Sable’s Mask”.

It probably belonged to a famous knight. I can feel a strong will emanating from it…

You can tell?

And…I can see that he had poor luck with a woman.

Th-that’s amazing, Gerome. Your mask reading power is impressive…

This much is easy to read.

R-really? Then here’s the next one.

This one reads, “Jet-Black Helm”.

This one is imposing! The mask’s owner also seems to be a very famous general. Though…it has a scent.

A scent? But it doesn’t smell funny.

What I mean is that I can sense a presence from this mask that’s different from an everyday person. It’s probably related to this knight’s past.

Next is…another white mask. The name is…um, “Death Craver’s Mask”!? It seems to have some kind of curse on it…

Yes, contrary to the appearance of its beautiful shape, I feel the extraordinary grudge of its owner… This mask is dangerous.

What’s this? It can’t be…

What is it, Lucina?

Look at the last two masks!

Huh? Isn’t that my…!?

And this one is the same as mine!

No, they’re made a bit different if you look closely. These are replicas, it seems. The earlier three masks we saw can’t have been genuine, either.

I wonder why someone forged copies of our masks.

Now that I think about it, that merchant… She said something about this. That replicas of the equipment of heroes from other realms sell really well for some reason. The customers dress up like heroes, and enjoy showing off their looks to one another.

Then I wonder if that means they’re impersonating us? I can’t speak for others, but it’s a bit embarrassing for me for some reason…

That’s not the issue. When that merchant returns, we must insist that she stop these sorts of things!

But there were only five masks in the box, so that must mean that they’re selling, right? And a lot of them. I have a feeling it’s too late now.

Gah, you’re right… But I can’t wait any longer! We’re going to look for that merchant right now, Lucina! We’ll put an end to her selling these!

Are you also embarrassed that people dress up like you?

No! I won’t allow an imitation like this from ruining my good name! If someone is going to make these, I need to at least tell them to make these as good as the real thing!

Huh…? That’s what this is about? B-but if she’s a merchant from another realm, I think she’s already departed this one.

You may be right… But still, I can’t just give this up!

Gerome leaves.

Ah, Gerome! Wait for meee!

Lucina leaves.

The End