Credits: FEA 2ch strategy wiki, shadowofchaos (images)

The Barracks is a rest area shared by the playable characters, which can be accessed from the preparations screen when outside of battle. As real time passes, small events will be added, and the room’s interior develops as more characters are recruited.

Barracks 1 Barracks 2

The available options in the Barracks include:

  • Listen In – Triggers all available events (see below).
  • Roster – Check each characters’ detailed profile.
  • Look – Adjust the camera to survey the room.

Listening In

Every 2 hours, events are automatically added to the Barracks and you can view them via the “Listen In” option (you sneaky eavesdropper). A maximum of 5 events can be stored at once.

The events that occur are random and include:

  • Conversations – A brief chat between two characters, which improves relationships if the two characters are possible support partners.
  • Lost items – A character finds a random item that they end up keeping for themselves.
  • Stat boost – A character receives a temporary boost to their stats, which lasts until the end of the next chapter/skirmish.
  • Doing something – A character gains experience points (but not enough to make them exceed 99 experience points).

If a character has a birthday (see the character introductions) on this date, a special Birthday event occurs, where the character receives a lost item, stat boost and experience points.

Character Birthdays and Decorations

Note: Decorations are added as soon as a character joins.

Character Birthday Decoration
Avatar Decided by player
Chrom 27th May
Lissa 6th March
Frederick 26th August
Sully 5th December
Virion 10th December
Stahl 16th June
Vaike 26th December
Miriel 12th February
Sumia 24th November
Kellam 24th June
Donnel 4th June
Lon’qu 10th October Blade
Ricken 23rd May Bookshelf
Maribelle 14th April Staff
Panne 18th November Rabbit-themed curtain
Gaius 2nd January Candy tree
Cordelia 7th July Empty shelf
Gregor 27th January Two wooden boxes
Nowi 21st September Green dragonstone
Libra 1st July
Tharja 2nd April
Anna 11th June
Olivia 20th August Carpet
Cherche 17th October Two wyvern-themed sacks
Henry 13th November Extra books
Lucina 20th April Red Exalt-themed curtain
Say’ri 11th January Hanging scroll
Tiki 28th February
Basilio 13th August
Flavia 28th October
Owain 15th July Tree branch
Inigo 7th August Vase
Brady 22nd February Staff
Kjelle 29th September Armour and protector
Cynthia 14th May Lance
Severa 21st January Urn
Gerome 1st September Axe
Morgan 5th May Extra books
Yarne 14th March Bag
Laurent 25th April Triangular hat
Noire 7th October Feathers
Nah 29th March Red dragonstone
Gangrel 16th March
Walhart 14th September
Emmeryn 23rd December
Yen’fay 23rd July
Aversa 3rd November
Priam 9th February