Double Duel

Credits: h_yusaku, FEA 2ch stategy wiki, FEA strategy wiki

Double Duel (“Dual Tag” in the Japanese version) is a Local Play co-op mode where two Awakening players team up to fight computer-controlled opponents in a 2 vs 1 knock-out competition.

Double Duel

Sumia and Ricken take out an Outrealm enemy

The Double Duel mode can be accessed via the Wireless menu, when outside of battle. Solo players should be warned that 2 players are requiredto play this mode.

Players choose 3 characters each and face off against a team of foes, one foe at a time, in an arena-style battle (not on a battle map). Only 1 character per player participates in the battle, with the other characters remaining in standby until they’re called in. The player characters fight paired up; each player takes turns as the Lead unit and Support unit, with the Support unit providing assistance in the form of Dual Strikes or Dual Guards (see the Dual System for further details on this subject). The host player acts as Lead unit on odd-numbered turns, while the guest player takes over for even-numbered turns.

During the course of the match, weapon uses are not reduced and any friendly characters who fall in battle will still return at the end of the match. Characters cannot change weapons during a match and any adjustments to characters must be done before the match. The characters’ Speed statistic determines who gets to attack first during each turn–if the Lead unit is faster than the enemy, they will get to attack first and vice versa. After successively defeating an enemy, all friendly characters recover 5% HP and any fallen characters are revived with 1 HP before facing the next enemy.

The following Skills are negated in Double Duel, either because they offer no use or because they’re too powerful: Lethality (enemies can use this though), Galeforce, Lifetaker, Relief, Renewal, Bond, Indoor/Outdoor Fighter, Despoil, Armsthrift, Discipline, Veteran, Paragon, Aptitude, Locktouch, Pass, Acrobat, Deliverer and all Rally Skills. Despite there being no map involved, tile-based Skills such as Demoiselle and Anathema still apply.

When all enemies in the team have been defeated, both players will obtain an item and Renown as rewards. When the going gets tough, players may yield and obtain a bit of Renown for their efforts.

Double Duel Challengers


  • The listed reward for each enemy team can only be obtained once; defeating the enemy team again nets you a common item.
  • The listed Renown is only handed out if all the enemies in the team were defeated; yielding reduces the Renown awarded.

Default Challengers

Challenger Difficulty Reward Renown Notes
Kellam’s Kettles Nosferatu +6
Cherche’s Fliers Wyrmslayer +6
Maribelle’s Mercy Physic +6
Frederick’s Loyal Hammer +9
Sumia’s Fliers Killer Bow +9
Cordelia’s Pride ★★ Arcfire +9
Sully’s Riders ★★ Beast Killer +15
Panne’s Patrol ★★ Beaststone +24
Nowi’s Wyverns ★★ Dragonstone +24
Basilio’s Brashest ★★★ Hauteclere +28 Only way to obtain Hauteclere without DLC

Bonus Challengers

Additional Double Duel challengers can be unlocked through SpotPass.

Challenger Difficulty Reward Renown Notes
Virion’s Archest ★★ Silver Bow +28
Lon’qu’s Blades ★★ Silver Sword +28 Lon’qu is equipped with Sol Katti
Stahl’s Horsemen ★★★ Silver Lance +28 Stahl is equipped with Gradivus
Vaike’s Victory ★★★ Silver Axe +28 Vaike is equipped with Armads
Ricken’s Chosen ★★★ Thoron +55 Ricken is equipped with Excalibur
Henry’s Spellslingers ★★★ Ruin +55 Henry is equipped with Grima’s Truth
Gaius’s Sneak Attack ★★★★ Recover +75 Gaius is equipped with Mercurius
Tharja’s Curse ★★★★ Seed of Trust +75 Tharja is equipped with Grima’s Truth
Gregor’s Swell Swords ★★★★ Beaststone+ +75 Gregor is equipped with Hauteclere
Say’ri’s Ascension ★★★★ Dragonstone+ +135 Say’ri is equipped with Luna
Tiki’s Wyverns ★★★★★ Tiki’s Tear +135
Army of Shadow ★★★★★ Excalibur +135 Six Entombed with 99 HP and 100+ Attack…