Hidden Treasure

Credits: Pegasus Knight, Divine Strategy

Every battle map features at least 2 glowing tiles, known as “Event tiles”, which award a random bonus to the character(s) who end their turn on one.

Event Tile


  • Improved relationships (only when a possible support partner is paired with the character).
  • A random lost item (see below).
  • Experience points (does not increase characters’ experience points past 99).
  • Weapon Experience for all displayed weapon types.

Lost Items

Notes: These are the same items that can be obtained from the Barracks.

Type Items
Sword Tree Branch, Glass Sword, Soothing Sword, Superior Edge, Leif’s Blade, Roy’s Blade, Eliwood’s Blade, Eirika’s Blade, Seliph’s Blade, Alm’s Blade
Lance Log, Glass Lance, Miniature Lance, Shockstick, Superior Lance, Finn’s Lance, Ephraim’s Lance, Sigurd’s Lance
Axe Ladle, Glass Axe, Imposing Axe, Volant Axe, Superior Axe, Orsin’s Hatchet, Titania’s Axe, Hector’s Axe
Bow Slack Bow, Glass Bow, Towering Bow, Underdog Bow, Superior Bow, Wolt’s Bow, Innes’ Bow
Tome Dying Blaze, Micaiah’s Pyre, Superior Jolt, Katarina’s Bolt, Wilderwind, Celica’s Gale, Aversa’s Night
Staff Kneader, Balmwood Staff, Catharsis
Item Sweet Tincture, Gaius’s Confect, Kris’s Confect, Tiki’s Tear, Seed of Trust, Reeking Box, Rift Door