Hubba Tester

Credits: Myth (quotes)

The “Hubba Tester” is a special feature that can be accessed from the file menu. There, players can select two characters to have their relationship read by the humorous Old Hubba.

The result of the Hubba Tester is completely random and has nothing to do with the main story.

Hubba Tester Robin x Olivia

Example Results

Character 1 Feelings Character 2 Old Hubba’s comment
Avatar (M) Sparring partner —>
< ♥♥♥ Lost in pheromones
Nowi Just spit it out, lovebird!
Nowi Keeping a distance ~~~>
< ♥♥♥ Lovey dovey
Chrom Unrequited love? Boooring!
Chrom Way too attached ♥♥♥ >
< ♥♥♥ Wants to snuggle
Avatar (M) Whatever floats yer boat.
Lissa Intimidated ~~~>
< ♥♥♥ Devoted
Chrom Oh, the questions this raises…
Gregor Shopping buddy —>
< ♥♥♥ Way too attached
Nowi Just spit it out, lovebird!
Gregor Drools openly ♥♥♥ >
< ♥♥♥ Smitten
Nowi Get a room, you two!
Olivia Utterly baffled ~~~>
< ♥♥♥ Loins afire
Maribelle Hello, ulterior motives!
Lissa Heart aflutter ♥♥♥ >
< ♥♥♥ Lives and dies for
Maribelle Hoo! It’s hotter’n Elfire in here!
Chrom One-track mind ♥♥♥ >
< ♥♥♥ Drawn by destiny
Vaike Whatever floats yer boat.
Chrom Nothing to say ~~~>
<~~~ Into different things
Maribelle I sense a messy history…
Chrom Head over heels ♥♥♥ >
< ♥♥♥ True sacrificer
Lissa Don’t worry. It’s wholesome.
Chrom Finds irritating ~~~ >
< ~~~ Dreads meeting
Sumia Nuh-uh. These two are doomed.