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Portrait Name Class Description
Geese Geese Pirate A pirate from the Western Isles seeking to avenge his crew.
Klein Klein Sniper An Etrurian general leading one of the forces on the Western Isles.
Tate Tate Pegasus Knight The leader of the pegasus knight squad sent from Ilia to the Western Isles.
Lalum Lalum Dancer A young dancer helping the rebel forces on the Western Isles.
Echidna Echidna Hero The leader of the rebels on the Western Isles.
Elphin Elphin Bard A mysterious bard serving the rebel forces on the Western Isles.
Bartre Bartre Warrior A warrior searching for his long lost daughter.
Ray Ray Shaman A young shaman traveling to perfect the dark arts.
Cath Cath Thief A young thief who only steals from the rich.
Miredy Miredy Wyvern Rider The leader of Guinevere’s personal guards.