Credits: PegasusKnight

Icon Class Weapons Promotes to Notes
Lord Lord Sword Master Lord
Master Lord Master Lord Sword
Mercenary Mercenary Sword Hero
Hero Hero Sword, Axe
Myrmidon Myrmidon Sword Swordmaster
Swordmaster Swordmaster Sword +30 critical
thief Thief Sword
Knight Knight Lance General Armoured
General General Lance, Axe Armoured
Soldier Soldier Lance Enemy only
Fighter Fighter Axe Warrior
Warrior Warrior Axe, Bow
Bandit Bandit Axe Berserker Can cross mountains
Pirate Pirate Axe Berserker Can cross seas
Berserker Berserker Axe +30 critical, can cross mountains and seas
Archer Archer Bow Sniper
Sniper Sniper Bow
Nomad Nomad Bow Nomad Trooper Horseback
Nomad Trooper Nomad Trooper Sword, Bow Horseback
Cavalier Cavalier Sword, Lance Paladin Horseback
Paladin Paladin Sword, Lance, Axe Horseback
Pegasus Knight Pegasus Knight Lance Falcon Knight Flying
Falcon Knight Falcon Knight Sword, Lance Flying
Wyvern Rider Wyvern Rider Lance Wyvern Lord Flying
Wyvern Lord Wyvern Lord Sword, Lance Flying
Priest Priest Staff Bishop
Bishop Bishop Staff, Light
Troubadour Troubadour Staff Valkyria Horseback
Valkyria Valkyria Staff, Anima Horseback
Mage Mage Anima Sage
Sage Sage Staff, Anima
Shaman Shaman Dark Druid
Druid Druid Staff, Dark
Bard Bard Can allow an ally to move again
Dancer Dancer Can allow an ally to move again
Mamkute Mamkute Can transform into dragons
? Demon Dragon Enemy only
King King Sword Enemy only
Civilian Civilian NPC only
Transporter Transporter Can store items