Section 1: Introduction

Q) Was this game released in English?

A) Officially, no. So don’t expect to purchase an English version of this game.

Q) Can I still play this game on my GBA/DS, even though I didn’t buy it from Japan?

A) Yes, the GBA and DS are not region-locked.

Q) Can I play this game in English?

A) Yes. You will need both a ROM of this game and the English translation patch, which can be found here. Owning a ROM is illegal, so you’ll have to find it yourself.

Q) Are Marth or Roy in this game?

A) Roy is in this game. Marth isn’t.

Q) How is this game related to Blazing Sword?

A) Blazing Sword is a prequel to this game.

Section 2: Early/Mid-game

Q) My characters won’t support! Why?

A) Each chapter has a limit on support points that can be gained. If it looks like nothing is going to happen, just move on to the next chapter

Q) Is it possible to train Merlinus?

A) The only time he gains experience is when he gets attacked and only 1 exp at that, so not really.

Q) I promoted Ellen/Saul and now they have a S Rank in staves. Should I have promoted them earlier?

A) If this is referring to their ability to obtain a S Rank in Light magic, don’t worry. You can obtain multiple S Ranks in this game, so you can have Bishops with a S Rank in both staves and Light magic.

Q) Can Thieves promote in this game?

A) No.

Q) Huh, I just saw a Brigand with an Iron Bow in the Arena. Is this supposed to happen?

A) This is a bug that appears in the normal game. There have also been reports of people encountering Warriors equipped with Fire tomes.

Q) My game ended at Chapter 22. How do I reach the later chapters?

A) You need to obtain all the Divine Weapons (Durandal, Armads, Maltet, Murgleis, Forblaze, Aureola and Apocalypse), which are obtained from participating in all the gaiden (sidequest) chapter, and the Binding Blade. Also, all of the aforementioned weapons must not have reaches 0 uses and vanished.

Q) I missed out on one or more gaiden chapters, can I use cheat codes to go past Chapter 22?

A) You only need the Divine Weapons in your possession, so if you just add them in using cheats, the game will let you pass.

Section 3: End-game