Credits Nitrodon (data locations and info)

Notes: The quoted numbers apply for when you beat the game with the best ending.

Details can be found here.

(Just ignore the Play Time...)

(Just ignore the Play Time…)


– Turns taken to complete chapters Basically complete chapters in as few turns as possible. Around 630 Turns or less is required for a A Rank.


– Ratio of wins to battles Wins are when you KO the enemy. 40% of all battles resulting in wins is enough to get a A Rank.


– Amount of characters alive Only recruited playable characters affect this. If no characters died, you will get a A Rank.


– Amount of experience gained You need to obtain 50,100 Exp or over to obtain a A Rank.


– Physical gold + (Worth / 2) of all items Items that can’t be sold (eg. the Divine Weapons) count as 0G. Your gold and items must add up to 84,000G or over in order to get a A Rank.


– Total Level of all recruited characters For promoted character Levels, add 20. Dancer, Bard and Mamkute count as non-promoted classes. You need 1001 or more Levels to get a A Rank.


– All six above categories combined. If you obtained A Ranks in all six categories, you will get a S Rank (Normal mode) or a Ss Rank (Hard mode).