Credits: FireLizard

Notes: Some of the names may differ from the ones used on this site.

Character Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Option 4 Option 5 Option 6 Option 7 Option 8 Option 9 Option 10
Roy Marcus Allen Lance Wolt Thany Sue Lilina Lalam Cecilia Sofiya
Marcus Allen Lance Wolt Lilina Roy
Allen Lance Wolt Ward Tate Roy Marcus
Lance Wolt Lott Clarine Roy Marcus Allen
Wolt Sue Roy Marcus Allen Lance
Bors Astohl Lilina Barth Wendy Oujay
Ellen Chad Lugh Saul Miredy Zeis
Dieck Ward Lott Thany Clarine Rutger Klein
Ward Lott Thany Echidna Allen Dieck
Lott Thany Echidna Lance Dieck Ward
Thany Zealot Tate Juno Roy Dieck Ward Lott
Chad Lugh Ray Cath Hugh Ellen
Lugh Ray Miredy Hugh Ellen Chad
Clarine Rutger Dorothy Klein Lance Dieck
Rutger Fir Dayan Karel Dieck Clarine
Saul Dorothy Cecilia Igrene Yodel Ellen
Dorothy Shin Percival Yodel Clarine Saul
Sue Shin Fa Dayan Roy Wolt
Zealot Treck Noah Tate Juno Thany
Treck Noah Gonzales Miredy Juno Zealot
Noah Fir Juno Karel Zealot Treck
Astohl Lilina Barth Wendy Igrene Bors
Lilina Barth Wendy Oujay Gonzales Cecilia Garret Roy Marcus Bors Astohl
Barth Wendy Oujay Bors Astohl Lilina
Wendy Oujay Bors Astohl Lilina Barth
Oujay Lalam Bors Lilina Barth Wendy
Fir Shin Bartre Karel Rutger Noah
Shin Zeis Dayan Sue Dorothy Fir
Gonzales Echidna Bartre Garret Dayan Treck Lilina
Geese Lalam Echidna Cath Garret Douglas
Klein Tate Elphin Percival Dieck Clarine
Tate Juno Allen Thany Zealot Klein
Lalam Echidna Percival Garret Douglas Oujay Geese Roy
Elphin Percival Cecilia Fa Douglas Klein
Echidna Ward Lott Gonzales Geese Lalam
Bartre Cath Zeis Karel Fir Gonzales
Ray Sofiya Hugh Niime Chad Lugh
Cath Garret Hugh Chad Geese Bartre
Miredy Zeis Yodel Ellen Lugh Treck
Percival Cecilia Douglas Dorothy Klein Lalam Elphin
Cecilia Douglas Roy Saul Lilina Elphin Percival
Sofiya Igrene Fa Niime Roy Ray
Igrene Fa Douglas Saul Astohl Sofiya
Garret Lilina Gonzales Geese Lalam Cath
Fa Niime Sue Elphin Sofiya Igrene
Hugh Niime Chad Lugh Ray Cath
Zeis Karel Ellen Shin Bartre Miredy
Douglas Geese Lalam Elphin Percival Cecilia Igrene
Niime Yodel Ray Sofiya Fa Hugh
Dayan Yodel Rutger Sue Shin Gonzales
Juno Thany Zealot Treck Noah Tate
Yodel Saul Dorothy Miredy Niime Dayan
Karel Rutger Noah Fir Bartre Zeis