Allen & Lance

C Support

Allen: Lance! How fares your sword today?
Lance: Neither good nor bad, Allen.
Allen: …Cool and calm as always, I see. The other day, I lagged behind you, but not in this battle! Watch and learn from my skill, Lance!
Lance: Of course I’ll watch you fight. Still, I have no intention of losing to you from now on, either.
Allen: Well well, what confidence! I look forward to seeing you after the battle. Well then, I’ll be off. You’d better come quickly too.

B Support

Lance: Allen, the battles will only get tougher from now on.
Allen: Yes. But it’s just what I want.
Lance: Allen, I need to tell you something. It’s about when we lose.
Allen: When we lose?
Lance: Right. …If it looks like defeat would be certain, then I want you to take Master Roy and retreat. I will act as a decoy for the enemy and buy time for you.
Allen: What? But then you would be in danger.
Lance: Someone has to do it. Then it might as well be me, who has been in Pherae the shortest…
Allen: Don’t be ridiculous!
Lance: …Allen?
Allen: If you’re staying, then I will as well. I won’t allow you to go off alone and commit suicide.
Lance: But you’re one of a long line of knights serving the Pherae family. So you should take Master Roy and flee…
Allen: How long you’ve served means nothing! Then let me ask you this. Has your loyalty been less than the other knights?
Lance: ……
Allen: Can’t say it yourself? Then I’ll answer for you. You’re working just as hard as anybody! You’ve been as loyal as any of the other knights! I know that best, because I’ve been your partner ever since you came to Pherae!
Lance: Allen…
Allen: Don’t do anything stupid, Lance. You’re a necessary person to both us and to Master Roy.

A Support

Lance: Allen, about the other day…
Allen: You mean about when we lose? Are you still saying that you’re going to sacrifice yourself, or something ludicrous like that?
Lance: No, I gave up that idea. …Your words were a slap in the face, so to speak. Perhaps I was belittling myself because I’ve been in Pherae the shortest.
Allen: Your work is second to none. Except me, of course.
Lance: Where does your confidence come from? I really envy you sometimes.
Allen: Of course I have confidence. How could I possibly lose to you?
Lance: …You’d better remember those words, for you’ll be hearing them again from me.
Allen: Ha, never! See you after the battle!
Lance: Yes.
Allen: Lance!
Lance: What?
Allen: Even if we lose, you won’t be the only one staying behind and fighting to buy time! You’d better remember that!
Lance: Of course!